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Here you can find List of articles where you can earn fixed income from Fixed deposits, Post Office Small Saving Schemes, Non Convertible Debenture (NCDs) and Tax Free Bonds. We would provide the advice with pros and cons, you take the decision

10 ways to double your money

10 best ways to double your money india

Ways to double your money An investor keep thinking about the returns he is expecting from a stock market, mutual funds, fixed income investment options, etc. There is another good parameter to look is how he/she can double the money. The period that would take to double your money depends on the returns expected from […]

How to achieve financial independence ?

Overview – How to achieve financial independence ? Many of us would be thinking about achieving financial independence at some point of time. There are various ways on achieving the financial independence. What is financial independence? If a person started earning Rs 10 lacs per annum, does this mean he is financial independent?  If a […]