Cashkaro dot com – Save money with coupons + cash back

Cashkaro dot com – Save money with coupons + cash back

While there are several websites which offer coupon codes while you do online shopping and save money, is a unique company which provides discounts with coupon code + cash back.

As part of money saving ideas, we were analyzing some of the online shopping websites where we can save money. However, we have seen that most of the online shopping websites offer coupon codes where a consumer gets discounts while doing online shopping. Most of the websites follow the same process. However offers a unique additional service i.e. cash back.

What is is a cash back and Coupon website. The concept of cash back is there in Europe. However in India, this is the first website to offer such service. This is a good initiate started by Rohan Bhargava and his spouse.

  • They have tie-ups with over 200 of India’s most popular eCommerce websites like Yatra, Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal, Groupon etc.
  • The website offers users discounts in two ways. (a) Coupons like any other online shopping website, (b) Cash back which is unique to
  • Coupons give users instant discounts, but these might not always be available as with all Coupon websites.
  • Cashback is a unique value-add for online shopping users. For every sale that is driven to eCommerce partners they get paid with commission. Rather than keep this, they pass most of this commission back to the users as cashback. So cashback discounts are always available even if there is no coupon discount.
  • Users can benefit with coupons + cashback on top.

While we were doing some analysis, I was after Rohan Bhargava, founder of to provide additional details about the and how they would help saving money. He has indicated the detailed process and how it would help the users.

How to start using

  • Sign-up with Free.
  • Visit the retailer you want to shop with via eg Yatra
  • Shop at the retailer as you normally do. They shall automatically track your cashback, and add this to your account.
  • Once the return or cancellation period is over, retailer pay and they pay you.
  • The cashback initially collects in your online account and they transfer to your bank account when you want.

Rohan indicated that user as an example gets Rs 400 cash back on all Jet Airways bookings, Rs 180 cash back on all Myntra purchases, up to Rs 600 cashback on Firstcry etc

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What differentiates with their competitors?

Their main competitors are Coupon websites.

Others have the same coupons like as traditional coupon sites, but offer additional cash back to users. Hence, users benefit more by using our service

Rohan says “We have many international brands like GoDaddy, Park Plaza,, etc. Since we work with almost all popular brands, user can saving on electronics, travel, books, computers, groceries, etc. Currently users on average save between Rs 3000-Rs10000 per year”.

Rohan also added “We are coming up with various new initiatives that will allow users to save time, while getting the best price possible. We shall be releasing a Chrome toolbar shortly that will automatically inform users when a Coupon or Cashback discount is available. Users don’t need to come to The discounts find you”.

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