20 Best Water-Based Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

No need to mention that water is the first basic essential element for living. But with our changing lifestyles along with environmental changes, this natural resource is getting scarce day by day. This change calls for efficient water management and it has given rise to many small-scale business opportunities related to water. Which is the Best Water-Based Small Business Ideas to start with low investment?

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What are the most successful small businesses?

This would depend on the small business ideas which you are choosing along with how passionate you are about running this business. If you are passionate about starting a busniess, choosing a trending business ideas can make you successful. This article is about starting water related business which is trending now.


What are water-based small business ideas we are talking about?

All human beings on earth need water in some way or the other to live irrespective of their creed, caste, financial status, and religion. This need generates a lot of water-related business ideas. Many small-scale business ideas are associated with water and are highly lucrative as their coverage is huge. Since there is water scarcity in the majority of cities in India, starting a water related business in India is a nice idea.

20 Best Water-Based small business ideas with low investment

Before you consider any of these water based business ideas, you need to check with local government rules and regulations whether they would allow such water business or not. Let us now jump into start-up ideas related to water.

1) Solar water heaters

To get the respite from high electricity bills, people now prefer to install solar water heaters in their homes. This not only prevents a lot of electrical energy, but also make use of renewable resources of energy. This is one of the emerging water based small business ideas in developing countries like India.

2) Plumbing facility

Every home requires plumbing facility now and then. You can provide plumbers on phone calls or through online booking. Dial a plumber is a nice water based business to start with low investment.

3) Water Softener Production or retailing

With water-table going down day by day, many people are facing the problem of hard water. A lot of people use water softeners to make hard water easy to use. If you have a huge capital to invest, you can consider producing water softeners or else you can start the business of retailing it.

4) Irrigation Expert

If you live in an area that has a large farming community, you can make good money by becoming an irrigation expert. Farmers need a regular supply of water in their fields to ensure the growth of their crops and if you can introduce modern ways of irrigation, the farmers would be happy to take your services.

5) Bore well drilling

People who do not want to rely upon public water supply get the bore well drilled at their places. It is a very lucrative business, but you may have to undergo some training before you get it started.

6) Water Purification Services

It is one of the most lucrative businesses for the 21st century. The public water purification system is not trusted by many people as it contains harmful chemicals. However, most homeowners prefer to install a water purification system in their homes so that the public water that flows into their homes is purified and free from harmful diseases. You can install water purification systems in their homes. This is one of the best water conservation business ideas to start.

7) Mineral Water Production

Many of us think “Is bottled water business profitable”. Mineral water bottles are in constant demand in hotels, marriages, parties, small get together, etc. Although there are many mineral waters producing brands in the market today, still there is much scope to set up your mineral water production factory. Mineral water production is one of the best water based business to start with moderate investment.

8) Wholesaler of mineral water

If you are not interested in investing a lot of money and setting up of mineral water plant, you can become a wholesaler or  retailer of supplying mineral water.

9) Rainwater Harvesting System

Today, many people are interested in installing a rainwater harvesting system in their buildings to prevent the loss of rainwater and to recharge the underground water level. This is one of the best water conservation business ideas.

10) Water-heater installation

In modern homes, every bathroom is fitted with water heaters. People want water supply in their taps to be at optimum temperature. If you can learn how to provide this service, you will never fall short of customers.

11) Commercial fishing

The consumption of fish has increased a great deal with high demand in restaurants and supermarkets. If you can get a fishing license in your state, you can become a fish farmer.

12) Public Swimming Pool

Swimming has been an important sport in the summer season for long.  People like to come to swimming pools to get rid of the scorching heat and relax with their friends and families. You can open a public swimming pool with good hygienic facilities.

13) Alkaline water

The concept of alkaline water is gaining ground these days among health and fitness-freak people as it is considered better. It is believed to help to neutralize acidity levels in the body while preventing a lot of diseases. Alkaline Water Business is gaining prominence these days. You can consider producing alkaline water or become a trader of it.

14) Ice-block Production

Another lucrative business idea is to produce huge blocks of ice and supply them to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets etc.

15) Water delivery services

Pure and hygienic drinking water is in much demand at residential as well as commercial places. You can supply refillable water cans to them.

16) Water pumping and Restoration services

If you live in a flood-prone area, you can provide the services of water pumping and restoration. In it, you have to eliminate the water and then take necessary measures to prevent the deterioration of the home. This business requires a lot of expertise.

17) Flavored water bottles

There are many innovative flavored water bottles available in the market that are aimed at helping people drink more water for various health benefits like fruit infused water bottle. You can come up with your novel water bottle.

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18) Plastic Water Tank Manufacturing

Any house would store water in plastic water tanks for their daily consumption. With increased construction, there is huge demand for plastic water tanks. If you can afford this business idea, you can manufacture plastic water tanks and sell them.

19) Water aquarium

People are fond of decorating their homes with an aquarium. You can start a business of manufacturing mini water aquariums with unique designs for sale.

20) Water Resort or Park

Another killer water related business idea is to set up a water resort or park or amusement park based on water games. People can visit such place and enjoy water sporting activities such as boating, paddle boarding, surfing etc.,

Conclusion: Above mentioned are the few water-based business ideas. The probability of getting these businesses afloat is very high as the spectrum of coverage is huge. So, start a business which is most suitable for you and where you can afford based on your budget.

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