1. Hi suresh,
    I am regularly read your article. ..thanks for your blog…I am planning to invest 5 to 10lks on tata balanced fund or hdfc balanced fund…the amount I need after 5 years….my decision is right ot any other better option? I appreciate your assistance. …

  2. A 3-in-1 platform may not be that beneficial as the brokerage charges are too high. These days brokerage charges are becoming flat rate. Try trading with brokers like Fyers, Zerodha or RKSV depending on what are looking for.

  3. Hi Suresh, I want to trade in ETFs. Do I need to open a demat account and can you tell me what are the advantages & disadvantages and also which is the best brokerage house to start with ?? Thanks

    1. Hi Vijay, You can invest in ETF’s like any other stock where you need to have demat and trading account. Stock is specific to company. However an ETF could be specific to sector like Bankex ETF or SENSEX ETF which is specific to 30 stocks where SENSEX is computed.

  4. Hi Suresh,

    I am looking to open a demat account mainly to do Nifty options trading (Index and futures). I have a savings account in CITI Bank already. Can you please tell me whether it is advisable to hold the demat account from Citi Bank itself (considering trading and brokerage charges)?

  5. Want to RKSV account. But they are maintaining DEMAT account. Can I open DEMAT account with other brokerage and provide the same to RKSV. If I do like this, is it easy for me in future or difficult ?

    1. You can open this way Bharath. Such brokerage offer low brokerage charges. If you are frequent trader, you should consider low brokerage charged demat account. There would not be any difficultly. However features of such trading account may differ. You can check and take call

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