Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in India-Feb-2014

Bank Fixed deposit rates in India - Feb-2014Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in India-Feb-2014

In the last 2-3 months, Bank fixed deposits have lost shine due to several tax free bonds, which offered similar interest rates which is tax free. Latest bank fixed deposit interest rates in India indicate that there is an increase in interest rates in some of the Public sector banks and reduction of interest rates in foreign banks.

Positive movers

  • Foreign banks: HSBC has increased the FD rate for a 2 year tenure.
  • Private Banks: Kotak bank increase the rates for 1 year FD and Karnataka Bank raised interest rates for a 5 year FD scheme.
  • Public Sector Banks: Bank of Baroda, Repco Bank and UBI has increased the FD rates for specific tenures.

Negative Movers

  • Foreign Banks: Citibank and Deutsche Bank have reduced FD rates for specific tenure. Citibank generally offers the lowest interest rates among foreign banks.
  • Private Banks: No negative movement.
  • Public Sector Banks: Repco bank, which has been offering the highest FD rates in public sector banks, have reduced the rates for 1 and 2 years.

Comparison of latest bank FD interest rates among various banks in India.

The comparison list would help investors to choose the right bank for fixed deposits. Green indicates that the rates have been increased compared to our previous month's article and RED indicates that the rates are reduced comparing to our previous month's article. is the only website in India, which tracks FD rates month on month and provides whether a particular bank has increased the FD rate or slashed the FD rates. This is a unique feature of our best investment ideas blog.

Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in India; Bank FD Interest Rates in India in Feb-2014; Bank FD Rates

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Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in India


Suresh KP


  • Nicholas Roy

    Dear Suresh, What is going to be the future trend of fixed deposit rates in India. If Iam not wrong it is very low (1-2 %) in most developed countries. Is India also likely to folow the same route as we become more developed.

  • mahesh

    Hello Sir, I would like to invest 6k/months in the mutual funds through SIP. I had bad experience with SBI infrastructure ….I lost 8k in that a couple of years ago. I’m don’t want to take any big risk and would like to go for balanced funds. Time horizon would be 5-7 years. Please advice. Thank you!

    • Mahesh, Investors who invested in sector funds would see such bad experiences. My suggestion is that you invest in balanced funds like ICICI balanced fund or HDFC balanced funds…

      • Mahesh

        Hello Sure sh
        Thanks for your advice. Could you please help with the best balanced funds as of now? You’ve suggested ICICI AND HDFC balanced funds. I’m ready to take little risk say about 25% for better future. I’m planning to invest 6k/month. So far I hv 3 jeevan saral LIC policies and make small investments via NSC and no other savings. my salary fluctuates between 24k to 20k/month and my monthly expenses is approximately 12k. I hv only one depended (70+ years old mother). please advice. thanks.

        • Mahesh, apart from balanced funds, you can start investing in ICICI pru focussed fund and Quantum long term equity fund which are in large cap segement. This can provide good returns to you in long run.

  • rakesh jha

    Dear suresh
    I am planning to invest 12k per month (6×2 )on SIP., can u pls suggest top performing sip’s.

    • Hi Rakesh, Refer this article where I have given several good performing funds. You can consider based on your risk appetite.

  • arvind

    sir  i want to 2 lakh in banks FD for two years  for my child future study.i donot want any TDS deduction in bank what should i do . as money will be required in year of 2016

    i comes in 10% slab.




    • Arvind, On Rs 2 Lakh, you would get 9% interest which comes to Rs 18,000 and for 2 years it would be Rs 3,600. Tax on this can come to Rs 3,600 for 2 years. If your spouse has some source of income and if this can be proved such funds pertains to her, you can invest in her name and get tax exemption. 

  • nivedha

    sir, may i know the minimum amount of deposit under mahila scheme in repco bank..

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