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I am Suresh Kumar Podishetti (people love to call as Suresh KP ) from Hyderabad (India). I am NISM Certified Investment Adviser, NISM Certified Research Analyst (Reg.No. NISM-201500040549) and did my MBA-Finance from Symbiosis University, Pune. I have started financial blogging since 2011. I have been analyzing financial markets in the last 20 years and love to track Mutual Funds, Stocks, Insurance Plans, Health insurance etc. and provides various insights on this blog to help investors + readers of this blog.

What is the purpose of creating this blog?

I have created this blog in 2012.

I do 9-6 job, however out of my passion, I created this financial and investment blog. The purpose of creating this blog is to create awareness among the investor community. I was always passionate about analyzing various investment options in India. Some of my friends and colleagues earlier used to ask me about various best investment options and tips to save money. I used to guide them on transaction basis. Sometimes I felt, that there might be thousands of investors who might be struggling to understand the investment options available right in front of them. I thought of sharing my stock market experiences, financial knowledge, Investment Ideas etc., so that they would also benefit. This is how this blog got created. 

While I am making every effort to be most accurate when writing my analysis on this blog, there can be errors in posts without my knowledge. In case you find any of such errors or issues in the blogs, please mail me immediately to [email protected] or [email protected] so that I can correct it then and there. You can also share your views under comments of respective articles.

Thanks for your support.

Suresh KP

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Suresh Kumar Podishetti (Suresh KP) - NISM Investment Adviser - Level-1 Certificate

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Suresh Kumar Podishetti (Suresh KP) - NISM Investment Adviser - Level-2 Certificate

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Suresh KP - NISM Certified Research Analyst (Certificate)

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    1. Bikash, Two weeks back, I got intimation from Indian bank stating that their team is no deducting TDS on my VRD account, hence would be proceeding to deduct TDS from now on. I have seen that prior to my IT return and paid necessary tax. Every branch is following their own rule. Recently one reader went to bank and asked about what is specified in website, bank official refused to comment and they said it is incorrect. Request you to go to your bank branch to verify authenticity of such data. It may be immaterial for you as you any how need to pay tax based on your income tax slab. 

  2. suresh ji , one more question , are there any variable recurring deposite schemes in govt bank where  no TDS deduct by bank in its interest.

    1. Bikash, All banks are supposed to deduct TDS on RD, VRD and Bank FD. If your income is not taxable, you can submit form 15G and bank would not deduct tds.

  3. Dear Suresh, Nice blog sir, I just wanted to know how to make money by writing blogs. I tried google adsense but i am not able to get a registration. Any other ways where in I can make money. Currently I am working as a sales engineer where in I spend a lot of time at work from home and travelling across bangalore all day. Please guide me.



    1. Vishwas, pls see allbusinessideasdotcom where we have posted several articles on how to make money online. I would not say they are easy, but you can try and would definitely make money if you put good effort. 

  4. Dear suresh,

    I have one query.Today I have got a call from HDFC Life ,they have given some details on HDFC Life Sampoorn Samridhi Insurance Plan.I would like to know,if this plan is good enough to invest,or do I refrain myself from doin the investment.Please help.


    1. Can you pls post this on suggest a topic option so that next week  I can review this. I heard about this Anup, let me do some analysis.

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