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I am Suresh KP from Hyderabad (India). I have done by Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from Osmania University and then MBA-Finance from Symbiosis University, Pune. I have started blogging since 2011. I have over 20 years of experience in analysing various investment options and money saving ideas. I love doing financial planning, Mutual Fund Analysis, Searching long term Stocks for wealth creation, IPOs, reviewing Insurance Products, analysing Health insurance Plans etc.

What is the purpose of creating this blog?

I have created this blog in 2012.

Main objective of creating this blog: I do 9-6 job, however out of my passion, I created this blog. My main purpose of creating this blog is to make money.

Second Main objective of creating this blog: The other main objective of creating this blog is to create awareness among the investor community. I was always passionate about various investment options in India. Earlier, many of my friends and colleagues used to ask about various best investment options, Tips on saving money and how to save money in some of the best investment plans. I used to guiding them several times. Sometimes I felt, that there might be thousands of people who might be struggling to understand the investment options available right in front of them. I thought of sharing my experiences, knowledge, Investment Ideas etc., so that they would also benefit.

While I am making every effort to be accurate when doing analysis, there can be errors in blog articles without my knowledge. In case you find any of such errors or issues in the blogs, please mail me immediately at suresh@myinvestmentideas.com so that I can correct it then and there.You can also share your view under comments of respective articles.

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  1. Dear Suresh,

    Reading your blog reminded me of myself as to the aim of blogging on investment-related issues. The main difference is that I primarily write on fundamentally sound shares/stocks (as I perceive them) across market caps. And I must add here that the stocks that I research and blog are meant for long-term investors (more than 3 years at least, more the better) and not traders.

    I leave it to the readers/investors to judge how they have performed.

  2. Hi Suresh,

    I am a housewife right now living in New Delhi.I was in full time job before birt of my son.I have done my post graduation from Northern India Institute Of fashion Technology.Now my son is almost 3 yrs old and i have some time.I desperately want to start my own business but am getting very confused as to what shud i do? I am not very artistic person nor do i have any expertise like dancing,yoga etc.Please suggest me some gud option to start my business.I am keen on startng a boutique but am not sure about it as the market is flooded wid the same.



    1. Hi Varsha, Since you have done a degree in fashion technology, if you are passionate about fashion designer, you can try that. Please see this article which gives more info about how to be success in fashion designing carerr. 

  3. Hi Suresh!!

    Good day to you, can you suggest some really good health insurance plan for me and mother, She has undergone open surgery related to Thyroid, she got sugar at the age of 60 now, suggest me some policy which covers most of the hospital expense. My earning is 4.3 lakhs per annum working at bangalore, i have no investments and savings, for my retirement i have created 3 acres of coffee plantation and small house in village and i am completely depended on it. I am very confused please suggest me soon



    1. Hi Charan, Since your monther has 60 age, suggest you to consider any of these plans. You can add your name too in such plans. Please check. https://myinvestmentideas.com/2013/02/top-health-insurance-plans-in-india-for-parents-senior-citizens/

  4. Dear suresh,

    i am nri living at Australiia earning good income and on the way to becomea a Father.

    i really would like to invest in india, but don't know how ? as i have to do everything online….

    please advise me

    1. Hi Shantilal. You indicated thay you want to invest, but don’t know how? Do you know stocks, mutual funds etc., You need demat account and mutual fund account to start investing in India. You can approach brokers like ICICIdirect.com or fundsindia.com or any other broker to open account. Once you open account, you can analyse and invest balanced mutual funds to start with.

  5. Hello Sir

    Thanks for the good servoce.

    What is the attraction of your Blog is it's "SIMPLICITY" – no big financial jargons to

    confuse the novice investor – and its' versatility – covers almost all investment avenus –

    explains in common mans language.


    As a person who lost money in the stock market, following the "SO CALLED PUNDITS" – 

    i found your blog down to earth.

    [ Left will lots of small / Medium cap stocks with little or no value now ]


    Keep it up …  all the best for you


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