11.5% Adhiban Nidhi Fixed Deposits – Is it safe to invest?

Adhiban Nidhi Fixed Deposits – Is it safe to invest in this FDAdhiban Nidhi FD Scheme – Is it safe to invest in this FD?

Recently one of our reader Mr. Vasudev wanted to invest in Adhiban Nidhi Fixed Deposits and asked us to review. Adhiban Nidhi Fixed Deposits offer up to 11% interest rates for regular investors and 11.5% for Senior Citizens. Currently banks or company fixed deposits are offering up to 8% interest rates. Hence investors would get tempted with any fixed deposits which offers such high interest rates. Should you invest in Adhiban Nidhi Fixed Deposits in 2021? Is it safe to invest in Adhiban FDs? What are the risk factors an investor need to consider before investing in such fixed deposits. This post is based on request from Mr.Vasudev on “Suggest a topic”.

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Overview about Adhiban Mutual Benefit Nidhi Limited (Adhiban Nidhi)

Adhiban is financial services company based out of Coimbatore.

Adhiban is a financial strategy consulting and services firm which helps create bottom-line value improvements.

Its diverse business model includes personal and business financial services comprise project finance, business loans, NRI investments, life insurance policy plans, general insurance plans, company secretary services, mutual funds, chit funds, etc.

Company corporate address is: No: 63, 1st Floor, KPM Commercial Center, Bharathiyar Road, Pappanaikenpalayam, Coimbatore 641037.

Contact no’s: +91 422 495 0015 / +91 98430 77088; WhatsApp: +91 801 200 0015; Email: info@adhiban.in

Features of Adhiban Nidhi Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits are offered for 1 years to 5 years tenure.

Current FD interest rates are between 10% to 11% for general category.

Senior Citizens / Women would get 0.5% extra interest rates. Means they would get up to 11.5% interest rates.

It also offers recurring deposits where interest rates ranging 9.5% to 10.5% for regular investors and 10% to 11.5% for senior citizens/women.

The entire process is offline, and you cannot invest online.

You can view more info at Adhiban Nidhi website.

What are the interest rates in Adhiban Nidhi FD?

Here are the Adhiban Nidhi FD interest rates for generate category and for Sr. Citizens/Women.

Adiban Nidhi Fixed Deposit (FD) interest rates in 2021

Why to invest in these Fixed Deposits?

Here are the positive factors.

1) Adhiban FD offers high interest rates compared to banks or company fixed deposits.

2) It offers interest rates of up to 11.5% for senior citizens. Currently banks are offering interest rates up to 7.5% for senior citizens. Even small finance banks or company FD schemes offer up to 8% only.

3) One has flexibility to invest for 1 year to 5 years tenure in such fixed deposits.

Risk Factors of investing in Adhiban Nidhi FD Schemes

Here are the major risk factors of investing in this FD scheme

1) As per my mail to company, it says they are registered with ministry of affairs and falls under Nidhi company and eligible to accept deposits from its members. Investors had bad experience with Nidhi companies earlier.

2) Investing in NBFC which is not registered with RBI is high risk. Your hard-earned money can get stuck with such companies in future.

Is it safe to invest in Adhiban Nidhi FD?

We have written to company about the registration of company and here is the response from them (this section is updated on 7-Jul-2021).

This company is registered with Ministry of Affairs and is classified as Nidhi company. Nidhi companies that are classified as “mutual benefit financial companies“ (620-A of companies act) can accept deposits from its members based on certain guidelines.

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Should you invest in Adhiban Nidhi Fixed Deposits?

Adhiban Nidhi fixed deposit offer high interest rates up to 11% for regular investors and 11.5% for senior citizens. It offers flexible FD tenures starting from 1 year to 5 years. As per the company clarification, it is registered with ministry of affairs and falls under Nidhi company i.e. mutual benefit financial companies (620A) and can accept deposits from its members. Company FDs are always high risk. Investors should consider all these risk factors before investing in such fixed deposit schemes.

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Suresh KP


  1. Great info.Every minute points are fully cleared.I really liked it as I am not a rich person.The detailed info about PO interest rates are really fantastic.For people like us its the safest.

  2. A timely reminder that “if an offer is too good to be true, it often is.” Thank you. But should not RBI or other regulatory authorities take action if an entity is not authorised to accept deposits?

  3. Suresh,

    Thank you for this information. Even though I search daily for monthly fixed income options (FDs and NCDs), I didn’t find this company. My habit of daily visiting your website is paying handsome dividends!


  4. Even if it is registered with RBI as a fixed deposit taking entity, there is hardly any RBI oversight or timely intervention which ensures safety of principal and timely payment of interest. Nothing which RBI can do or could do. There is no such example also available in the public domain where RBI has intervened timely in any such company ensuring timely payment of interest and principal.

    1. Kamalji, If it is RBI registered NBFC, it would undergo credit rating for its FDs. Then we would know how credit rating agencies rate such small companies who are offering FDs. Based on this some conclusion can be made.

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