Top 50 Best Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Top and Best Food Business Ideas with Low InvestmentTop and Best Food Business Ideas with Low Investment / Small Capital

If you are planning to start a small business, food products business could be one of the best business to start now in 2018-2019. There are various food business ideas which can be opened anywhere in the world. We have filtered some of the best business ideas in food products that can be started to get better margins. These businesses can be started by anyone who has a passion towards starting a business and aiming for good profits. Which are the Best Food Business Ideas with Low Investment in India?

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What is a food business?

The business that is associated with preparation, processing, manufacturing or packaging food in any way is called food business.  It may be a private or public undertaking working for profit or not. The food industry has become very competitive as a lot of people have started doing this business. But, still if you maintain the quality, taste and hygiene, you can make good sums of money from this business field. If you are thinking about how to start a food business, these tips can help you.

Top 50 Best Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Here are some of the food business ideas list with low investment and can fetch you high profits. One has to choose one of these food startup ideas

1) Opening restaurant

food business ideas - restaurantWith meticulous planning and moderate investment, one can plan to open a restaurant. It is a highly profitable business, if planned and managed properly. One should review location, taste and habits of the people in that location before opening the restaurant. E.g. If you are planning to open a restaurant in Hyderabad (India), then a flavor of non vegetarian Biryani would be the best option as Hyderabadis like that. This is one of the best business ideas on food.

2) Open a Bakery

If you are good at making cakes and biscuits, you can opt for opening a bakery too. All you need is good recipes, baking tandoor and various moulds. These days, many corporate companies are ordering with bakeries for each and small get together or meetings been arranged by them. If you can be part of such corporate events, you can make decent returns in such food business.

3) Chocolate making

People are fond of good home-made chocolates. If you know the art of making chocolates, you can opt it as your business that can be operated from home too. This is one of the best food business ideas with small capital.

4) Ice-cream parlor

Gone are the days where one used to have ice cream only in summer. Now one would prefer it anytime across the year. You can either make your own ice-creams or take a franchise of some famous company.

5) Mobile food-vans

These days, caravan vans of food are gaining popularity for the reason they have the flexibility to go anywhere. They generally serve fast-food or combo-food that can be eaten on the go or parceled. While the cost to be offered low here, you can make good margins with high volume. It is one of the best business ideas on food.

6) Cooking classes

If you are an expert in cooking and possess some brilliant recipes, you can open your own cooking classes. This is best for those who are looking for home based cooking business ideas.

7)  Catering services

If you are a good planner, and have management skills, you can offer catering services on a small or large scale. People frequently plan parties and you can provide catering to them. Since the food is delivered in a short span and money collection also happens immediately, you can start this best food business ideas with low investment.

food business ideas - farsan - salty snacks8)  Farsan shop

Farsan refers to salty snacks. The concept of home-made namkeen and farsan is very famous. People prefer to buy it directly from market instead of making it at home. This makes this business very lucrative and can be one of the top food business ideas from home.

9) Dairy products

Milk and related products are always in demand. You can either take the franchise of some popular company like Mother Dairy, Amul or you can make your own products and sell.

10)  Organic food shop

People are becoming very health conscious these days. You can open a shop that keeps only organic products.

11) Fast food franchise or shop

Fast-foods are never out-of-demand. You can easily open a fast-food center or take a franchise of any popular fast-food like sub-way, Mc Donalds. Such fast food business ideas are ever green.

12) Bread-making

Bread is consumed in all parts of the world. If you are looking at small business ideas, you can start manufacturing bread.  A lot of variety has been introduced in breads these days. You can start this business if you are looking for some of the food manufacturing business ideas.

13)  Papad making

If you are looking for small food business ideas, this could be right one for you. Papad making is a brilliant home-based business idea which can be started with minimum capital. You can form tie-ups with big shops and malls to increase the demand.

14) Pickle-making

Pickles are not only demanded at national level, but also at international level. Develop some good and unique pickle recipe and your business can be a super-hit. E.g. Priya Pickles manufacturing happens in Hyderabad (India) and this has become so famous that these are sold in plenty in the US, UK, Singapore, Australian countries etc.,

15) Chinese food Centre

You can open a center that serves especially Chinese food with an authentic taste. Prefer an area near school, college or university because it is mostly liked by teenagers.

16) Jam and jelly making

Another food based business is jam and jelly making which can be started with a low investment.

17) Biscuit making

Biscuit making is a very lucrative business with high profit margin. Many people prefer to buy bakery biscuits from the local bakery shop. You can put a fully automated biscuit plant or hand-made biscuits baked in oven.

18) Ice-cream cone making

This business can be initialed as home-based small-scale business in which you prepare wafer cones for filling ice-creams. Their demand is rising every year and you can introduce a lot of variation in it.

19) Sauce making

The sauces are generally used to spread on breads and in fast-food items. There are many types of sauces that are in demand. So, depending upon the capital and demand, you can put a small business of it.

20) Sweet shop

Indian are fans of sweets. They would celebrate with sweets on big festivals like Diwali, Dussehra etc., Sweets are much in demand round the year and highly demanded during the festivities. Even in most of the weddings, various sweets are provided to friends and relatives. This makes this business a very attractive one. Maintain quality, hygiene and taste and you can do wonders in this business. This is one of the good food business ideas with low investment.

21) Nutritionist

Nutritionists are the persons who suggest a special diet to the persons as per the needs of their body depending upon the age, health and other factors. Certified nutritionists are in high demand in metro cities. You have to take special training for this.

22) Grocery store

This is the most basic business idea to open a grocery store. You can add special tech-facilities also in it like taking orders on e-mail, what’s-app and home-delivering etc.

23) Coffee shop

Hanging out with friends at a coffee shop is the latest trend and this makes the business ever demanding. You may require moderate capital to start this.

24) Honey processing

Honey processing is the removal of wax and other unwanted material from honey. You can establish a processing unit for it either manual or automatic.  This business is treated as one of the emerging food processing business as many customers are preferring honey as part of their daily food intake.

25) Food delivery service

In it, you need to tie-up with some good restaurants of the city and develop an app on your own. People give orders through the app and you are required to pick and home-deliver the products from those particular foods-joints. You charge commission for it.

26) Fruit and vegetable mart

It is an evergreen business which you can start as a wholesaler or retailer.

27) Spice-powder making

It is one of the most profitable small-scale business apart from our regular spices like red chilly powder, turmeric powder, one can initiate to make different mixes of spices like meat masala, tandoor masala etc.

food business ideas - organic farming28) Organic farming

If you possess idle piece of land, you can develop organic farm on it which uses no harmful chemicals and fertilizers to grow the crop. They are great demand for organic food these days.

29) Farming

If you possess the knowledge of cultivation, you can even develop farming as your business. If done at a good scale, it can be a profitable business.

30) Popcorn or wafer making

You can establish a small- scale industry to make wafers and popcorns which require moderate investment. It is one of the good snacks business ideas to start any time.

Here are some more good food business ideas with low investment

31) Meat and seafood processing – in this, the seafood and meat is processed chemically. It requires a moderate capital investment.  This could be one of the good small scale food processing business ideas.

32)  Grain processing unit – the processing units of grains like rice-mills, flour-mills can be established. If you have the knowledge and capital for this business, it is a yet another good food processing business.

33) Grinding unit – If you are looking for food business ideas from home, you can try this. The grinding unit of spices, cereals and grains can be set-up either at small scale or at large-scale. For this business, you need to install few machines.

34) Dal mills – It is actually processing of various cereals. It is a capital-intensive unit which depends heavily on raw material.  This one of the small scale food processing business ideas to start.

35) Blogs about food and recipes – you can write blogs about food, their nutritional value, and good recipes etc. for various food-related websites.

36)  Frozen food mart – you can open a store that keeps frozen foods like meat, chicken, vegetable, eateries etc.

37) Retailing of beverages – you can open a store that deals in beverages of all famous brands. A plethora of variety is available in beverages these days.

38) Processing of tomatoes – you can set-up a unit of preserved tomato paste. This business requires a hefty investment.

39) Ginger garlic paste making – Ginger-garlic paste is the basic ingredient of major food recipes. This business has the immense market opportunity.

40) Baking powder making- It is a chemical mixture of different ingredients and compositions. It is extensively used in the baking process.

41) Coconut oil manufacturing – Coconut oil is not only an important cooking medium, but also used in manufacturing of toilet soap, detergents, hair oil, etc. it involves a huge capital investment. The location of the factory is also important. It has to be established near the area where raw material is easily available.  If you are okay with these aspects you can consider this food manufacturing business idea.

42) Condensed milk production – sweetened milk has a great demand in domestic market as well as international market. The only prime, raw material in this business is full cream milk. It is one of the most profitable businesses.

43)  Energy drink production – With changing lifestyle of the people, energy drinks are much in demand. It is the most trending food processing business, but it requires a strong promotional strategy.

44) Ice block manufacturing – Ice blocks are essential for preservation of fish and many other things.  This business can be established on a small-scale with very minimum capital. This is one of the good food manufacturing business ideas to start with low investment.

45) Iodized salt production – salt is the basic necessity for preparation of every food. You can put a salt processing plant with moderate capital.

46) Soya chunks processing – any individual can commence to put a soya chunks processing unit on small-scale. The main raw materials in it are soya bean and peanuts.

47)  Sugar candy making – sugar candies are hard-boiled sugar confectionery. It can be made in many fresh fruit flavors like mango, orange, strawberry etc.

48) Banana wafers making – banana wafers is an all-time favorite tea snack for most. These can be sold in both local and international market. It is a highly profitable business.

49) Cashew processing – it includes many activities like kernel drying, peeling, grading and packaging. This business can be established on a small-scale or large-scale. The location of the industry has to be near the production area of cashews only. If you are satisfied with these aspects, you can start this food processing business.

50) Canned rasgulla – this business requires moderate capital investment. However, you have to develop a very good formula for making rasgulla and maintain the quality of it.

Conclusion:   In conclusion, be it anything, manufacturing or processing of food business, you need to carry out detailed market survey in order to ensure the choice of the right kind of business. Then, dedication and hard-work is the key to success.

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