10 Best Mutual Funds Blogs or Websites in India which I follow regularly

Best Mutual Funds Blog or Website in India which I follow regularlyBest Mutual Funds Blogs or Websites in India which I follow regularly

There are several blogs or websites about mutual funds, however only a few would provide the unbiased or genuine advice. Some of the mutual fund blogs work for promoting some of the funds of Mutual Fund AMCs. However investors have become clever now. They would read the articles or recommendations, however started taking their own decisions. Hence one cannot fool investors any more. However there are several new investors who are entering in investing in mutual fund investments and being fooled away by such blogs or websites. Which are some of the best Mutual Fund Blogs or Websites in India that provide unbiased advice I follow regularly? Which are the top 10 Mutual Fund Websites that would provide good data point for taking decisions in my view? Should you blindly believe in these mutual fund blogs?

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How I picked up Best Mutual Funds Blog or Website in India?

These are picked based on some of the below parameters.

1) I have picked up best Blogs or Websites that consistently provide data points about Mutual Fund Schemes.

2) Filtered the blogs or websites that provide educational articles about mutual fund schemes.

3) Filtered blogs or websites that provide unbiased advice about mutual fund schemes.

4) Eliminated blogs or websites that do analysis on only few funds which are like promoting funds (say 3-4 funds).

5) Eliminated blogs which provide mutual fund recommendations but does not provide back-up data about risk factor, tenure etc., If these factors are not provided, how an investor can take decision?

6) The sequence is a simple sequence and not on any special ranking.

10 Best Mutual Funds Blogs or Websites in India which I follow regularly

Top#1 – Value Research Online (VRO) – Mutual Funds

I rate VRO as no.1 blog or website about mutual funds. This platform provides data points about various mutual funds schemes, returns, ranking etc.

Unique factor about Valueresearchonline is that it provides its own ranking of mutual fund schemes from 1 Star (Lowest which is worst) to 5 Star (Highest which is good) about the mutual fund schemes. It also indicates clearly about risk factors and returns factors which are useful for investors to take decision. The Peer comparison provides helpful analysis whether there are any better funds in that category to invest.

The limitation factor is that VRO provides star ranking which might change in 3-6 months. A 5 star rated fund can change to 4 Star fund in next quarter.

My advice to investors is that, one should check ValueResearchOnline for data and analysis and make their final decision about investing in some of the top performing mutual fund schemes in 2018.

Top#2 – Economic Times – Mutual Funds Section

Economic times provide mutual funds data along with nice analysis. Some of its mutual fund educative articles are mind blowing. This website provides complete details about mutual fund scheme including the returns, fund manager details and related articles.

One should go through their articles regularly to gain knowledge and invest in right mutual fund schemes.

Top#3 – Moneycontrol – Mutual Funds Section

Have you any time observed about mutual fund schemes performance, Crisil Ranking etc., at one place? You can quickly recall about moneycontrol.com, mutual fund section right? Moneycontrol provides complete details about mutual fund schemes, mutual funds gainers/losers, crisil ranking, segment wise mutual fund schemes etc.,  Moneycontrol.com mutual fund experts provides their views about mutual funds.

The limitation factor is that it provides data points only and some of the mutual fund analysis articles comes from mutual fund experts who are outside parties. They provide educational articles which are good for mutual fund investors.

Top#4 – Myinvestmentideas.com – Mutual Funds Section

The other blog which I follow about mutual funds is my own blog. I keep following my own blog to check what is lacking on my website and start bridging the gap on mutual funds.

Several readers keep commenting that Myinvestmentideas.com is one of the best blog that provides meaningful analysis about mutual fund schemes. I keep thinking that Myinvestmentideas.com should provide what an investor is expecting. At this blog, we provide educational related articles about mutual fund schemes. This blog provides mutual fund articles for beginners like “how to invest in mutual fund scheme”, “which mutual funds are good for Young investors” etc., if you are already a mutual fund investor and looking for consistent performing funds, it provides Top 10 Mutual Funds every year. If you are high risk investor / advanced mutual fund investor, this blog provides articles about some of the high risk mutual funds and aggressive mutual funds.

The big disadvantage which I could see is I don’t respond immediately and I don't respond to all comments on mutual fund articles. I pick and respond only unique comments (repeated ones would be approved without response). Also the data points on this blog could be outdated as the returns indicated are not real time i.e. does not change as time goes.

Top#5 – FundsIndia.com – Blog

Fundsindia blog is one more famous blog that provides good analysis about mutual fund schemes. If you missed their important articles of 2017, you can read their top 10 articles.

What I liked first was about their educative articles, second is their suggestion of mutual fund schemes with analysis and third is their service.

I am limiting the discussion only about articles and not commenting about it as investment platform

Top#6 – Freefincal.com – Mutual Funds Section

Freefincal is a blog from Mr.Pattabiram (Pattu Sir) that provides in dept analysis about various personal finance tips including mutual funds. Its plumbline mutual funds are rock solid mutual fund scheme recommendations for young investors and beginners. The blog indicates that they are like boring mutual funds which does not change every month. If you are beginner or in advanced stage in investments, you should go thru the indept articles where you would benefit a lot.

Top#7 – Basunivesh – Mutual Funds Section

One more nice blog about mutual fund articles is Basunivesh. This blog is from Mr.Basunivesh who is from Bangalore. He is a Certified Financial Planner and provides financial advices in Bangalore.

Basunivesh provides educative articles on its blog. The blog provides detailed analysis about mutual funds recommendations every year in the last few years.

This blog does not have its own data points as it depends on Moneycontrol or ValueResearchOnline (like myinvestmentideas.com) and data point is not updated real-time.

Top#8 – Relakhs.com – Mutual Funds Section

Mr.Sreekanth Reddy, CFP is the founder of Relakhs. He started this blog for educating in personal finance section. He also focuses about mutual fund articles. His articles are unique and provides in depth analysis about mutual funds. One should go thru their mutual fund articles if you want to read indept articles about a mutual fund topic.

Top#9 – AdvisorKhoj – Mutual Funds Section

Advisorkhoj, which is the best platform for getting a financial advisor services also provides good analysis about mutual fund schemes. Some of its analysis about Mutual Funds quartile ranking and Mutual Funds volatility ranking are unique to the mutual funds which are not covered by any of the blogs or websites in India. If you have missed those unique articles, you can refer the link here.

Top#10 – Investguru.in – Mutual Funds Section

Investguru was initially focussing on mutual funds and now diversified into personal finance areas. Pavan Agarwal is the founder of Investguru.in. The articles on this website are really educative. You should not visit blog section as it contains only few articles. You should go thru the entire website about various articles on analysis of mutual funds schemes suitable for beginners, mutual funds for child education, and mutual funds for retirement planning etc., which would make investors to think for a while before they invest in mutual fund schemes.

Bonus Tip – Scripbox.com/blog – Mutual Funds

If you are investing in mutual funds, most of you might be aware about Scripbox. Scripbox Blog provides informative articles about mutual fund schemes. One should regularly read such articles to enhance the knowledge and ensure we are up to date to earn highest returns on mutual fund schemes.

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Should you blindly believe these Mutual Fund Blogs / Websites?

First of all, the above list is not comprehensive. These are some of the best blogs on mutual funds which I am following. Should you blindly follow these  blogs/websites? The answer is NO. Even in some of these websites, I could see that mutual fund schemes are recommended without any strong back-up points on why we need to invest.

First go thru these blogs/websites for mutual fund related articles. Gain the knowledge about mutual funds. Read research related articles. Check who is bluffing and who is providing unbiased advice. Finally, as a mutual fund investor, you take a decision.

Readers, what do you feel about these mutual fund blogs or websites? Are you following any of these blogs / websites? If yes, which one would you feel as a good and unbiased advice on mutual funds?

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Best Mutual Funds Blogs or Websites in India which I follow regularly

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  2. Although these are good resources, I’d recommend an upcoming website called Mutual Funds Sahi Hai. Those guys are pretty well-versed with the mutual fund investment scene in India and have fund managers too to help you out. By the way, the resources you’ve listed are leaning on the technical side a bit which might be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Mutual Funds Sahi Hai is different in that regard since it breaks down terminologies and provides tips on investing without much of the technical jargon.

  3. You can trade in shares and commodities. However, in India, retail investors mainly trade in stock futures and options due to sheer volumes. Trading means buying and selling stock the same day or holding it for just 2-3 days. The former is called intra-day trade. The latter is called swing trade. Positional trade generally involves taking a longer position and holding a stock for 2-3 weeks.

  4. It’s nice to see that you are following these websites for Mutual Funds. But one can never understand the details on these websites if he is a beginner. For Beginner, one needs to know the basic details too. I would recommened to check Kotak Mutual Fund websites to get the proper knowledge and the best plans for SIP.

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