How to Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Online in India?

how to withdraw EPF Online in IndiaHow to Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Online in India?

Long awaited employee wish is fulfilled now. Now employees can withdraw employee Provident Fund (EPF) Online in India. Yesterday, 1st May, Employee Provident Fund Office (EPFO) has launched new facility to withdraw EPF Online in India. This process is going to reduce EPF withdrawal from 30 days to few hours as per EPFO officials. Who is eligible to withdraw EPF in India? How to withdraw EPF online in India? In this article, I would provide step-by-step process on withdrawing Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Online.

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What are the terms and conditions to withdraw EPF Online?

EPFO has published certain guidelines and conditions on who can withdraw EPF Online in India.

1) UAN (Universal Account Number) must have been activated and your mobile is linked to your UAN. You can simply check your Payslip which has UAN number and follow below process in case your UAN is not activated. If it is already activated, go to Point-2.

  • Visit the EPFO website (click this link)
  • Click on Important link –> Activate UAN
  • You can activate UAN with, UAN number or EPF ID or Aadhaar Card number or PAN number.
  • Enter name, Date of Birth, mobile number (mandatory) and email ID(optional)
  • Click on Authorization PIN
  • EPFO will send an authorization PIN to your mobile number, once you enter the details.
  • Submit the PIN received in your mobile and activate UAN.
  • Generate your login ID and password to complete the registration process.
  • You can refer this screenshot for more info.

how to activate EPF UAN Number in India

2) Aadhaar number should be updated in your EPF account in EPFO Website. This in turn should have been linked to your mobile no. This way EPFO can send OTP authorization based on your mobile number. In case you did not updated Aadhaar number with your EPF account, you can follow below process.

  • Scan these documents and keep it ready a) Self attested PAN Card b) Self attested Aadhaar Card c) Cancelled cheque which contains, a/c no, name and IFSC code
  • Visit EPFO website –> Online Services –> For employees –> UAN member Esewa –> Give UAN ID and Password –> Dashboard –>  Profile –> Open Menu –>  Update KYC information –> Enter EPF ID –> Select Aadhaar –> Upload the scan document –> You would see these documents. These would be approved by EPFO officials later on. The process is complete now.

3) PAN number should have been updated in EPFO website for EPF withdrawals for the employee who have serviced for less than 5 years. Since, you would have already updated PAN number with your employer, no need to separately update this.

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How to Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Online in India?

  • Login on UAN Portal with your ID and password
  • Verify KYC details provided against your UAN details. If details provided are correct, you can proceed.
  • Select the option a) EPF Withdrawal b) Partial Withdrawal c) Advance EPF Withdrawal
  • OTP sent to mobile number registered for your Aadhaar number.
  • Authenticate using the OTP
  • Click Submit
  • EPFO processes your payment.

Conclusion: EPFO claims that 80% of the EPFO effort is going into paper work and chasing multiple approvals. In this automated process now, hopefully it would reduce such 80% effort and EPFO should process the EPF amount within few hours. If this is true, this would be the biggest benefit to all employees who might be withdrawing PF when there is gap in work when shifting between two companies.

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How to Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Online in India


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    Hi suresh

    I am currently in a job where I am not getting promotion since long and also getting humiliation form my co workers who are junior. I am planning to quit my Job but scared whether I will be able to get new job for survival. I am at the age of 36 and does earn around very less. Pls help and give me ur advice. I don’t have much saving. I request if u can reply to my email I’d.

    • Sorry to hear your situation. Not sure whether I can give my personal suggestion in your case, but let me try. If you don’t have savings and if you don’t have new job, quitting your current job could be an issue. 1) Try to get into new job in the next 3-6 months. These days colleague references are giving preferences in hiring instead of Naukri kind of portals. Try to take help from your friends. Even you can mail your resume to my mail ID, I can try to check any techie job for you based on your skills and experience 2) Go aggressive on saving money for next 6 months to 1 year. Invest such money in simple FDs every month. Once you think you got suitable money and then change in job, you can try to start investing in some aggressive investments like mutual funds or equity. My advice may or may be 100% right, but you can talk to some of your close friends and figure that out

  • akulabalavenkatesh

    I left the company in 2016.but pf amount displayed UAN passbook. but how to withdraw my PF.
    please give suggestion

  • Rishi

    I left the company 7 years ago. The Company in Gurgaon is closed (GE Money) but their main branch is operational in Hyderabad. HR department is not at all helpful.

    How should i withdraw PF now online?

    Please Suggest.


    I have applied for online epf withdrawal but but aadhar otp not generated.what to Do?? 




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