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Suresh KP i.e. me have written 1,800+ articles on this blog. I have done by B.Com from Osmania University and then MBA-Finance from Symbiosis University, Pune. I have over 20 years of experience in analyzing various investment options and money saving ideas. I love doing financial planning, Mutual Fund Analysis, Searching long term Stocks for wealth creation, IPOs, reviewing Insurance Products, analysing Health insurance Plans etc.


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  1. Hi, can I extend my PPF account more than twice, i.e. beyond a total of 25 years? I have heard that you can extend a PPF account only in 2 blocks of 5 years each. I have not been able to confirm this from anywhere. Can you please shed some light? Thanks.

  2. If I transfer my PPF account from branch 1 to Branch 2, would it be considered as a new PPF account (lock period of 15 years) or continuance of the original account?

    1. Hi Raj, Your account no remains same, hence it is treated as continuance of original account and not new account

  3. my PPF account matured 8 years ago. To get Income tax benefits i am continuing deposits every year. I have not given any request for extension of the period of maturity.Am i eligible for interest for my deposits after the original maturity period? will there be any problem at the time of closure? can i get my account details online?

    1. Hi Narayanan, Unless you ask for extn during PPF account at maturity within 1 year, your account would get extended automatically, however without subscription option. Check the updated article about how we can extend PPF account with or without subscriptions

  4. Your article will have more value addition, if you also explain on the options of continuing PPF account beyond 15 years, regards

    1. Hi BKG, Thanks for the inputs. I just updated one point about PPF account extension guidelines too.

  5. Thanks for the information.

    As per my knowledge if you deposit any amount by 5th of the month, you would get complete interest for the same month but if you deposit the amount on 6th (or later) of the month, you would get interest from subsequent month.

    Please confirm as you have mentioned that if you deposit any amount by 4th of the month, you would get complete interest for the same month.

    1. Hi Abhishek, Apologies for error. Yes it is on or before 5th of the month. I just made correction. I owe small gift to you. Pls mail your postal address to my id, i would send small token as gift to you

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