• Karthika

    Hi Suresh,

    Can we invest different amounts every month?april-500 and may-1000?Will the interest be calculated accordingly?

  • Karthika

    Hi suresh,

    I have opened a PPF account on 16th April 2016.I have opened RD for 12,500 for 12 months on 04th April 2016 for investing 150000 in the PPF for the next year-2017.So the opening year(PPF first year) is calculated based on the PPF account opened date(i.e2016-2017) or the amount deposited date(i.e2017-2018)?

    • It would depends only in the year you are depositing. Also I could not understand your query abhout opening year. There are no special benefits in first year of opening PPF account

  • bhavik panchal

    Dear Sir, this article help me lot and like to read your every article be cause it touch every issue of comman men.

  • Vaibhav

    My father had a PPF account which was closed after 15 years. It was not extended. Can he open a new account now?

    • Yes Vaibhav. Only one PPF account should be active at any point of time as per PPF account guidelines. Since your father closed PPF account earlier, he can open new PPF account now

  • Karthi

    Hi Suresh

    Thanks for the article. Can you throw light on NPS also.

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