• Mahesh

    My child was born in USA last year 2015 and she holds US citizenship. We have decided to settle down in India now. Is she eligible for this scheme? Note: She has birth certificate from USA. She don’t have Indian Birth certificate.

    • ashutosh

      Hi mahesh,

      there is no problem. we had same issue. i open SSA in ICICI bank without problem.

      best regards

  • Satish

    Hi nice article, I have one question in this if I open the account at the age of say 9 years, do I need to pay till the child attains 14 years, I mean only 6 years or I need to pay for 14 years from the first year of opening the account say from 9 years then it will be till 23 yrs

    Pls clarify.

    • Satish, You only need to invest till 14 yrs age. You would get interest till 21 yrs or till the maturity

      • Satish

        Hi Thanks for the prompt reply,

        My child age is 9 yrs, I checked with the PO today, they say that I need to pay for 14 years from date of opening the account. It means 9+14 i.e 23 yrs of child’s age, but as per the scheme the account will be closed once the child attains the age of 21.

        Not sure whether the Post office people are correct in this? Pls clarify

  • Ritu

    I have a small doubt . To my understanding , the deposits can be made till the child turns 15 years of age . The account matures when the child turns 21 . Please correct me if I am wrong .

  • Mahesh

    Normally Rules and Guidelines of a particular scheme will be announced by that scheme with lot of information but your unique USP you give all information with clarity and neat understanding.

    All your articles are really very good and really they deserve a credit and from my end a very big thank you.

  • Sridhar Iyer

    Your articles are really very good, precise and information. Keep up the good work.

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