• Satish


    Nice article on small savings scheme. I have one question on Sukanya samridhi a/c, you have told that need to make the payment till the girl child attains 14 years of age. Suppose if I open an a.c when the child is 9 years then I need to make payment till the child attains 14 years age or 14 payments I need to make. Pls clarify


    Highly useful information. Many people might know something about PPF and National savings certificate. But, I wonder how many know about Sukanya Samriddhi account for girl child !!! Certainly, I do not. Thanks a ton. Appreciate your effort.

  • Bhushan

    Hi Suresh,

    I have 3 questions which I hope you will answer for me:

    1. Can NRI’s open the Sukanya Samridhi Account?

    2. If an NRI open PPF account after gaining NRI status, what would be the consequences and what will happen to the money, even though they are not allowed to open the PPF account?

    3. What is the best pension plan for the NRI’s? Some of my friend has sent me the details of SBI Retire Smart Pension plan, where they claim more than 200% returns. I really don’t understand what it mean. Can you please write back to me the best pension plan that will suit my requirement? Also, you may write it on your blog.


  • Kumar

    My current portfolio is as under

    Due for renewal (SIP INR 5000/month)
    1. HDFC Prudence Fund Growth Oct 12 till Sep 15 CV- INR 225K
    2. ICICI Pru Focused Bluchip Eq Fund Oct 12 till Sep 15 CV-INR 220K
    Regular Plan – Growth
    3. IDFC Premier Eq Fund-Reg Pln-G Oct 12 till Sep 15 CV-INR 250K
    4. SBI Emerging Business Fund Sep 11 till Sep 15 CV-INR 350K
    Regular Plan – Growth
    5. UTI Opportunity Fund-G Oct 12 till Sep 15 CV-INR 200K

    Old Investment (No new investment)
    1. Franklin India Prima Fund Growth Sep 10 till Aug 11 CV – INR 140K
    2. HDFC Equity Fund – Growth Sep 10 till Aug 12 CV – INR 200K
    3. HDFC Top 200 – Growth Sep 10 till Aug 12 CV – INR 200K
    4. ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund Sep 10 till Aug 12 CV – INR 280K
    Regular Plan – Growth
    5. Franklin India Taxshiled-G Oct 12 till Mar 15 CV-INR 150K
    6. ICICI Pru Tax Plan-Reg Plan-G Oct 12 till Mar 15 CV-INR 150K

    Please advise the following;
    1. Which SIP to start for next 12 months from the above or new – Total investment planned 50k/ month
    2. Which of the above need to exit through sell

    Please note that I do not have any immediate fund needs. The investment horizon is for long term say 5 years plus.

    • You are investing in good funds except like few which are not consistent performers. You may like to review HDFC Equity fund, IDFC Premier equity fund  and exit if required. Others you can continue

  • Shravan

    Hi Suresh,

    Good Article. Your webiste is not allowed to copy the content or atleast print article.

    It should atleast allow us to print the articles so that we can refer some imp articles offline later and work on them.


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