• Pinaki Ranjan Brahma

    I see there are lot of questions regarding transferring to HDFC held PPF accounts. Rightly so since the bank has made it really difficult to get this done.

    Accounts>> Transact>> Funds Transfer to Own Accounts

    Next, out of the different options available, choose the one that you want for your PPF transfer. It could either be a one time transfer, or alternatively, you can set a standing instruction. Hope this clears your concerns.

  • karan chaudhary

    Hi , My ppf account is in hdfc and saving account is in same bank please suggest how to transfer money into ppf account . I tried to transfer so many ways but could success.


    Hi, i have by mistake transferred amount to my PPF account instead of SB, can i initiate or request for transfer.

    Both the accounts are in SBI.

    Thank you!!

  • Sunil Sundrapalyam

    I have my savings account in HDFC and PPF account in SBI. How to do online transfer to my PPF account?

    • Manoj

      Hi Sunil,

      You can add your SBI PPF account as NEFT Beneficiary in HDFC Netbanking.
      At your flexibility, you can make transfers to your SBI PPF account.

      Happy Earnings!

  • Rameshwar Rai

    Can I cash depost in PPF in Post Office account. ?

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