• Edwin Selvam D

    Can i open PPF account in Canara Bank

  • Jatin

    @Robin, my PNB PPF a/c number is of similar format as suggested by you, but still not able to transfer online using NEFT feature of HDFC as online transaction is rolled back….

  • Mahendra

    I have sbi account in bhandup also Our PMC or abhudya bank savings account this bank can transfer amount to ppf account I have suggested pls

  • Preethi

    Hello Suresh sir,
    Hope you are doing. I have few queries regarding this PPF.
    1. How to start depositing to the PPF account? I do not stay in India
    2. In case, for any reason i will not be able to continue this PPF, then what will happen to the amount which i have already deposed?

    • Hi Preethi, It does not matter where you are staying. If you have bank account, you can transfer from your SB account to your PPF account. If you are unable to deposit minimum amt of Rs 500 per year, your interest payable every year would be reduced by 1% to 2% and balanced would be credited in Mar of every year. At maturity, this amount would be transferred back to your SB account.

      • Hemant

        As far as i understand,NRI is not allowed to open PPF a/c & even if he has PPF a/c ,when he/she was resident ,then it will not be allowed to renew the same.

  • mani

    I have PPF a/c in PNB. how to transfer fund to this in online ? or how to transfer from ICICI to PPF in PNB ?

    • Mani, Are you facing challenges in the ways I indicated? If yes, pls elaborate more.

      • Priyanka Khullar

        Hi Suresh yes I am also facing issues in doing that as the PPF account number is of only 5 digits, moreover there is no IFSC code being provided by PNB branch as they are not able to recognize the PPF branch… moreover If I do not have the time to go physically in the branch to deposit the money

        • Robi Sudan

          As u r tellin that ur ppf account no iz only of five digits.no its not lyk this a ppf account no is of twenty digits.starting 6 digitis are of sol id then its ‘ppf’ and then zeros and then ur last digits



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