• Ranjith Shenoy

    Can we transfer account opened in Post office to a BANK like SBi

  • Mainul

    thanks for the post. i opened one in sbi kolkata and also got online banking option. i transfer online every month.cool!!

  • Sundar

    I have stared a Sukanya Samriddhi Account in SBI- Mylapore- Chennai. (19/06/2015)

  • Rajat Mathur

    Banks in India are disgusting………most of them dont even know what this scheme is.Went to Post Office and account was opened in 10 min provided you have all documents (Birth Certificate of Child/2 PP Photos of yours and child/Address Proof copy-Aadhar will do/Identity Proof Copy-PAN CARD preferably and Rs 1000 in cash to start with).But only problem with Post Office is that they dont have online money transfer facility in case you move out of city or country.

  • sanjay kumar

    very nice but account opening in Jamshedpur banks even in sbi is very difficult they are waiting for gov. orders in hard copy. The banks should provided online facility for it.

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