• BijuA

    Very good Venture of this government,

  • Ushantsingh Rathore

    I want to confirm that if i am depositing 1000/- as initial account opening and in next year can i deposit more say 30000. Is there any durability of amount deposited or fixed as mandate while opening account.

  • malashree

    thank u bro…

  • Umesh Giri

    good information…..Thanks a lot dear.

  • Balaji

    The XL sheet is shwoing idealy for who is having a baby girl age 1 year or just born.
    what about for different age groups..?
    My kid is having 10 years .. i have downloaded the XL sheet and try to change the age level but it doesn’t allow me to change the Year of Investment column in the XL sheet.
    The article and XL should be in a dynamic way which it can reflect for all the age group.
    This Article and XL sheet in one way only. It is is useful only for the 1 year kids only.
    I hope you people understand the problem.

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