• Suhasini Neogi

    I have contacted SBI, PNB and IDBI banks with the request for opening Sukanya Samriddi account but all of them say that they haven;t received any notification from their headquarters.
    Can you tell when will the banks start opening the accounts?

  • maheswar

    Hi suresh,

    what about NRI baby girl, she has birth certificate issued by Indian ambasy, passport and adhar card got in India.

    Thanks in advance

  • jjjjeeve

    i am also waiting to start SSA in BANK. but banks are really not interested to start SSA.
    Banks are interested to give Home loan and personal loan to increase their revenue. Very bad.

  • Santanu

    Hi Seema,

    In fact none of the bank has any info regarding this scheme. This is really strange as Govt has instructed banks to provide regular updates on the progress of account opening. But still banks are not responding. Let’s wait for few more days till next update come.

  • sriniwas rao s

    Suresh sir for your sukanya post i am little disappointed why you are showing only 1000/ & 150000 yearly installment as you this scheme for poor people they may contribute 12000/- yearly why not given details for that when some one invest 12k up to 14 yrs of girl then after 21 yrs of girl child what he will get..
    My calculations says has to invest 1.68 thousand then will get 6.5 lac approximately
    Pls give this details

    • Srinivas, I said minimum Rs 1,000 and maximum Rs 1.5 Lakhs. Based on that I have given 2 screen shots. You can download the excel calculator and modify the amounts and interest rates.

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