Best Investment Plans and Investment Ideas for 2015

Best Investment Plans and Investment Ideas for 2015Best Investment Plans and Investment Ideas for 2015

Advance new year wishes to all our readers. I wish new year bring you all good health and prosperity. I wish many of you would become Lakhpathi and Crorepathis in this year by planning and investing in Best Investment Plans and Top Investment Ideas in 2015. While stock markets see some corrections and recovering, we are yet to see its clear direction. While there are several best investment options available, not all are suitable for every investor. In this article, I would analyze some of the top investment options, industry trend about them and where investor can bet for growing money. What are those best investment plans for 2015 that offer high returns? Which are those top investment ideas in 2015 where you can get superior returns?

Best Investment Plans and Investment Ideas for 2015

There is no particular sequence or ranking here, I have gone by various investment options.

1) Investment in IPO

One of the quickest way to grow your money is investing in IPO’s. In 2014-15, there were several IPO’s that came in, which are regular and SME IPO’s. Wonderla IPO has given stunning 133% returns from May-14 to Dec-14. Snowman Logistics has given 105% from Sep-14 to Dec-14. Overall, IPO’s have given more than 65% returns in 2014. However, we have seen that investor sentiment has reduced towards IPO's in the last 2-3 months. Shemaroo Entertainment and Monte Carlo Fashions are trading below its issue price. While fundamentals are good, these are trading below issue price. I still believe that picking up right IPO for 2-3 year investment horizon or wait for 100% returns and selling them could be good idea for investing in IPO.

Who should invest: High risk investors can pick-up best IPO for 2-3 years investment horizon. Keep reading our blog for complete analysis on IPO’s which are published few days before opening IPO. I feel this is one of the Best Investment Plans in India for those who want to risk and grow their money faster.

2) Investment in Stocks

Stock markets are reaching a peak. We are seeing some correction now and then. Markets are then recovering. New Government Policies are strengthening market sentiment. I would believe that stock markets would reach new highs in 2015 though it may see some corrections during the year. However, investors should pick-up good blue chip stocks for long term investment in 2015. Falling rupee would increase profits of Information Technology companies and some of the stocks like Infy, TCS, Wipro, HCL etc., would benefit from this. Falling Crude oil prices would provide opportunity for investors to invest in the aviation sector, painting industry etc.,

Who should invest: Long term investors with high risk appetite can invest in stocks. Smart investors can benefit by investing in specific stocks which would have an impact due to falling Crude Oil and falling Rupee.

3) Investing in Mutual Funds

One of the best way to grow your money and create wealth by any one is, investing in mutual funds through Systematic Investmetn Plan (SIP). Since markets are at peak, I keep getting messages from readers saying “is it right time to invest in mutual funds”. Since mutual funds are handled by experts who invest in various stocks based on their analysis, as an investor, you just need to pick-up right mutual fund suitable to you. There are several mid-cap mutual funds which have outperformed now. Banking Sector mutual funds going to rock in coming years. Instead of picking up some pension plans, ULIP Plans, Child Plans, Picking up top and the best mutual funds for 2015 would help you to grow your money faster.

Where to invest: You should keep investing in equity funds as indicated in our top funds for 2015 article. If you are a high risk investor, invest in pharma funds, Infrastructure funds, banking sector funds and mid-cap funds  in addition to equity funds.  However, these additional funds, you need to keep an eye and exit as appropriately. These sector funds are one of the good investment plans for high risk investors.

4) Non Convertible Debentures

One of the high return fixed income investment option are NCD’s. Invest in Secured NCD’s if you are high risk investor. You need to monitor the company and in case of decline in performance, exit appropriately if there is any option to sell them in the stock market.

Where to invest: I have analyzed some of the top rated NCD’s which are available at less bond prices in the stock market. You can review them.

5) Bank Fixed Deposits

Banks are reducing interest rates in the recent months. In my recent review of all FD rates, I have analyzed that most of the banks have reduced interest rates to 8.75% (average). In coming months too, I expect rates to come down further.

Where to invest: Check the latest bank FD rates and lock your money in long term FD schemes. Bank FD schemes would continue to be one of the good Investment Plan for investors in India.

6) Company Fixed Deposits

Investors want to invest in high return FD options. However, banks are offering 8% to 9% FD rates. Company FD schemes are offering almost 12% FD interest and annualized yield works out to be 15%. Hence, these are considered as one of the best investment plans in India for high risk investors who want regular returns.

Where to invest: Investing in high yield FD schemes like PNBHFL which offers 15% is a good idea. You can review other company FD schemes to before investing. It is one of the best investment plans to get fixed income by taking  some risk.

Best Investment Plan for 20157) Public Provident Fund

Another good investment idea is to invest in PPF in 2015. Since 80C exemption limit has been increased to Rs 1.5Lakhs and PPF limit also been raised to Rs 1.5Lakhs, investing in this PPF which offers 8.7% is a good option. Do you know that if you and your spouse can invest Rs 1.5 Lakhs each totaling to Rs 3 Lakhs per year for 15 years, you can create a wealth of Rs 94 Lakhs which is tax free. Beyond this you would get 80C exemption to every year. This is one of the best investment plan to save tax, get tax exemption and tax free returns.

8) ELSS Mutual funds

One of the best way to get tax exemption u/s 80C and grow your money is to invest in ELSS Tax saving mutual funds. ELSS Mutual funds have a lock-in period of 3 years from the date of investment. If you are investing through SIP, each SIP would be counted as fresh investment and lock-in period would apply. ELSS funds provide 12% to 15% annualized returns, hence this is a best bet for those who are willing to take some risk, want tax exemption u/s 80C and aim for higher returns.

Where to invest: Invest in Top ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds in 2015 which I have recommended earlier. These are ELSS funds which have proven in terms of performance and are in the top ranking. ELSS Funds are one of the top investment plans where you get tax benefit and these can provide superior returns.

Conclusion: While there are several best investment Plans and Investment Ideas, not all are suitable for everyone. Invest based on your risk appetite, investment horizon and based on your financial goal. This way you would be able to achieve your financial goals faster than you thought.

Happy investing in best investment plans !!!

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Best Investment Plans and Investment Ideas for 2015

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  • arun

    Sir I am new and I wish to invest in sip 10000k/month for my child’s education and marriage. Where should I invest. Should I open my account through fundsindia or icicidirect

    • Hi Arun, You can open either of them. Start investing in mutual funds in large cap and balanced funds to start with. You can choose funds like ICICI focussed blue chip or Birla SL Front liine or ICICI balanced fund. Start reading our articles and gain knowledge. Then you can pick up some more funds and increase your monthly investments.

  • syed j ahmed

    Need help to decide on good ULIP with decent return and low charges, please suggest

    • You should first understnad how ULIP works. I hope you have gone thru it. You need to check on ULIP’s which are available at low allocation charges

  • RKS

    Wonderful dedication Suresh… However I feel that you could have included NSC Savings scheme offered in post offices which offer 8.8% rate compounded on half yearly basis

    • RKS, Yes, you can add them too. However they are more towards tax savings, hence I have not added. By the way, what do you do. How you are investing your savings.

  • jai

    awesome website bro

  • SM

    Thank you Suresh on the article FD Vs Lfunds.

    I have one other confusion. When to go for Short term Vs Liquid Fund Vs Balanced funds? Is the difference only in-terms of timeframe/charge on exit loads? Otherwise, how does it benefit the investor wrt these fund categories??

    Thank you.

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