Should you opt Bharti Axa Car Insurance Plan ?

Bharti Axa Car Insurance Plan ReviewBharti Axa Car Insurance Plan Review

My car insurance is going to expire in the next couple of months. I had some free time this week and was inquiring about some of the car insurance policies. One of the car insurance policy which I have seen as unique is Bharti Axa Car Insurance Plan. This car insurance policy comes with several Add-ons which can help you to claim to the maximum extent of loss / repairs done. In this article, I would provide a complete review about Car Insurance Plan of Bharti Axa, its features, details about add-ons and major exclusions and step-by-step process of Bharti Axa Car Insurance claim settlement process.

Main Features of Bharti Axa Car Insurance Plan

1) Basic Cover of the car which includes

  • Comprehensive coverage of car insurance from theft, damage by fire and damage by accident
  • Third party liability if other people claim against you
  • Personal Accident Coverage up to Rs 2 Lakhs for the driver in case of death or total disablement from accident

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2) Road Side Assistance which includes

  • On road assistance of break-down for minor repairs
  • Towing your car to the nearest garage
  • Assisting you in case of a flat tire
  • Lost key support
  • Emergency fuel assistance

3) Your vehicle insurance at Bharti AXA offers you cashless servicing across India

What are the special Add-ons which you can customize for your car insurance?

1) Depreciation coverage: You can claim 100% of value replaced due to damage without any deductions.

2) Full Insurance Coverage: You can claim full insurance coverage for theft or loss of your vehicle which includes road tax and insurance amount too. Means you would get on-road price back to you.

3) Medical Expenses: You can claim Rs 10,000 per person for injured which includes for driver and passengers who are travelling due accident towards medical expenses.

4) Personal Accident Coverage: Rs 1 Lakh for each passenger travelling during accident in case of death or total permanent disability or partial disability.

5) Hospital Cash: In case of hospitalized after accident and not able to go to work, you can claim Rs 1,000 per day for maximum 30 days which is for out of pocket expenses.

Are there any discounts on premiums for car insurance taken online?

You can get additional discounts for car insurance taken online for the following:

  • ARAI approved anti-theft device
  • Voluntary deductibles

What is not covered in Bharti Axa Car Insurance Plan?

The following are not covered as part of this plan.

  • Common wear and tear.
  • Loss / Damage due to depreciation of vehicle.
  • Electrical / mechanical breakdown of vehicle.
  • Loss of vehicle outside geographical boundaries of India.
  • Loss / Damage of vehicle caused when driving under intoxication.
  • Damage of the vehicle caused without a valid driving license.
  • Loss / Damage of vehicle during nuclear risks.

What is the process of claim in case of damage or theft of vehicle?

In case your vehicle is stolen or damaged due to accident, you can follow the below process.

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Step-1 – Notify your claim at 080 4912 3900 or mail to You would get registration no for your claim. You can keep below details ready when you are calling them, which you can help you to speed up the process

  • Your contact number
  • Policy number / vehicle number
  • Date and time of loss / damage of your vehicle
  • Location where it occurred
  • Nature and extent of the loss
  • Nature of injury (if any)

Step-2  – Send your vehicle for repair along with necessary documents which includes claim form, self attested RC book and copy of driving license, FIR/Charge sheet in case of accident etc.

Step-3 – Surveyor inspects your vehicle and provides spot approval. Get your vehicle repair done

Complete brochure of Bharti Axa Car Insurance Plan can be downloaded from here

Conclusion: While these add-ons are good, but they come with an additional charge. Bharti Axa insurance policies come with low premiums. You can review this policy and consider if this suits you better. I am not yet made decision about considering this plan as I am still reviewing some more plans.

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Bharti Axa Car Insurance Plan

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  • Mohit

    Do you have any idea about settlement time period & whether they provide cashless settlement or not? I had opted for Bajaj Alliance insurance; on website, it was mentioned cashless settlement and again, Tata Service center in my city was listed for cashless settlement but service center was denying the same. I faced a lot of hassle in order to get cashless settlement. They told me that cashless settlement is meant for those who had taken insurance from our showroom only.

    Again, what is the validity of zero depreciation charges; means is it for 1st & 2nd year only.

    • Mohit, they offer cashless facility. The features indicated are not just for 1 or 2 years, but they are continued. Have you faced any issue in such zero depreciation charges ?

      • Mohit

        As far as I know, Zero depreciation facility is available only for starting 1-2 years as these insurance companies know that people rarely claim insurance during initial period. Another point, this point is hidden under terms & conditions & after 3 years, coverage is not truely 100%. I recommend you to go thru its terms & conditions properly.

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    Dear suresh, this article is really helpful.wish you a speedy recovery.
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  • Dr Jain

    Dear Suresh

    Get well soon. I really enjoy and benefit from your articles. 

    Dr Jain

  • kalingarajan

    Take care & well soon

  • Neeraj Choudhary

    Get well soon!

    • pankaj motwani

      bharti axa surveyors are extremely rude. they are looking for reasons to not settle the claim and trying to identify reasons where the claim should not be covered. when paying for premium everything is covered and then things like wear and tear and mechanical breakdown come into the picture. seems everyone is driving an agenda to meet targets of not settling claims. utterly disgusting experience

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