• Shrikant

    Sir am new in that field sir but i can start with investing 1000 rupees only minimum


    pls tell about power of attorny and its importance in trading? can i open demat account with out signing power of attorny?

  • Sivakumar

    Wow! You are really awesome!

    Actually, I can understand explanations mainly with examples. Now I can't forget the purpose of Demat and Trading acc. Many thanks Mr. Suresh.

  • harinder singh sohal

    sir , i want to invest money in stock market but i m new in this field ,i have no idea where to invest pl help 

  • Rajdeep

    Hi Suresh,

    Appreciate you efforts. Recently heard of no frills demat account which does not have maintainance charges if the assets are below 50000 and 100 rs charge if the assets are 50000 to 200000. Can you provide more info about this and how to open a no frills demat account to specify.

    • This is good option. However how many investors are there who invest only Rs 50,000 ? Hence I feel one should ignore such demat account options unless you want to keep it active to use it in future.

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