Happy Birthday Myinvestmentideas.com

Happy Birthday 22 MyinvestmentideasdotcomHappy Birthday Myinvestmentideas.com

Myinvestmentideas.com blog has completed two years today. On 30th June, 2012, I registered this blog and have achieved some of the key milestones in the last 2 years.

Key milestones in the last 1 year to name

1) Google Page Rank-3: In Dec-2013, Google reviewed all websites as part of their ranking category and myinvestmentideas.com got Rank-3 (Rank-1 is lowest and Rank-10 is highest). When you go to Google search and type best investment options or best investment plans or best sip or small business ideas, etc., myinvestmentideas.com ranks in first position or in top 5 positions on the first page of Google search. Ranking with search engines is important for a website to get traffic.

2) 8,000+ page views per day: Last year, our visitor page views were around 10,000 per day in Jun-2013. Currently this is down to 8,000 when I was writing this article in Jun-2014. Major drop in page views is due to an over concentration on specific articles where it reached peak stage and dropped. Our concentration in the last 6 months has been scattered across various options to ensure stability in page views.

3) 8700+ questions answered: By the end of Jun-2013, there are more than 2000 questions answered on this blog. When we reached by the end of Jun-2014, the questions answered have been moved from 2,000 to 8,700. Investors are clarifying their doubts with confidence. However, due to increase in comments, there is a delay in responding to comments. Some of the comments are answered beyond 72 hours. We would try to improve this area.

4) Moved from 599 to 3700 Facebook likes in last 1 year: When I was writing this article, there are around 3700+ FB likes for this blog. In last one year we built confidence for 3,200 investors who have given us FB like.

5) Continued reviews on the latest options appreciated by investors: Continous and un-biased view on various investment options has made myinvestmentideas.com to reach this stage. There were threatening messages on this blog about negative reviews. I continued to post the actual analysis.

Regular SME IPO reviews which are coming to market now and then are being highlighted on our blog and this website stands first to provide complete analysis. Wonderla IPO where we recommended first in India to “Buy” is more than 60% up on issue price as of now.

6) Guest articles on top financial websites: I started writing guest articles for several top financial websites like moneycontrol.com etc. This would help myinvestmentideas.com to get some more brand value and reach some more investor community.

What we want to do differently in coming years?

1) Create forum: We are planning to create a forum on this site which would enable the investor community to share their experiences and get feedback from fellow investors.

2) Run Special Investor Awareness programmes: We would be focusing to create online quiz, surveys, contests on various investment options to make investor aware of the investment options.

3) Value added premium services: We are also planning to look at the options for value added premium services. Several readers sending an email suresh@myinvestmentideas.com requesting me to provide some premium services which should be killer investment ideas. While I was putting such request aside for more than a year, I felt, why can’t I try this?

Request to readers

Please read the comments in an article and post a new question. Repeated questions would be time consuming and I would not be able to help you with more analysis. Also, please comment on blog in relevant article instead of sending an email to me. Since most of them would be generic queries, it would be useful for other readers also who might be searching for similar issues.

Have a Wonderful year ahead.


Suresh KP

Suresh KP


  • Saju

    Congratulation Mr. Suresh for your valuable site and wishing you all the best. 

  • Rajesh

    Hi Suresh

    Congrats! on the completion of 2 years. It is certainly a great milestone with lot of followers reading your blog. Keep them coming for many more years. 





  • raman

    Dear Suresh


    Well done on this achievement,  This site has benefited many fledgling investors like me and has given a lot of insight into fiscal fitness and financial planning.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge.  Wish you many more years of service to the investment community.

    thanks for everything.. All the best…

  • Sivaraman VK

    All the best…..Wisging to reach Atleast Rank 6 Soon

  • Anand

    Congrats Suresh… and a special heartfelt thanks to you from my side…

    I've religiously followed your investment ideas and it has been bang on 100%. Just to give you some examples

    1. Last year, when the stock market (both equity and debt) were in doldrums, I had written to you asking for your advice after I got panicked seeing my deep red (negative) returns in my MFs including debt funds. I wanted to exit the MF scene. You adviced me to stay put giving me an assurance that once a stable Govt is formed one year down the line, equity markets would be booming. We have the proof now and the writing is on the wall.

    2. I was always allergic to IPOs after 2008-09 crisis. But just blindly followed your advice on Wonderla IPO. Once Wonderla got listed, reaped handsome gains and exited (I would have gained somemore had I stayed put but thats ok…)

    3. Without doing any research on the mutual funds suggested by you ('Best Mutual funds to Invest' – in various categories), I blindly went ahead and invested in those funds. I should be honest in accepting that those are the funds whom I call STAR PERFORMERS in my portfolio of mutual funds.

    Again, Thanks a lot Suresh and please continue this good work in helping and advising investors like me.



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