• dr sushil

    i do not understand the difference between
    online payment rather than cash or cheque

  • pramod

    Hello Suresh
    Congrats for become a crorepati in such a small period.. Appreciate your efforts and dedication.

    I need to know how much money you invested on monthly basis to achieve This target and the best mutual fund to start sip. I would also like to follow the same way to get This target.

  • erwin

    If I wish to withdraw the entire corpus (100%) at 60 yrs from NPS can it be done? If Yes what is the penalty?

  • Ashok

    Is it OK if Istart PPF account from next month ( August 2015) or should wait till Apri’l16 ?

    • Nothing wrong in starting now. You can get interest from now to Mar-16. However when you are depositing some money try to deposit before Apr 4th where you can enjoy highest tax free return for the year

  • Suave

    Dear Suresh, I am planning to opt for 1000/- per month as VPF through my Office Salary account. Will this take away from the 1.5L yearly limit for PPF? Or are these mutually exclusive.

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