Apollo Munich Optima Restore-Unique Health insurance policy

Apollo Munich Optima Restore-Unique Health insurance policyApollo Munich Optima Restore-Unique Health insurance policy

There were several messages in the last 3 weeks on our blog asking for good health insurance policy. Apollo Munich Optima Restore is a unique health insurance policy. If you have exhausted your basic sum assured, this health insurance policy would enhance the basic sum assured by 100% without any extra premium. In this article, I would elaborate about Apollo Munich Optima Restore health insurance plan, its unique features and the limitations of this health insurance policy.

Unique features of Apollo Munich Optima Restore

It offers two unique features:

Restore Benefit: If your basic sum assured is exhausted in any policy year, this health insurance policy would automatically enhance the basic sum assured up to 100% so that you can utilize this for other illness or for other family members who are covered under the policy.

E.g. if the sum assured is Rs 5 Lakhs. In a policy year, you have exhausted Rs 5 Lakhs, this policy would automatically enhance basic sum assured for another Rs 5 Lakhs. Means in that policy year, your sum assured would go up to Rs 10 Lakhs. The condition is you cannot use such enhanced value for the same illness. You should use such value for other illness or for other family members.

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Multiplier benefit: In case of any claim free year, your basic sum assured would be enhanced by 50% after 1 year completion of policy year. After 2 years, in case you still have not claimed any amount, the basic sum assured would be enhanced by 100% of basic sum assured. E.g. If your basic sum assured is Rs 10 Lakhs, in case of no claim after 1 year, your basic sum assured would be Rs 15 Lakhs and in case of no claim even after 2 years, your basic sum assured would be Rs 20 Lakhs without any additional premium.  

Other features of Apollo Munich Optima Restore

  • Minimum age is 91 days. In case of children between 91 days to 5 years they would get covered provided parents are also covered.
  • Max age is 65 years
  • Lifelong renewals without any additional premiums.
  • No sub-limits on room rent.
  • Cashless transactions
  • You can get treatment in any hospital across India.
  • No loading on premiums if you fall ill or for future renewals of policy.
  • Quick pre-authorization within 2 hours (90% of the cases)
  • Income tax benefit as per section 80D on the premiums paid.
  • Portability option available. In case you do not like the service, you can shift to any other health insurer and get similar benefits.
  • Policy is available for 1 year and 2 years period.
  • If you opt for 2 years policy, you would get 7.5% discount on premium amount.
  • Policy available for sum assured of Rs 3 Lakhs, Rs 5 Lakhs, Rs 10 Lakhs and Rs 15 Lakhs
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses covered for 60 days
  • Post-hospitalization expenses are covered up to 180 days
  • Day care procedures are covered for 140 listed day care procedures.
  • Individual and family floater plans available.

Major exclusions in Apollo Munich Optima Restore plan

  • Does not cover first 30 days from policy date (except for accidental injuries).
  • Pre-existing diseases coverage waiting period is 3 years.
  • Exclusions for 2 years for specific diseases like cataract, hernia.
  • HIV or AIDS and related diseases not covered
  • Pregnancy, dental treatment etc. not covered
  • Non allopathic treatment, cosmetic surgery, mental disorder etc are not covered.

Major limitations in this policy

  • If you are expecting a child or planning to have child in near future, this policy would disappoint you, as this policy does not cover pregnancy expenses.
  • The health insurance policy is available up to 65 years only. Several competitors are offering such health policies up to 75 years.
  • Comparing to any other health insurance policy the premiums are little high. If a 34 year old want to cover his family under this health insurance (self + wife + 2 children), the premium works out to be Rs 10,736 for Rs 3 Lakhs sum assured.  If he opts for 2 year policy, he would get discount of 7.5% and the premium would be Rs 19,862 for 2 years.

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Conclusion: While there are several health insurance policies, I feel Apollo Munich Optima Restore is good health insurance plan having unique features. Premium looks little high, but considering other factors, I feel one can consider taking this health insurance policy.

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Apollo Munich Optima Restore-Unique Health insurance policy

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  1. Dear Suresh,

    I want to go for Religare care family floater health insurance for me (Age 33), my wife (28) and a kid ((3) for 8-10 lacs. I am an NRI and will return back to india in a year or so. One of my friends who is an NRI taken health insurance from New India health insurance. In his opinion, when he returns to india after 1/2 years, that will cover pre-existing diseases waiting time.. Is there any benefit if I take health insurance now, or should I wait until I return back.

    Could you also help me with the hospital network, critical illness cover, claim settlement ratio of Religare care?

  2. Suresh,

    I want to take a health insurance policy for my family (2A + 2C) for 10Lakhs. I am an NRI, and 34 years of age. I will return to india in 2 years. Is it good to get insurance now or after returning to india. Could you please also suggest a good insurance plan with good coverage and not so high premium?


  3. Dear Suresh,
    I want to know for sure that since I & my family are NRIs (UAE) are v eligible to take Apollo Munich-optima restore policy (floater) for us
    .I guess that NRIs are not allowed to have health ins. in india but my agent is dead sure that its allowed (on his advice i have been holding this policy now from 2 yrs, if its nt allowed then does it get null & void)
    He says so after confirming from the company itself ,he says.
    kindly clarify urgently
    ps.is critical illness etc covered in optima restore?

    1. As per my knowledge, NRI’s cannot have health insurance plan from India. Call the customer support and get clarification. 

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