Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India (Jul-2013)

Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India (Jul-2013)Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India (Jul-2013)

During Jun-13, some of the foreign banks and Public sector banks have reduced their bank FD rates. This indicates that FD rates are in downtrend now. In this article we are adding Senior Citizen rates seperately from this month onwards.

Among the various fixed income options available for an investor the best and safe investment option is investment in Bank fixed deposits (FD) in India.

Comparison of latest bank FD interest rates among various banks in India.

The comparison list would help investors to choose the right bank for fixed deposits. Green indicates that the rates have been increased compared to our previous month article and RED indicates that the rates are reduced comparing to our previous month article. is the only blog in India which tracks FD rates month on month and provides whether a particular bank has increased the FD rate or slashed the FD rates.

Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India (Jul-2013)-Comparison chart

Comparison of latest bank FD interest rates for Senior Citizens among various banks in India.

Sr citizens-Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India (Jul-2013)-Comparison chart

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Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India

Suresh KP


  • Dipak

    Hi Suresh,

       I want to open a FD in PNB for 400 days for which they are giving 9% interest rate. If I open the FD in September 2013, then at the end of 400 days, will the bank cut any TDS on the generated interest? From my calculation the generated interest should be around 9900. Please reply.

    • Dipak, This is one way, people think they can avoid tax. SB interest up to Rs 10,000 is only exempted from tax. Otherwise, bank would deduct 10% TDS (if you submit PAN). The interest received is taxable as per your income tax slab.

  • D.DAM




  • rakesh


    i want to invest around 20k in such a scheme that i can pay my life insurance premium of 25k every year. is there any scheme in any bank. please reply

    • Rakesh, Mean if you invest Rs 20K, you need 25K by end of hte year so that you can pay LIC premium? This way you need to get 25% returns which is very difficult. You can invest in stocks, but they are high risk, hence I would not advice to play with your 20K savings. But investing in a bank would fetch only 9% means you would get Rs 1,800 more and not Rs 5,000

  • Krishna Kumar

    Hello sir,

    I am confused whether to invest in RD or Mutual Fund SIP. Can I do an RD on company deposits? I plan to invest 50,000 each month. It would be great if you could post highest RD rates of Indian banks. Are they the same as FD rates?


    Krishna Kumar

  • Abhay

    Hi Suresh,

    As always, Thanks for your analytical updates.

    I am not sure if I am missing somewhere but could not find the Tax Saver FD rates. Also could not find the rates for Union Bank of India. Would that be possible to update that as well.


    Once again, Thanks !




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