Latest SBI interest rates (Apr-13)

Latest SBI interest rates (Apr-13)

Latest SBI interest rates (Apr-13)

All the banks are now revising their interest rates for short term. Earlier, the interest rates for < 1 year was ranging 4% to 5% p.a., however now, major banks including SBI are offering 6.5% interest p.a. for < 1 year deposits.

SBI is the largest public sector bank in India. Latest SBI interest rates are enclosed below. Latest SBI interest rates indicate that they are in-line with other major private banks interest rates. In case anyone is looking for safety of their fixed deposit along with higher returns, they can invest in SBI fixed deposits.

I felt choosing a re-investment plan would be a good option. Re-investment plan is nothing but your interest would get re-invested and it would not be credited to your bank account. The entire FD amount along with interest would be paid to you at maturity.

Latest SBI interest rates (Apr-13)

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Latest SBI interest rates

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