How to check PF balance online by SMS?

How to check employee provident fund epf online, epf onlineHow to check PF balance online by SMS?

Last year, employee provident fund office (EPFO) has launched provident fund account details online. With this new initiative all employees in India can now get to know the provident fund balance online on their finger tips. How to check provident fund (PF) Balance Online or how to know the claim status in epf online? This process is very simple and you get the info in seconds.

Process on how to check Provident Fund epf Balance online by SMS

  • Visit the epf online website link
  • Select PF office state (e.g. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc.,)
  • Select the employee provident fund office (EPFO) (e.g. Chennai or Hyderabad where your PF account is operating)
  • Employee provident fund no. – There would be 5 fields and first 2 fields are populated with State and City. You need to enter the information in 3rd, 4th and 5th fields
  • 3rd field – Enter the establishment code.
  • 4th field – Enter the extn number and leave it blank if not applicable
  • 5th field – Enter provident fund number
  • Enter the name appearing in EPF slip
  • Enter your mobile no. Mobile number is recorded in provident fund account no now.
  • Once you check “I agree” button and click on submit button, the details are sent to your mobile number through SMS

How to know the claim status in epf online?

If you are an EPF member/subscriber, and submitted the claim, you can check the status by following below process.

  • Visit the epf online claim status page ()
  • Select PF office state (e.g. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc.,)
  • Select the employee provident fund office (EPFO) (e.g. Chennai or Hyderabad where your PF account is operating)
  • Enter the EFPO (employee provident fund office). The region code and office code would get retrieved by system automatically
  • 3rd field – enter the establishment code. It would be generally 7 digits.
  • 4th field – enter the extn code if any. The extn code would be normally 3 digits
  • 5th field – enter the provident fund number
  • Click the submit button
  • Status would appear online

Do you have any grievances, visit this page and submit your issue (

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How to check PF balance online by SMS

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  1. Hi,

    I had job in gujarat for 2.5 years with EPF account in Vadodara.

    Now I am working in Maharashtra.

    I am in confusion – Withdraw OR Transfer?

    1. Better to transfer. This small amout migh not be helpful now, but such small amounts if invested in EPF or any other account for long term upto retiremement, they would be really useful.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply,

        Can you please guide me on form 13 for the same?

        1. Form 13 is used for transferring your PF account from one employer to the another employer

  2. Dear Sir,

                       i want to know that i am employe in one call center for 1year 6 months and after many times i give regination letter to my manager but he not accpete that after end i left the job without intimation .so i want to know can i get the pf or not


    with Regards

    Sunil Guleria

    1. Hi Sunil, To transfer or withdraw your PF from your previous employer, you need to get the documetation signed from your previous employer. If you have left the job without any intimation to them, there are less chances that your previous employer would sign the PF documents. You can still try.

      1. U may contact your EPFO and submit the doumcnts verified by their employer or BANK MANAGER concaerned sving account, and could be able to get the refund.

  3. Sir is this currect EPF No, i want my EPF status.  AP/GT/48979/154

    1. Giri, you need to provide the details on the link I have provided.

  4. dear sir,   



    my Pf no is – 834 so sir all information plz give my email id  



    thanking you

    1. Hi Sharma, You need to provide relevant details online to get this info.

  5. Thank you sir….


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