Latest bank FD interest rates in India – Mar-2013

Latest bank FD interest rates in India-Mar-2013

Latest bank FD interest rates in India – Mar-2013

Bank FD interest rates are expected to come down in the next 1 to 2 months. Among the various fixed income options available for an investor the best and safe investment option is investment in Bank fixed deposits (FD) in India. This is continued to be the favorite investment options for several investors including the investments by senior citizens. As part of our monthly article, enclosed are the latest bank FD interest rates in India.

Comparison of latest bank FD interest rates.

The comparison list would help investors to choose the right bank for their bank fixed deposits.Green indicates that the rates are increased compared to our previous month article and RED indicates that the rates are reduced comparing to our previous article.

Latest bank FD interest rates in India - Mar-2013

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Latest bank FD interest rates in India – Mar-2013

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  1. I have earned around 8k rupees interest on fixed deposits for assessement year 13-14. although its under 10k, my bank has deducted TDS of around 800 rupees. I am in 30% tax slab. Now, what should I do. Do I need to pay the remaining 20% tax for the interest earned or am I eligible to request for return of this tax. 

    1. Ratnakar, as indicated in other comments too, only SB account interest upto Rs 10K is tax free, else all other bank FD interest is taxable as per your income tax slab. If bank has deducted 10% interest, pay balance of 20% (since you are in 30% tax bracket) tax through any bank and file ITR

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