Best interest rates on tax saving FD in India – Jan-2013

Best interest rates on tax saving FD in India – Jan-2013

Tax saving investment options helps us to save income tax. Though there are various tax saving schemes, one of the top tax saving scheme is investing in tax saving fixed deposits (FD). Interest rates on FD in India are falling month on month. We expect that interest rates would further fall in 2013. However there are banks in India which are offering best interest rates on FD. Below are the some of the best interest rates on FD (Tax saving FD) you can invest and benefit for 2013.

Best interest rates on tax saving FD in India

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Topic: Best interest rates on tax saving FD in India

8 thoughts on “Best interest rates on tax saving FD in India – Jan-2013”

  1. i am employee in educational field i have 45000 income per month i want to make my portfolio diversified in various sectors like ppf, bank fd, mutual fund, stock exchange, tax saving scheme, retirement plan,etc so please give me the sugessions in that regards thanks 

  2. this year i had to pay a IT of Lum sum  RS 30K, i don't want to do that next year. what Should I do Now..?? I am Govt Employee. Please Help. And Explain The Concept of MUTUAL FUNDS Please i want to invest in it. But Afraid b'coz Don't know much about it. Help ASAP

    Thank you. 

    1. Rahul, Please check why you have paid IT in current year pertaining to last year. Is it because of Bank FD interest tax or short term capital gain from stocks or mutual funds ? If you know root cause then you can avoid.

  3. Dear Suresh,

    Good information at a glance. Two questions…. what is min & max amount in Rs. and what is the additional ROI for Sr.Citizens.



    1. Thanks Dakshin. There is no maximum amount to be invested here. However you can get tax exemption U/S 80C for maximum of Rs 1 lakhs for all options put together. Regd Sr. Citizens the rates are 0.5% higher than the normal rates at all banks.

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