Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India for 2013

Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India for 2013

Overview – Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India for 2013

There is a negative impression for some of my friends about mutual funds investments in current scenario. Stock markets (SENSEX) have given 8% overall return in the last 3 years which would mean less than 3% per annum. However, I am positive on the diversified mutual funds investments. When I was analyzing the top diversified mutual funds, they have given annualized returns of 9% to 16% in the last 3 years.

What are diversified mutual funds?

Diversified mutual funds invest the money across all the sectors stocks like Banking, Financial services, manufacturing, Pharma, Technology, Healthcare, airlines etc. However the average annual returns among diversified mutual funds are only 4.5%. There are several diversified mutual funds who are under performers and can be eliminated from the group to arrive at actual average returns among the diversified funds.

How we have chosen the best diversified mutual funds:

  1. Past performance: We have considered past performance where the mutual fund has yielded 9% to 16% annualized returns. When Sensex has given 3% annualized returns in the last 3 years, annualised returns of 9%+ would definitely be a good investment options.
  2. Crisil rating: These are rated by Crisil as rank-1 and rank-2, hence it provides highest safety compared to other diversified mutual funds.
  3. High Assets under management (AUM) : High AUM refers that more people are investing in such mutual funds as it gained confidence from large investors. We have considered AUM > Rs 85 crores for the purpose of choosing the best diversified mutual funds.
  4. Long term players: All these mutual funds are existing for more than 5 years, hence they are long term players.

Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India which can be invested for 2013

Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India for Nov 2013

Conclusion: Investment in stock markets are high risky. However under volatile or stagnant market conditions investing in diversified mutual funds are one of the best investment options. Invest in these top 10 diversified mutual funds where Crisil has ranked as Rank-1 and Rank-2 which provides a highest safety for the investments.

Readers, are you investing in these diversified mutual funds in India? Please give your comments

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Disclaimer: Mutual fund investments are risky. Past performance, may or may not repeat in future. Please consult your financial planning advisor before you take an investment decision.


  • Sunil

    Hi Suresh, thanks for answering all our queries.

    I plan to invest 60K rupees monthly for the next 5 years in mutual funds. Please advise if I can go for all the 10 funds listed in your TOP  for 2013 at the rate of 5000 INR x 10 funds? Kindly also advise if you think there are some better investment optiosn for this 60K INR monthly. I will be grateful.

    Best regards


  • Eeswari


    i m a housewife…i want to invest 5000 in sip MF with 1000 each company…can u suggest me without risk for 5 years which MFs are suitable…..

    • Hi Eeswari, since you are looking for safety of your investment, you can invest in debt mutual funds and balanced mutual funds. 1) Balanced mutual funds HDFC Balanced fund, ICICI Balanced fund; 2) Debt funds:SBI Dynamid Bond fund, IDFC Dynamic Bond fund.

      But if you are looking for investments with some risk, you can invest in Large cap mutual funds and diversified mutual funds. ICICI Pru focussed fund, UTI Opportunities fund, Reliance equity opportunities fund. Since you want to invest for 5 years period, the market volatility would be taken care. Happy investing.

  • Nishanta

    I startes SIP under below funds from Oct 2012 .Please let me know are these funds are good to invest for next 5-7 years .. I would like to invest another Rs 2500 in any one of the following funds for next 15 years in direct option , kindly suggest which would be better (Reliance equity opp / Uti Opp) . Waiting for your valuable comments.

    a) ICICI Pru focused blue chip growth=2000/month ( Regular )

    b)HDFC midcap opportunity growth=2000/month ( Regular )

    c)HDFC Prudence growth=2000/month ( Regular )

  • Jes

    Hi Suresh,

    My daughter is 1 year old. I want to start investing in a SIP for  long term around 17 to 18 years for her education. Can you please tell me the Best fund to invest ?  I am planning to invest around 2000/- pm.



    • Jes, glad that you are planning about your daughter when she is at  1 year old. Pls refer my article on Top-10 mutual funds for SIP. You can pick-up only large cap to start with. Once you are familair with equity markets you can invest in other opportunities.

      • srini

        Hi Suresh,

        I am planning to invest in below mutual funds through SIP for 5 – 10 years duration. Could you please advice on below?

        1)     Please suggest if there are other funds which can perform better than those i am planning to invest

        2)     Am i segregating the money properly or shall i change the money contributions; if so please suggest the amount

        (a) ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund = 3000 per month

        (b) IDFC Premier Equity Plan A -2500 per month

        (c) HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (G) – 2500 per month

        (d) Axis Triple Advantage Fund (G)- 2000 per month

        Also please suggest on the best ways to purchase the above mutual funds

        Thanks in advance





        • Srinivas, Here are my views: 1) ICICI-Pru-Foc-Equity-Crisil-1-Performance good-It is under largecap, less risk compared to others, you can invest;  2) IDFC-Premier-Equity-Crisil-1-Performance good-It is under mid-cap segment; As mid-cap, these are high-risk-high returns mutual funds-Good to invest provided you are willing to take some risk; 3) Same with HDFC-Mid-cap; 3) Axis-Triple Adv fund is debt oriented hybrid speciality fund; Crisil do not rank such schemes and the performance is also not that good (12% p.a. in last 3 years). In case you want to invest in debt mutual funds, there are better mutual funds. Pls refer our top-debt mutual funds article and choose one among them. Regd purchasing of mutual funds, if you already have a broker where you can trade mutual funds also, check the transaction charges and please proceed with them. I am yet to analyse which demat account or which broker is charging less transaction charges for mutual funds account etc., Have a good day !!!

          • srini

            Thank you suresh for your valuable suggetions.

            Could you please provide your inputs on the below funds

            1. BIRLA  FRONTLINE EQUITY FUND — Growth




          • Srinivas, Reliance equity opportunites fund is already part of my top-10 list. Good to invest. Birla frontline is also good. However the returns compared to other funds are less. If you observe, the top-10 diverfied funds which I recommended earned returns of 9%+. However Birla returns are ranging between 8% to 9%, hence it has not fallen in my top-10. You can still invest in such good mutual funds, or else you can refer other top-9 recommended mutual funds in this article

  • srinivas

    Hi Suresh,

    ICICI Pru Guaranteed savings insurance plan :


    Recently i have been approached by financial consultant with the ICICI Pru Guaranteed savings insurance plan policy. I am thinking to invest 5000 per month through SIP for 10 years premium term under this policy. The reason i felt good with this policy returns  or additions are related GSEC bonds means a definite returns are guaranteed. But the maturity amount is not even same as the simple interest amount for the amount paid /invested towards this policy . I am not really keen on life insurance they are offering with this policy. Please find the attached brochure with 5k per month investment for 10 years.


    Could you plz provide your inputs on investing this policy. Which one do you suggest among investing the amount in mutual funds (or) in this policy.


    Considering the returns quoted in this brochure whats is your inputs on investing 60000 PA in this policy


    Waiting for your inputs.





    • Srinivas, insurance companies specify as “guaranteed”, but in reality it is not that. The returns are not guaranteed. If some one is assuring you for any guaranteed returns, then they are making false statements. Even I would like to know more details by talking to that person. Can you pls share the contact details of the financial consultant to my email id

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