6 strategies revealed by a millionaire – ways to become millionaire

6 strategies revealed by multi millionaire – ways to become millionaire


6 strategies revealed by a millionaire – ways to become millionaire

Yesterday, I met one of my friend who is, now a millionaire in US. He came to India on vacation for few days. He revealed good strategies which can be replicated as one of the way to become millionaire. I am producing this as an article and felt these would really benefit from the good points specified by him.

What is so special about him?

He was married and had two kids. He lost his job and was not able to pay his monthly debts. Then, in the period of 5 years, from a zero base, he has become millionaire now and living happily.

6 strategies revealed by a millionaire – ways to become millionaire

1)   Do what you like it with passion: If you are doing 9 to 5 job  and not liking what you do, just quit. Do what you like it with passion. When my friend quit the job, this is the first thing he did. When he started working what he liked, he never looked back. He never thought he will earn 4 times now, comparing to what he was earning by doing 9 to 5 job.

2)   Excellent money saving ideas: Though there are various ways to reduce the expenses, spend money as if there is a recession. My friend indicated to his family that they need to be careful in their spending and the recession is going to be 365 days in a year. Spend money based on “need” basis not because someone purchased something for someone.

3)   Basic investment strategy as a beginner: When you start investing as a beginner, invest in safe investments such as fixed deposit/CD, large cap mutual funds, and debt mutual funds. This would enable you to have a financial back-up in case of any emergency.

4)   Best investment strategy to multiply the investments: Once we have financial back-up, decide the best investment strategy to multiply the investments. Invest in blue chip stocks for long term perspective. He has chosen 5 stocks which grown by 3 times in 3 to 5 years period perspective. Yes, it is difficult to identify such stocks all the times.

5)   Best investment strategy – Investing in real estate: Investment in real estate will always provide excellent returns over a long term. It depends on how well we understand the real estate and identifying the potential locations for investment growth.

6)   Finally, high confidence: If someone comes to zero base today, he should start creating the wealth from now on and become millionaire within 3 to 5 years period. If you are ready to take such challenge, then you are geared up for such a game.

Conclusion: These are some of the good tips and ways to become millionaire. Earn money by working on what you like, save money as if there is recession, invest in fast growing investment strategies and finally if required, start with zero base today and create wealth in 3 to 5 years period by investing in best investment options. These are some of the good strategies and ways to become millionaire.

Readers, what do you think about the ways to become millionaire? Are you ready to start with zero base to become millionaire in next 3 to 5 years? Please give your comments.

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  • Rahim ali

    What a boy can do to become a millionare who is from a poor village at Assam?

  • Parameswar Takaria

    How to become a crorepati in 5 year

  • chethan

    Really good post sir… even i ve a dream to open a car company in india… i dont ve a single coin in my pocket .. so am thinking to go to chennai to search for customers to open a small supplier mag wheel company… but i have good confidence and am working hard to get there… i dont know how to adjust 1000crore to invest in my dream company but within 6 year i will definitely open it with any other company as a partnership…

  • Vijay

    Good post….inspiring

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