10 ways to double your money

10 best ways to double your money india

Ways to double your money

An investor keep thinking about the returns he is expecting from a stock market, mutual funds, fixed income investment options, etc. There is another good parameter to look is how he/she can double the money. The period that would take to double your money depends on the returns expected from the investment option. However there is a thumb rule called “Thumb rule 72”.

What is Thumb rule 72?

Thumbrule 72 specifies that an investment period required to double the money would be derived if you divide 72 with the annualized returns you are expecting. E.g. if you are expecting 7% returns, then if you divide 72 / 7 = 10.3 years, it would take 10.3 years to double your investment at 7% returns.

10 ways to double your money

There are various ways to double your money. 

Best ways to double your money – < 3 years time frame: To double your money in 3 years timeframe, you need to get 24% annualized return.

1)   Investing in FMCG sector mutual funds: Currently, there is only one good investment options, which can double your money in < 3 years timeframe. FMCG sector based mutual funds has provided 32% annualized returns in the last 3 years. As per “thumb rule 72” (72/32=2.5 years), it takes 2.5 years to double your money if you choose this as investment option. However past performance may or may not be repeated in the future, hence, an investor need to be little cautious before taking the investment decision.

Best way to double your money – 3 to 5 years time frame: There are various investment options which can double in 3 to 5 years investment time frame. As per thumb rule 72, we should earn 14%, 18% and 24% for 3, 4 and 5 years period respectively to double your money.

2)   Investing in Pharma sector mutual funds: Pharma sector mutual funds have provided annualized returns of 22% in the last 3 years. Investing in Pharma sector mutual funds can double your money in 3.5 years (thumb rule 72/22= 3.5 years)

3)   Investment in gold ETF’s: Investing in Gold ETF’s have provided 22% annualized returns, hence even this too takes 3.5 years to double the investment. However some investors are little cautious that this should be looked as investment for long-term as there could downside for short term.

4)   Investment in stocks markets: Investments in stock market, have always given good returns in the long term. Stock market gave annualized return of 15% in the last 10 years, hence invest in blue chip stocks would provide scope to double your money in 3 to 5 years time period.

5)   Investment in diversified mutual funds / large cap mutual funds: Investment in diversified or large cap mutual funds has given annualized returns of 12% to 15% in the last 3 years. Your money would be doubled in 5 to 6 years time frame if you choose this as investment option.

Best way to double your money – 6 to 8 years time frame: To double your money in 6 to 8 years timeframe, we need annualized returns of 9% to 12%.

6)   Investment in company NCD’s/bonds: Investment in corporate bonds/NCD’s would provide annualized returns from 10% to 13%. Your investment would be doubled in 6 years time frame. However choose a good NCD’s where capital is protected. Investing in SECURED NCD or bond (e.g. Shiriram NCD), would be a good investment option.

7)   Investments in corporate/company deposits are offering 10% to 13% annualized returns; hence investing in such deposits would double your money by 6-7 years time frame.

8)   Investment in debt mutual funds: Investment in debt mutual funds has yielded annualized returns of 8% to 11% in the last 3 years. To double your money, it would take 6-7 years time frame.

9)   Investment in Bank fixed deposits which are offering 8.5% to 9.25% interest rates. Hence investing in such bank fixed deposits would make your money double in 8 years period.

10)  Investment in bonds: Investment in Govt. bonds yields 8%+ returns. You can double your money in 9 years time frame.

Conclusion: There are various best investment options to double your money. Based on the risk appetite and the investment time frame, choose a good investment option. Choosing an investment option for long term would provide a chance to double your money faster. However investment in mutual funds and stocks are risky and past performance may or may not be repeated in the future, hence, an investor need to be little cautious before taking the investment decision.

Readers, have you invested your money with such “best ways to double your money” investment options? Please give your comments

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  • La Cher

    Thank you for your article. I live in the United States and I want to invest $20,000 and hopefully double my return in 5 years. What is the best options for me? Where should I invest it? I have never invested before, so this is new to me.

    Thank you in Advance

  • Shwe

    Hi..please share your comments on the following options for investing few lacs (expecting high returns with medium risk)

    Buying a hospital share that promises 24% return (documented)


    Investing in fmcg approved mutual funds (if this..can you please recommend few of the available options/ companies)

    Thanks in advance…

    • Hi Shwe, Since you are indicating that guaranteed return of 24% is there which is documented, it could be best bet. Investment in mutual funds would depend on fund performance and you should be investing for long term


    HI ,

    • Rashid, If you want to double your money in 3 years, you should invest in high risk investments like stocks, sector funds etc. In sector funds, you can look for Reliance Pharma Fund etc., Note these are high risk funds

  • M. Shams

    Hi Suresh,

    Read your blog first time and was mind blowing. A complete solution for confused investors like us.
    Please can you advise as I want to put 1 lac in a place for 10 years which yield me a good return after the period.
    Advise me of a minimum risk investmnet option.

    Thank you and God bless you for your valuable work for common man.

    M. Shams

    • Several options Shams 1) You can invest in debt funds and do a STP to equity funds like ICICI focussed blue chip fund or HDFC Top-200 fund for 10-12 months 2) If you are high risk investor, you can invest in Secured NCD offering 12% annuliased returns 3) If you are low risk investor, invest in simple bank FD

  • Deepak

    Hi Mr. Suresh,

    I have done a calculation in excel and found that FD of 1 lakh @ 9% per annum interest would double (100%) the money in 8 yrs., triple (300%) in 13 yrs., quadruple (400%) in 16 yrs. and so on… ! Your thumb 72 formula very much fit here.

    Given that FD is safe option which I like most hassle free option, is there any bank provide such scheme where I can deposit lump sum the amount for 16 yrs. and get return 400% ? E.g. 1 Lakh to 4 lakh in 16 years.

    Thanks & Regards

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