16 best affiliate programs to earn income from your website or through email marketing

best affiliate programs

16 best affiliate programs to earn income from your website or through email marketing

You have a website and you want to make money. There are various ways on how you make money through your website. One among them is affiliate programs. Choosing the best affiliate programs would be key to maximise your income.

What is an Affiliate Program?

As per Wikipedia, Affiliate program is type of performance based marketing in which the business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. So, you need to have a website and you need to sign-up for affiliate marketing programs.  In case any visitor clicks on the Ad provided in your website and signs up for their services, affiliate Program Company would pay the commission to you.

Do you need to own a website to earn money through affiliate programs

For some of the affiliate programs, you need not even own a website. You can do this with email marketing by enclosing necessary affiliate links in the email and when user clicks on the links and signup for necessary services, affiliate program’s would pay the commission to you.

best affiliate programs in india and global

There are various best affiliate programs in India and globally. Some of the top affiliate programs are discussed below.

Matrimony Best affiliate programs in India

  1. Bharat Matrimony.com: Bharat Matrimony is recognized as a no.1 matrimony portal in India. Bharat Matrimony affiliate program has the following features which offers a high returns
  1. For every high quality free profile that is referred to Bharat matrimony, they pay a fixed amount.
  2. For every high quality paid profile that is referred to them, they pay 25% of the revenue share which is applicable for first payment. It does not apply for subsequent renewals.
  3. The payment is released as soon as your earnings reach Rs 200
  1. Shaadi.com – Shaadi.com is one of the leading matrimony portal in India. The affiliate program has the following features which offer a high returns For.
  1. Every profile that is referred to them, they pay 75% of the revenue share + another 25% bonus opportunity for a total of upto 100% commission
  2. The payment is released as soon as the earnings reaches Rs 990 for Indian webmasters. However for an International Webmaster, the balance should be Rs 5,000 (USD 100).
  1. Lifepartnerindia.com: This is similar like shaadi.com/bharatmatrimony affiliate programme. The revenue share would be 50%. This is a growing matrimony company
  2. Shaadiexpress.com: Shaadiexpress.com is also similar to other matrimony affiliate programmes. However, for every high quality profile they pay Rs 25 as motivation amount. For every paid profile, you would get 30% of membership amount.

Domain / Webhosting best affiliate programs

  1. Godaddy.com – Godaddy.com is a leading domain registration and webhosting company in the world. Godaddy pays upto 30% as commission for the products purchased by each referral.
  2. BIGROCK.in – This is leading domain registration and webhosting company in India. The domain registration affiliate commission ranges between Rs 30 Rs 50 and webhosting plans affiliate commission ranges between Rs 750 to Rs 1,000. There are various other products in BIGROCK where you earn affiliate commission

Best Travel affiliate programs in India

  1. Makemytrip.com: Makemytrip is a leading provider of air tickets, hotel booking and holiday packages. Any traveler you refer to them and the sale is paid, you would get a good commission. The amount of commission depends upon various parameters.
  2. Yatra.com : Yaatra.com is also a leading provider of airline tickets, hotel booking and holiday packages. Any traveler you refer to them and the sale is paid; you would get a high commission. 30 day cookie duration is also available here.
  3. Travelguru.com: This is a leading hotel networking company offering several holiday packages. You can earn an amount of Rs 300 per hotel booking made through your referral. They indicate that a webmaster can earn as much as Rs 75,000 if you refer 5 hotels per day for 30 days period.

Best Pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate programs

  1. Google Affiliate Network : This is a well known PPC affiliate network where one can earn commission by “Pay per click’. Several webmasters earn good commission from Google throught this program. In India and China, a website need to complete 6 months period to apply for this programme as per Google guideline policy
  2. Zhakkas.com – This is another pay per click program affiliate program. The webmaster gets commission upto 3 levels. The earning ratio is as follows:
  1. Level- 1 – $ 0.01 (per click you deliver)
  2. Level- 2 – $ 0.03 (per click you deliver)
  3. Level- 3 – $ 0.05 (per click you deliver)

Other best affiliate programs

  1. Amazon.com: Amazon affiliate program offers good commission. They have variety of products like books, electronics, apparels, music, clothing etc. The commission ranges between 4% to 8%.
  2. Indiatimes.com: Indiatimes also have wide range of electronics, apparels, books, accessories, jewellery etc.  which are sold online. Each sale referred through your website to Indiatimes.com, will earn a preset commission. However the success lies in promoting the products which are relevant to your website, else you end up wasting your time by promoting them without any sales
  3. Fens n petals.com: This is India’s no. 1 flowers and gifting portal. It connects among 500 Indian retail florists.
  1. 20% commission on sales referred through your website
  2. 30 days cookie period. This means that any person whom you are referred, makes another sale within 30 days, you will get paid for subsequent sales within 30 days period. This would boost up your commission.
  1. Careerbuilder.com: This is another good affiliate program in India. They pay Rs 20 for each job application received.
  2. Shareasale.com: There are 3 ways you can earn affiliate commission here. Pay per sale, Pay per lead and pay per click. There are over 2500 merchants who sell the products through the shareasale.com. This is one of the best bet for earning good affiliate commission if you are promoting multiple products.

Conclusion: There are several affiliate programs offered in India and globally. Choose a best affiliate program which is relevant to your blog to earn more income through commission.

Readers, have you tried any of these affiliate programs? What is your experience? Do you see any other affiliate programs which are not listed above?

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