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We now accept guest post from experts in various field of personal finance. Please see the guidelines before you submit any guest post on this blog. 

Guidelines for Guest Post

  • Your post should be in the field of personal finance section only.
  • Articles pertaining to Best Stocks, Top Mutual Funds, New Life Insurance Policies, Best Health Insurance Policies, Tips to create wealth in short to long term, High return fixed income options, Review about Latest IPO's, Tips to reduce income tax, best ways to save retirement money etc., would attract our readers. Guests submitting on these topics would be given preference and would be published quickly.
  • Posts should contain atleast 700 words per post
  • Post should be unique and not published on any other site earlier. In case it is duplicate article, this would be rejected without any further reasons. Don't waste time in submitting such duplicate articles.
  • Posts should clearly indicate the subject matter in first paragraph. All benefits, features, pros, cons, reasons to invest, reasons not to invest should come per section and highlighting header clearely. Posts with plain english without any headers / titles for the paragraph may not attract readers and we would reject them.
  • Any guest post submitted may be published or may be rejected with or without reason. While we would indicate the reasons for rejections, for some cases where you violate these guidelines, no communication would be entertained. 

Please follow these guidelines as we are committed to provide quality posts on this blog.

How to submit guest post on this blog?

Submit your guest post by putting these details.

All the best for your guest post !!!


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