• Giriyappa R Bannatti

    Which is the lowest charger for Demat & training account.? And can I purchase Government of India Bonds like NHAI or REC Bonds to get capital gains tax exemption through the demat & trading account?.
    Hope, I will be advised by your experts at the earliest.
    Giriyappa Bannatti

  • A P Mishra

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I want to buy some share & mutual fund can you please advise me what is the process & which bank is provide low charges & demate account opening charge.

    May i get any advantage for NRI??

    Please advise me


    Thank You


    How to open account. Which company give me heist result and how to invest in companies

    • Mahesh lodh

      U can open demat and trading from any bank, or demat from bank and trading from zerodha currently number one in discount broker. No one gives inside or prior information as to which stocks will perform well only the opinion and past performance counts.If they have information why don’t they themselves invest.It’s ur money invest wisely.

  • N Balu

    How does Sharekhan compare ?


    Thanks for above comparion…it’s really helpful information

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