ICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector (ULIP)-Is it really win win plan?

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector planICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector (ULIP)-Is it really win win plan?

Are you seeing ICICI Pru Life Guaranteed Wealth Protector – Win win plan on advertisement hoardings on the road side? FM Radio keeps buzzing about this plan several times in a day. Are you wondering what is this win-win plan advertisement appearing major financial websites? This ULIP plan is offered by ICICI Pru life named Guaranteed Wealth Protector indicates that it is win win to have equity linked returns and also capital protection. ULIP schemes issued earlier have been cheating investors by charging high allocation and agent commissions. Does this ICICI Pru life guaranteed wealth protector is different from earlier ULIP Plans? Is it really win win plan ?

About ICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector ULIP

This is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) indicates that it would protect capital and would provide your assured benefit of 101% of premiums paid. Generally, all ULIP’s fund value would get reduced to the extent of commissions paid to agents + premium allocation charges, etc., Hence ULIP holders fund value shows very less compared to what they invested for a moment ignore the returns. This plan indicates that it provides 101% of assured benefit and investors are getting tempted to invest in this.

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Important Highlights of ICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector plan

  • It offers assured benefits
  • Option to pay for a single premium or premiums for 5 years
  • Loyalty additions and wealth booster features where a sum is added to your fund value
  • Like any other regular insurance plan, you would get tax benefits.

Features of this ICICI Guaranteed Wealthy Protector plan

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector plan-Features

*Snapshot from Brochure

What are the objectives or strategy of this insurance plan?

Your money would be invested in life growth fund or life secure fund, which depends on your age

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector plan-Objectives

*Snapshot from Brochure

Benefits under this insurance plan

1) Maturity benefit: This would be maximum of

        Fund value, including loyalty additions and wealth booster or

        101% of single premium (one pay) or 101% of the sum of all premiums paid (5 pay)

2) Loyalty additions: Loyalty addition, units are added at the end of the policy year from the 6th year onwards. This would be 0.25% of average fund in last 8 quarters.

3) Wealth booster: Extra units would be added at the end of the 10th policy year which would be 1.50% in the case of one pay and 3.25% in case of 5 pay.

4) Dealth Benefit: On dealth of the insured, nominee would get Sum Assured as indicated in above table.

Coming to various deductions and allocation charges in this insurance plan

  • Policy admin charges = 2.52% per annum during premium payment term and 1.20% after that. For One pay it is Rs 720 per annum for 5 years.
  • Fund management charge of 1.35% per annum + 0.50% is adjusted in NAV for investment guarantee
  • Mortality charges = Rs 1.52 to Rs 14 per every Rs 1,000 sum assured

Illustration with an example

  • 35 years – Rs 100,000 single premium – One pay
  • Sum Assured = 1.25 x premium = Rs 1.25 x 100,000 = Rs 125,000
  • Assured benefit would be = 101% of premium = Rs 101,000
  • Maturity amount @ 4% returns – Rs 113,853 and 8% = Rs 167,243
  • Loyalty addition = 0.25% from 6th year to 10th year = 1.25% in total. This would depend on fund value
  • Wealth booster – 1.50% at the end of the 10th year.
  • Total additions would be 2.75% (approx)

Positive factors of ICICI Guaranteed Wealthy Protector plan

  • Provides assured benefit of 101% of premiums paid.
  • Loyalty additions of 0.25% of average fund value every year from 6th year onwards
  • Wealth booster package which adds 1.50% (single pay) or 3.5% (5 pay) of fund value at the end of the policy term

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Some of the Negative factors of ICICI Guaranteed Wealthy Protector plan

  • You cannot surrender the policy within 5 year policy term. If you want to surrender the policy within 5 years, the fund value would go to discontinued fund account and you would get amount after 5 years completion. During such discontinuance period you would get 4% annualized interest.
  • Additions from loyalty additions and wealth booster would get offset to some extent of deductions. Net summary is deductions are higher than additions.
  • Like any other ULIP, even this has several deductions like mortality charges, allocation charges, fund management fees etc., which are high and makes this plan unattractive.

Download Brochure of ICICI Pru life guaranteed wealth protector plan

Conclusion: ICICI Pru life guaranteed Capital Protector ULIP win win plan is not a win win in reality. Though it offers several benefits all such benefits are adjusted with the charges which this plan deducts. However, considering earlier ULIP plans where your investment amount is being reduced, this plan at least protects to that extent where it offers 101% assured benefit. But I do not see any reason why I need to invest my money and think of protection of the money. Rather, I consider the term insurance plan and invest balance money in bank FD and sit and relax rather investing in this and worrying about it.

Readers, have you got tempted and invested in this plan ? What do you say about this plan. I would love to hear your views on this.

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ICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector (ULIP)


  • Raja

    Dear Suresh ,
    Big thanks for making this article . This really helps guys like me who are very poor in this subject . Below table is given to me with a minimum guaranteed percentage of 12% for a 15 years lock period with return on 21st year plan . This covers the charges as well . Would be great if you can review this and comment on the returns . Your comments will really help me to take a call on opting for this plan .

    Years Investment Charges Invested Amount Interest Final Amount
    1 150000 6000 144000 17280 161280
    2 150000 6000 144000 36633.6 341913.6
    3 150000 6000 144000 58309.632 544223.232
    4 150000 6000 144000 82586.78784 770810.0198
    5 150000 6000 144000 109777.2024 1024587.222
    6 150000 6000 144000 140230.4667 1308817.689
    7 150000 6000 144000 174338.1227 1627155.812
    8 150000 6000 144000 212538.6974 1983694.509
    9 150000 6000 144000 255323.3411 2383017.85
    10 150000 6000 144000 303242.142 2830259.992
    11 150000 6000 144000 356911.199 3331171.191
    12 150000 6000 144000 417020.5429 3892191.734
    13 150000 6000 144000 484343.0081 4520534.742
    14 150000 6000 144000 559744.169 5224278.911
    15 150000 6000 144000 644193.4693 6012472.38
    16 0 0 0 721496.6857 6733969.066
    17 0 0 0 808076.2879 7542045.354
    18 0 0 0 905045.4425 8447090.797
    19 0 0 0 1013650.896 9460741.692
    20 0 0 0 1135289.003 10596030.7
    21 0 0 0 1271523.683 11867554.38
    Total 2250000 90000 2160000 9707554.379 11867554.38

  • Rohit

    Hi Sir .. I have a question during inforce period of the plan can i change the fund allocation ? also after 5 years lock period we can withdraw the amount ? what benefit I will get if I close the plan in 6th year and withdraw the amount instead of withdrawing the amount in 5th year ?

  • Syed M Saleem

    Oh Suresh

    kaash I would have gone through this article some months back. Any remedy?

    Now I feel, I should stop investing in any sort of ULIPS or investment plans. I guess FDs are the best options.

  • Halder

    They assured that this scheme will return 10% interest rate, let me see what will happen after 5yrs. Least I can get back Principle right?

  • shikha

    God bless the person who shared this info. I had given the check and was saved at last moment after I read this.

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