• Nishant

    Dear Suresh,
    It’s really informative article. Thanks.
    I want to invest in MF through Demat. so for monthly SIP do i need to pay transaction charges every month?

  • Kaushalendra Mishra

    Can I have two mutual fund accounts with two brokers like fundsindia and myuniverse ?

  • E.S. Jumanji

    say if i buy 10 shares of 100 each with a long term perspective of 3 yrs (delivery) and the stock goes down say to 90 next day, will i have to pay the exchange money at the settlement day…..or it is when i sell my shares after 3 years will i get paid in case of loss/profit?

    SORRY I KNOW I AM ASKING RANDOMLY, but i have not been able to get a reply on internet

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