How to file income tax rectification online for any errors in ITR

How to file income tax rectification online for any errors in ITRHow to file income tax rectification online for any errors in ITR

If you have filed the income tax return through online and made some errors, you can file income tax rectification online request and correct those errors. In this article I would detail on how to file the income tax rectification online.

Consider these points, before filing income tax rectification online

When you filed income tax return online, Central Processing Centre of Income Tax Department from Bangalore would process your file and would send an acknowledgment to you. This rectification of income tax is possible for all returns filed online for AY2009-10.

Read all the details printed in the CPC intimation. You would have omitted or committed some errors while filing the returns. You need to identify all such cases to rectify.

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Check the common error guides provided by many professional tax consultants on their websites. This would help you in checking on how to correct the data.

You need to retrieve the XML file which you have used to file the income tax returns online if you have stored it. This is the Excel document which you have used to update income tax return and uploaded into Income tax website. If this is readily available, you can use it, else you need to re-create this XML file with all details available in the CPC intimation.

Please note that you can rectify your income tax return within 4 years from the completion of financial year.

Step-by-Step process on how to file income tax rectification online

Step-1: Keep the Intimation letter ready which is received under section 143 (1) from Income tax department, Central Processing Centre, Bangalore for the Income Tax returns filed by you online for AY 2009-10 or later.

Step-2: Verify the intimation to see the computations as per CPC records. The computations or information provided might be incorrect. Identify all such cases on a piece of paper separately.

Step-3: Review the Common Error guide to know the variations in your income tax return.

Step-4: As indicated above, you need to keep the XML file ready which is either filled in earlier with necessary modifications now or which is created now with the correct information. The complete return should be filled including TDS and Tax payment schedules. Please note that your filled in XML file is your revised Income tax return, means, don’t think you just need to file only rectified data. You need to file the complete ITR with corrected data. However, there should not be any revision in income figures or new claims since then the rectification of income tax request would be rejected or rectification would be delayed. It may be noted that this facility is only for correcting mistakes apparent from record.

Step-5: After the Income tax return data is corrected then the xml can be generated from the excel software. This is the income tax rectification XML file.

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Step-6: Visit site and go to below path:

My Account-> Rectification-> Rectification upload

Step-7: Fill in necessary details from the intimation sheet like Assessment year, CPC ref no etc. which will be verified to ascertain that only the taxpayer in possession of the Intimation from CPC would be able to submit a rectification request.

Step-8: Fill in details of Schedules where changes have been made and reasons for seeking rectification in income tax.

Step-9: Please note if your address has been changed in the rectification XML file, you should check the address changed checkbox to ensure that the new address is updated else the old address as per e-return only will be used.

Step-10: Now upload the Rectification XML file. Validations will be done to ascertain that only mistakes apparent from record are sought to be rectified

Step-11: Upon successful upload, Rectification Request number and acknowledgement will be displayed.

In case Bank Account Number is changed in rectification XML as compared to Bank Account number as per e-return then the rectification request is only PROVISIONALLY uploaded. A response sheet will be displayed, which has to be filled and a cancelled cheque attached and sent to CPC Bangalore. Only upon receipt of this response sheet at CPC Bangalore rectification request will be finally accepted and acknowledgement generated.

Step-12 (If applicable): The rectification request can be withdrawn within 7 days if uploaded by mistake or the request needed to be amended. Only one rectification request can be submitted at any time. Any rectification request after submission has to be processed at CPC before the next rectification request for the same PAN and AY can be submitted.

Step-13: The income tax rectification request will be processed at CPC and either the rectification will be issued or the request would be rejected.

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How to file income tax rectification online for any errors in ITR

Article by Suresh

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  1. Sunil says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have been working since 2010. I got my pancard created in 2010 but it has incorrect name. I have been using the pan card for 4 years. That is my form 16 and ITR-V for assessment years 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014 have incorrect name.

    But I got my pancard corrected this year. What should I be doing to change my name in older documents. I am applying for visa this year. Please let me know if this causes any problem.


  2. Selva says:

    Dear ,

    I have submitted the ITR 1 for the AY 2010-11,11-12 by February 2014 as I have not submitted before. For the past 7 months, its showing as ITR transferred out of CPC to Jurisdication Accessing Officer in Income tax office. Do I need to do anything? Please suggest..

  3. MANJU says:

    Dear Sir,
    My father is govt. Employee. Till last year deptt itself file his ITR 1. But this year AY 14-15 I filed his ITR as per form 16. . I checked his form 26AS it shown only bank FD’s TDS We received noticed u/s143(1) demanding last 4 year tax because tax amount not shown in form 26AS earlier also. I discuss this problem with his deptt they said send the last 4 year form 16 photocopy to CPS Banglore. It may be possible that earlier also noticed was issued and they did not informed us. We have all the copies of form 16 and we already paid the entire amount also its deducted from salary. I already filed 14-15 ITR.Kindly guide me what to do.

  4. GAUTAM KUMAR says:

    I have filed Return of Company for A/Y 2010-11, but wrongly entered Challn no. ,when issued demand agst U/s 154 and then sent to file AO juridication.
    what process for corrction return.

    • MANJU says:


      My father is govt. employee. Till last year his deptt. filed his ITR-1. But this year for AY 13 -14 I filed his ITR and i came to know this although they filed as per form 16 but they never update 26AS. I checked his past 26AS but nothing shown except BANK FD’s TDS. now notice U/S143(1) is issued and they demand for last 4 year pending tax.It may be possible earlier also notice was issued but as the deptt itself filed so we could aware of it. He had already paid all the tax and same amount is also deducted also we have past years form 16 in orignals. when I discuss this problem with his deptt. they said just send form 16 past years photocopy to CPC Banglore. Is it correct to do so . Kindly guide me.
      I already files AY13-14 ITR

  5. sushil says:

    Hi. Kindly let me know if I need to rectify challan 280 if I wrongly filled in the enteries like Interest, cess, basic tax etc due to calculation mistake but my total for these enteries i.e self assessment tax is OK and my tax liability becomes Zero. I was supposed to pay interest but I kept that field empty rather I entered a higher amount in basic tax. Do I need to rectify or not because my tax liability is definitely zero? It is just that the enteries are wrongfly filled. Kindly advice

    • GAUTAM KUMAR says:

      Dear Sushil ji,
      No Problem, when wrongly calculation TDS, INTREST , CESS , if total amt is right then do no problem , when fo to fill up return then right type amount and total amt. matched

      if you are coming problem then go to bank when deposit tax bank ready to correction WITH TIN 7 DAYS FROM DEPOSIT DATE.

  6. BABU GAJJA says:

    I have submitted my return for 2013-14 assessment year as per Form-16 supplied by State Bank of India, Jodhpur.
    The total amount deducted was 19025/-. However, CPC says as per record it is only 13309/- only. As per Form 26AS, it shows on head is Rs.13309/- but if you go in detail by, it is now where as amount 13309/-. The each and every entry is shown which is more than it. The tax deducted during Dec.2012 is missing. For the remaining months, it is there.
    Now i received e-mail indicated to deposit the difference of Rs.5716.0. It is mistake in their own calculation and no where is mentioned to correct it.

    Kindly suggest what to do.

    • GAUTAM KUMAR says:

      Dear Babu Gajja
      Dear Sir,
      Details is follow up

      Step 1 :- Re issue TDS Certificate Form 16
      from State bank Jodhpur, through TRACES website agst A/y 2013-14 . for Rs. 19025/-
      Step 2 :- When you recd. TDS Certificate TRACES , when checked your Form 26 AS total Amt. credit 19025/-
      Step 3 :- Then upload Rectification return through Income tax Website,

      Step A) – LOGIN to e-Filing application and GO TO –> My Account –> Rectification request.
      Step B) – Select the Assessment Year for which Rectification is to be e-Filed, then enter Latest Communication Reference Number (as mentioned in the CPC Order 143(1)). then validate
      Steb C) :- Then select Taxpayer is correcting data for tax credit mismatch only. form rectification request type drop doen list
      then check mark TDS on salary details and submit
      Step d) :- then open TDS on salary details FILL up your TDS details , When provide new TRACES certificate

      then submit button and Generate rectification return no. and wait 2 to 4 months , i promis your balance deduct tds have been credit yoyr bank.
      other any query please sent us mail:-

  7. Rahul says:

    I have applied ITR for refund TDS of about 7500/-  for Ass. year 2014-15. Later I check 26AS form that there is another TDS deducted of about 1300/- in the year 2013-14.  Now my ITR request has been processed and i got 7500/- back.

    Now What should I do to refund 1300/- more??

    Please Suggest as I new to all this.. :)

    • Prashant Agrawal says:

      you can revise your return & then fill that new TDS detail along with old this is one way another is you can also claim it on your next year income tax return.

      • Rahul says:

        hi thanks,

        Another thing If I revise the ITR then whether I have to fill (7500+1300)  or only the remaining ones i.e (1300)..

        And, If I claim this in next ITR then In ITR Form, Is it possible to select tds deduct in past year because I have to select Ass. year also for ITR form.

        Thanks & Regards


    • GAUTAM KUMAR says:

      Dear Sir,
      No problem Please rectify return through income tax website .

      Step 1 – LOGIN to e-Filing application and GO TO –> My Account –> Rectification request.
      Step 2 – Select the Assessment Year for which Rectification is to be e-Filed, enter Latest Communication Reference Number (as mentioned in the CPC Order 143 (1)).
      Follow up steps by step.
      Step 3 – Click ‘Submit’.

      • Rahul says:

        If I rectify this then …
        1) what amount I should fill the total amount which is (7500+1300) or the remaining ones i.e; 1300.

        Please Study the case in above mails.

        Another thing,
        In the above reply, Prashant told me to revise the return and now you told me to rectify the return..

        Which One I should follow..?

        Thanks in Advance.

  8. Purish says:


    I have filed my ITR which shows tax liability of Rs. 4000 at me and sent the same to IT department Banglore. Now I have paid the extra tax online which is refelecting in my form 26 AS also. Do I need to file revised ITR or not? Should I wait for any confirmaton from IT department on my email id? Please suggest.



  9. hemant paneri says:

    dear sir,

    while e-filing last year i filled form of AY2012-13 instead of AY 2013-14. later now i recived notice intimation u/s 143(1) . please sugeest me how to correct that. i already filed AY 2013-14 this year as original return but what to do with AY 2012-13 return and notice.


  10. Sutesh Gorrela says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have paid self assessment tax of 6430 but mentioned wrong assessment year 2012-2013 instead of 2013-2014 in challan 280. Now i got a mail telling that Income Tax refund demanded". I have checked the challan and got my problem and i have checked 26AS of 2012-2013. the same amount was there in 2012-2013 instead of 2013-2014. I have already paid the amount. SO please suggest me how to resolve my problem.

    • vinod says:

      You have to go physically to your AO income tax.
      Based on your pan card or ITR you can check the Income tax ward.
      Go to the officer directly and fill the rectification request.
      Within 2 week your form 26AS will be corrected, with -ive entry in 2012-13 and a new entry in 2013-14.

  11. Ravi says:

    Hi Suresh: For AY2012-13, the Rs6,125 credit from income tax happened in AUG'12 (after I filed the tax returns for AY2012-13). 

    I showed this entry in AY2013-14 for which I got intimation U/S143(1) saying that this credit is not there. Just 2 days ago, I received the refund. 


    For AY2013-14, I forgot to claim 1/5th of pre construction interestt.

    Now, Can I revise tax returns & claim this interest (or) it's not possible? Please advise


  12. Piyush says:


    I filled ITR for last year 2013-2014, and it got processed but refund failed due to some wrong info. i do not received any CPC communication for it. for filling re-issue of refund on site, it is asking for it. What I have to do in thi scase.

    How will i get CPC letter and comm numbers or what are alternate way to get refund.

  13. V. Ananth says:


    I am earned commission from royal sundaram insurance for the previous year. I have filed wrongly ITR-4S category. Please guide to rectifiy the same

    Thanking you



  14. Yogesh says:

    Hi Admin,

    By mistake I filed the returns for previous assessment year i.e 2013-14. Now I have filed the returns for correct assessment year. What would be the implication of the returns filed for previous year. Should I fill the revised returns for that year.

    Thanks in advance …



  15. Ganesh says:



    For AY 2013-2014, i submitted my IT return and it was processed successfully. Now, I find the 80C submitted by me is wrong, can i able to submit the revised document and claim the refund amount.



  16. Pandiyan says:

    Hi Admin,
    I have Submitted Form 16 & 16A for both financial year 2013-2014 & 2012-2013 in a single zip file. So I am getting wrong income tax returns computation. How can I correct it. Please let me know as ASAP

  17. Gunjan says:


    I have filled the ITR form and some tax payable is calculated. I have submitted the form without submitting that amount.

    After that I have paid the Calculated Tax thru netbanking and recieved a Challan. 

    Please suggest me how to update the Challan number and Rectify ITR.


  18. suresh pal says:



            I M THANKFULL TO YOU.

  19. Neha kushwaha says:

    hello sir,

    i have filed ITR 1 of my dad income tax return yesterday I have filled all details but i forget to fill the account status i.e saving account but  i have filled ifsc code ,bank,there is necessary to fill revised form or not.

    so sir what should i do in this case?please guide me.


    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Neha, Please file “Revised” by tomorrow. In case you are expecting any refund, such info is required

      • Rahul Tripathi says:


        I filed online return for 2013-14 on July 30. By mistake I missed a part of income while filing the return which I noticed from my Form 26AS today. I paid now extra tax through Challan 280. What should I do next? Pl. reply

    • Neha kushwaha says:

      hello sir,

      I have filed a ITR1 online form  in that the refund amount should be 5 , but in the online form it show refund amount is 10 ,so sir it is necessary to filled the revised form.

      please sir guide me as time is less?

    • Neha kushwaha says:

      Thanks you sir for your advice.

  20. ashish says:


    For FY 2011-12, the status of my ITR is showing as "ITR Transferred out of CPC to Jurisdiction Assessing officer". My company had deducted additional 25k of tax which is expected to be returned. What action is required from my side to get the case moving?

  21. Nilima Deshpande says:


    I have filled my husband's name instead of my father's name in the Verification section of ITR-2. Is it possible to correct the same.




    • Suresh KP says:

      You can correct it. Pls do it before 31-Jul-14 under Revised”

      • nitika says:


        Is it possible to rectify my mistake in the itr 1 before I get a query(i.e. the CPC ref no ) from income tax department ?

        I made a mistake in the employer name in my itr1. Should I wait for them to respond ? How can I correct it 


  22. Deepak says:


    For AY 2010-11, I have got my  ITR filed by an agent in our office, but I don't have any acknowledgement right now, though I have a ITR-2 filed by him.

    19th Feb, 2013, I have got an email from IT dept (Intimation under section 245 of IT Act 1961), saying that while processing returns for AY 2012-13, the refunds are being adjusted against outstanding demands from AY 2010-11.

    This has been happening from all the AY after that, whenever there is refund for me.

    About the DEMANDS – I have visited IT office at HMT Bhavan, Bangalore, and found out that they have mis-calculated my total income and hence the extra demand. I have my gross salary taxed as per tax-slabs and also there was short-term capital gains, which I had paid 10% (as per STCG from shares) and both things filed accordingly also. IT dept while processing returns, they add both the incomes and calculated tax-payable as per higher tax slabs and hence the mis-calculation.

    Now, what should I be doing about it?

    Is rectification allowed here?



  23. jisah says:

    Hi Admin,

    last financial I have worked as intern(Form 16 A applicable for stipend, employer deducted tax for stipend) and a full time employee. I recieved Form 16 A from employer and at around december I have declared to current employer the stipend I recieved and the tax deducted. but somw how wrongly they have considered only the stipend amount and didnt consider tax deducted, so employer again deducted equivalent amount of tax. so currently I have one Form 16 and a Form 16 A both includes stipend amount. how can I specify my gross salary. if I specify with both Form 16 and Form 16A, it will be like one amount specified twice. and if I dont consider stipend amount in Form16..there will be a mismatch. please help me in this regard

    thanks in advance,


  24. Ramneek says:

    I switched my job mid-year and hence have two Form 16 this time. I conveyed a wrong amount of 'Income through previous employer' to my current organisation. The form 16 from previous org. shows a lesser income by abt Rs 10000. Can i correct the Total income while filing ITR or do I have to get the correction done first by the office.

    • Suresh KP says:

      Ramneek, If you have both form-16, you can correct while filing ITR. However there could be tax liability. You need to pay balance tax and file ITR

  25. Sandeep says:

    Hi Sir/madam,

    I dont have any house property income but while filling that I kept Let out option by mistake and put zero amount..Is there any concern for it…I have already sent hardcopy to Bangalore.



  26. Anupam Roy says:

    Hello suresh,

    Being a newbie, i have done a mistake in filling ITR -1 , it is related to the total gross income.a siily mistake.figures are interchnaged so my tax payable amount comes out different in ITR form than what i have in my Form -16 issued from my office. I looked into revised form section but changing this option is not available. please help with finances.

    In need of ur assistance for sure,,please reply.


  27. Sj says:

    I made a mistake in my ITR-1 while uploading it yesterday.

    Tax to be paid was wrong as I did not add my mediclaim deductions.

    Once uploaded and submitted , can you revise the ITR for 2014 – 2015. Print has not been signed and sent yet.

    I tried to upload again after corrections and it says "only one original can be uploaded".

    What can I do now?

    Your replies to previous posts have been suggesting to revise and submit, but can that be done online ?

  28. Rajinder Bhat says:

    Request for advise-

    I have filled my ITR-1 for AY10-11 online and now I came to know that it has been not processed and the case has been sent for Jurisdication.I didnot recieve any mail communication for the same.When I checked my 26AS form for same year I found that I have got some return on my fixed Deposits in the same year and the TDS was deducted by bank for the same, which I have not shown in my total income.

    Request kindly advise what should I do  and if it is possible to file revised ITR under which section.

    • Suresh KP says:

      If you file ITR for previous year, it may attract penalty. However if you do not have tax liability, you can revise it. However depends on IT officer.

  29. Shivneet Kumar says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I used ITR2  to file a return for an HUF online 2 days back. ( I haven't sent the hardcopy as yet to Bangalore.)
    After filing it online and looking at the ITR V generated online, I noticed that I had written the wrong PAN number in the declaration section (i.e the place where we certify the place,date and where we sign). The PAN number is correct at the top of the page.

    Should I file an original return now or should I file it as a revised one and enter the E-acknowledgement number in the receipt section (of the return filed 2 days back)? And if I need to use the latter option do I need to send a hard copy of the original return or just sending the hard copy of the revised return will suffice? Please advise. (ps this is all before 31st July and I intend to  file the revised return if you advise me before 31st July!)



  30. abcd says:

    i’ve filed my return online for Assessment Year 2014-15 but forgot to mention the self assessment tax which i’ve paid and have the copy of challan as well. should i file a revised return or can i send the copy of challan (self assessment tax paid) aling with ITR V to Bangalore?

  31. Rajkumar says:

    Hi, I have a query on Capital gains.  

    1) I have sold shares (in long term capital gains), as I hold the shares for 3 years.  Now I brought shares again (of same company) – like reinvestment.  Can this transactions be considered deduction under section 54EC or 54F?

    I have already paid 'advance tax' without calculating  above 'deductions', now if I correct the ITR2 and submit again, will IT department process the refund and send back the amount to my account?

    Thanks a lot for your help…

    Regards, Rajkumar

    • Suresh KP says:

      Each and every transaction is considered seperately for IT purpose. If you brough some shares and sold for gains, but again brought at same price. They would be treated as different transactions. Tax which you paid is correct.

      • Rajkumar says:

        Hello,  These capital gains are from company alloted shares.  There is lock period of 3 years, and 1 bonus share is provided for every 3 shares hold by employee.

        In my example:  I invest in 18 shares in share plan of 2010, after lock in period of 3 years I get 6 shares.  Now I have sold 18+6 = 24 shares.

        I now have option to buy shares in 'share plan 2013', and buy the shares.  Can I claim the amount invested in 2013 as 'deductions' under section 54 EC?  kindly guide me.  Thanks a lot.

  32. niranjan reddy says:

    Sir, i have filed my ITR-1 for AY 2-14-15 on 23-7-14 the first time i before entering income details by mistake i pressed submit and the return was submitted, then again i filed revised return, but after submitting i noticed that i have not taken last years interest on TDS refund into consideration. can i file a revised return again.

  33. Debashree says:

    Hi suresh,

    i am eligible for ITR1 returns. By mistake I filed ITR 2. What is the implication. Or how do I rectify my error.




  34. Parag says:

    I have just filled my return. After uploading my xml file on the incometax website. I noticed that instead of showing the TDS under the TDS head, I have shown it as Self Assesment Tax. I have corrected it in excel file. But I now have one query, as 31st July has not passed and I have not couriered the form to Bangalore, what option should I select in excel file under the head "Whether original or revised return". 

  35. Ranjith M says:

    Dear Sir,

    When I did e filing online for the year 2014-15, I noticed that I have extra tax to pay because I changed the job ine between 2013 and my previous employer did not deduct my tax properly.  By mistake, i removed details of previous employer details(gross salary and tax paid( and in that case with respect to present employer I have paid all the taxes. I printed the acknowledgement also but did not send to Bangalore office. What should I do in this case. Shall I pay remaining tax and the revise the submission or send the present acknowledgement and wait for the intimation from IT department to pay for the balance tax. Kindly reply. Thanks in advance

    • Suresh KP says:

      Ranjit 1) Revise your IT filing as the date has not yet crossed i.e. before 31-Jul-14. 2) Compute any extra tax payable 3) If yes, please select –> Pay income tax –> Select Other than corporates, Self assessement, A.Y.2014-15 and pay the tax. Once you pay, you can file the ITR

  36. mk says:

    hi suresh

    i have filed itr of a.y 2014-15 in i have written wrong gross receipts as i have written i can rectify it or not .if there is any effect.please tell me


    • Suresh KP says:

      Correct it now before 31-Jul-14

      • Tulsi Prasad says:


        I have made payment of 6000 towards self assessment tax through net banking. The tax deduction account number was wrongly entered as TAN of the concerned bank in palace of my PAN.  However, I have submitted the return accordinlgy.  Please suggest, what should I do for such a position. 


        • Suresh KP says:

          Hi Tulsi, Here is the process to correct the bank challen / self assessment tax correction. The tax-payer has to submit the request form for correction (in duplicate) to the concerned bank branch.
          The tax-payer has to attach copy of original challan counterfoil.
          In case of correction desired for challans in Form 280, 282, 283, the copy of PAN card is required to be attached.
          In case of correction desired for payments made by a tax-payer (other than an individual), the original authorization with seal of the non-individual taxpayer is required to be attached with the request form. A separate request form is to be submitted for each challan.

  37. Harsha Vardhan says:


    During the year 2013-2014,

    1. I was credited a total of Rs.1362/- towards Savings interest.

    2. Also, I made a tax saving 5 year bank term deposit of Rs.9000/- in the month of February this year, the total interest for which is around Rs.5000 that too payable after 5 years along with the principle. 

    While filing returns online last week, I didn't mention any of the above under other income Please let me know if that's an error. If yes, then what should I be doing now. 

    PS- For your information, TDS was deducted from my salary for 2 months. After entering the tax exempted investments while filing retuns, I'm liable of a tax of Rs.5/-. I was already deducted Rs.715/- during the period 2013-2014, hence the effective refund as per the ITR acknowledgement is Rs.710/-.


    I uploded ITR V for A.Y.2010-11 on 05/12/2010  but it shows messege ITRV transfferd out of  CPC to juridi…..assesing officer on 10/04/2011 how i will get that refund?

  39. SANDEEP S says:


    I have  recently   filed my IT  returns, i found the mistake in my Form 16  where my investment  of LIC and  FD was not included in deduction  section, only   PF is  included.

    My investment was  around  35K for LIC and  FD of  50K.

    1.  During filing my  IT returns I  entered the  amount  in Deduction  section of  80C  as Rs.  01 lac where as  it should have been only  Rs. 55000 because  my  PF  45 K  was already considered in  taxable  income.

    The signed form is  sent to Banglore  for process.

    How can i change the  80 c investment  amount  to get the right   returns.

    Should i  wait for the communication  reference  from  Tax  deparment for ammendment.





  40. mrinalini says:

    Hi ,
    I have entered the state incorrectly in the address section, do i need to revise my file for revised income tax return ? Kindly help asap


  41. Rajesh says:

    Dear Suresh,

    Y'day i've uploaded the ITR1 for 2014-15 year with all the details properly. But when i review today, i found i've observed under TDS tab, section 19TDS1 CELL – E4 (Income chargeable under the head Salaries) i provided the amount which is same as "Income details tab" section 4 – "Gross Total Income (1+2+3)". This value is after deducting my housing loan intrest. But i read some where i've to put the value under section 1 – "Income from Salary / Pension (Ensure to fill Sch TDS1)".  Is it true? If yes, what is the action i've to take. Pls suggest.



    • Suresh KP says:

      You can do the revised filing immediatly before 31-Jul-14. After this you may not be able to file revised one by correcting amounts

      • isha says:


        I have also committed the same mistake and my ITR V has also been received by the CPC. Should I file revised return now or wait for any intimation from income tax department.

        Please guide

  42. manigandan says:

    i am having doubt i was filled itr-1 and form also uploaded. but problem i have wrongly entered the total income instead of 192000 i have entered 19200.

    i am a contructual employeee (form -16a) for me

    please advice me what is this solution for this.


    i am waiting for reply at the earliest

  43. suresh says:


    I have filed my ITR for current AY 2014-15 on 02.07.14 online. However, I have used ITR-1, though I am having GPF interest (exempt) of more than 5000. I was informed by one of my colleagues that i had to use ITR-2 instead of ITR-1. My query is:

    1. What are the consequences of using a wrong ITR form, though there is no default in tax payment?

    2. What are the remedies available?

    3. Whether IT dept will levy any penalty for this mistake? How can I avoid this penalty as this is just a clerical mistake out of my ignorance.

    Thanks in advance

    • Suresh KP says:

      Suresh, As per my knolwedge there are no penalties if you use wrong ITR. However all incomes has to be shown properly, so if you have various incomes, it is better to fill in right ITR

  44. Rajesh says:

    Hi Suresh,
    I have income from two companies and bank inetrest on FD. I have downloaded my Form 26AS all the details are reflecting correctly.
    Need clarification one 2 points:

    1. I am considering "Income from salary head section" to sum of both the imcome + bank interest as total income. Is this correct?
    2. As per Form16 of Company1, my Income from salary head is 1,15,000 INR but in Form 26As total income from Company1 is 270000 Which one should I consider?
    3. For Company2 its 300000 and bank interest 40,000 INR as per Form 26 AS. I am doing sum of all 6.12 lac (2.7lac + 3 lacs + 42k) as Total income.
    now I am substratcing 1 lac for 80C and 40K for HRA for First company Is this correct or Shall I pay tax on 6.12 lac or 5.82 lac. Please suggest.
    4. Is 20K difference in total amount from Form 26AS and Form16 acceptable or Shal i pay tax on 6.12 only in that case all figure will match exactly with Form 26AS.
    Please help me in this regards?

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Rajesh 1) Interest from bank FD/RD comes under “Other income” 2) Company1 should have included full and final settlement. Pls check and you should consider this 3) Bank FD should consider in other income 4) Banks would have deducted 10% TDS on your bank FD, hence once you compute this, you would fall under 20% tax bracket and you should pay balance 10% of income tax on bank FD and pay now and file ITR. Once you make TDS payment, download 26AS again and re-compute whole thing and it shows zero tax payable

  45. Nagi says:

    Hi Suresh Kp,

    thanks for sharing verymuch useful information here.

    While filling the incometax for the financial year 2013-14 if have entered wrong income which is more than actual, and hence i got acknowledgement letter saying that i need to pay 10000 more. so  i filled again through Rectification request, after that i got one more acknowledgement saying that

    "Your  application vide rectification request no xxxxxxxxxxx Dated xxxx  for the above

    mentioned assessment year cannot be rectified at CPC and hence rejected for the reason/s as provided below.

    your case has been transferred to the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer- KAR/W/312/2 ,who may be contacted for all

    subsequent actions against the order passed by CPC"

    currently i am in out of india, could you please let me know what should i do now to get resolve.

  46. anil kumar chourasia says:

    how to change itr4 to itr2 ay 2013-14

  47. Rajesh says:

    I just filled my returns for AY 2014-15. Now post completon of filing i checked the status in Tax Credit Mismatch column which states TDS mismatch with 26AS. My 26AS amount shows 214000/- TDS paid by my employer. I filled the same TDS in my return. The amount that CPC is mentioning is 189000 which is my TDS amount as of December 2013. So i revised my ITR to the same amount & now the tax credit mismatch shows (TAX CREDIT FULLY MATCHES WITH 26AS). Will the CPC resolve this automatically or do i need to revise my ITR again?

    Kind Regards
    Rajesh T

  48. psrao says:

    I have submitted my online it return. last year. erroneously I showed an expenditure as refund which is pertaining to this year. means jun last year. I forgot that expenditure is done in 13-14. return is filed for fly 12-13. what should I do now.

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi PS Rao, You can amend the ITR. Amendment of ITR is not possible if you want to claim any refund. However since you are cancelling your refund claim it should work

  49. RITESH says:

    for ay 2013-14 i filed returns but mistakenly instead of tds through salary i have mention details in advance tax. after that i received sec 143 for tax credit mismatch then i filed rectification request and mentioned the details but doesn't sent any hard copy to cpc. now i again received sec 154 for same issue. plz help what to do.

  50. MANJU says:

    My TDS on FD's interest deducted when my PAN was not registered in my bank account. Thus, my form 26AS shows no amount of TDS . how to claim my refund of TDS without form 26AS?

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Manju, You need to approach your bank so that they can update their records. I think this is possible after this.

      • manju says:

        Yes, I requested to bank but they ans. that they already filed TDS return . And as this issue regarding to AY 2013-14. they are not responsible for revised return of TDS because default is on my end of not furninshing PAN. 

        now, what to do?

  51. sanjay says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    While filing the income tex for 2013-14 I mentioned my taxable income more and hence I got acknowledgement letter that I need to pay 30K extra. So I filled the rectification form and this is what the response I received from CPC, ( as below) right now I have no idea what I am suppposed to do? Do  i need to write a letter to to my local juridsdictional assessing office. Please suggest What I need to do further to get it sorted. MY local juridsdictional  is very far from the place where I am right now.


    "Your application vide rectification request no ……… Dated —— for the above
    mentioned assessment year cannot be rectified at CPC and hence rejected for the reason/s as provided below.
    Your case has been transferred to the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer- ——– ,who may be contacted for
    all subsequent actions against the order passed by CPC.



    • Nagi says:

      Dear Suresh,

      iam also having the same problem as Sanjay mentioned, Could please help what shall be done to get it sorted out.

  52. Gajanan Salunke says:

    Dear Suresh,

    Excellent piece of information on Rectification online. The steps you have mentioned are really useful for a lay man to understand. Thanks for the same.

    I have received a Intimation U/S 143 (1) from IT dept demanding Rs. 34800/-. On going through the computation, I found that, I have not mentioned any deduction against Section VI-A, which was Rs.100000. This mistake lead to the demand.

    Can I file incometax rectification for this error?


    Gajanan Salunke

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Gajanan, Yes you can file the rectification. Rectification should not lead to change in income or income tax, to that extent there should not be any issue.

  53. Rajesh K says:

    Hi Sir,

    You have clearly mentined 13 steps to rectify the errors. After step 13, how do I know that weather the rectifications are accepted or rejected. Please let me know. 

    I receive any ITR-V which I have to send to CPC by post again.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Suresh KP says:

      Rajesh, As per my knowledge, you would not get any intimation that it is accepted or rejected. In case it is rejected, you would get intimation from IT Dept.

  54. Shashi says:

    Hi Suresh,

    By mistake I have wrong PAN for 2 Years(FY 2008-09 & FY 2009-10) in Form 16 and so TDS deducted on wrong PAN thorugh I have no TAX refund to take but as per income tax they have not received TAX on my PAN number.Now they are sending notices to me.

    Please suggest what to do? My TDS was already deducted but with wrong PAN and so in my correct PAN TAX is showing unpaid.

    Which form should I fill? How much charges will it be?

    I am doing service and my employer had deducted TDS.



    • Suresh KP says:

      Shashi, I do not want to give any false process. Request you to consult local tax consultant about process to correct such PAN number

      • Lakshmi says:

        Hi Suresh

        pls advise me in the below issue..

        I am supposed to file Form 16 for the current year but unfortunately end of the day i realised that my employer has deducted tax on my wrong PAN (that PAN is completely a different one as it contains a wrong spell of my name i have applied a  fresh PAN, without getting rectified the existing PAN rather, soon after few days) I have been using the fresh PAN in all my communications with banks or employer..Initially i have updated the First mentioned PAN in the records of employer.but updated fresh PAN within few days in the records of employer.Now Form 16 has been issued by employer on first PAN. Help me how do i surrender my first PAN  and rectify FORM 16 with fresh PAN..Only 2 more days ahead to file return..Help out..

  55. Rajesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need to file for rectification. I am using the ITR1 excel that I have filled up for my orginal return. I have  the following questions. Request you to respond

    In ITR1, there are two fields – 1. Whether Original or Revised Return? ….2. Return Filed Under Section

    Could you please let me know what should be the values in these two fields?

    Thanks You


    • Suresh KP says:

      Rajesh. First field you need to select “Revised Return” and second filed, you should select appropriate reason. Please see this link of income tax department Page no.20 which has the drop down on what to fill.

      • Rajesh says:

        Dear Sir,

        Thank you for your response. I could not open the link you have given me. I get "page could not be found error". I will elaborate my question, which might help you understand my situation better

        I have received intimation u/s 143(1). There is a payment mismatch. I deposited 6000 Rs as tax but in ITR1 I entered it as 5800 as this was the tax amount payable. This has resulted into a payment mismatch and a tax demand for 5800Rs.

        Since I have already payed the required tax, I am assuming that I can file a rectification request by correcting the tax payed amount. Is that correct?

        Also, in ITR1, as you said the Return will be "Revised Return".  The "Return Filed Under Section" has the following values in the drop down [139(4), 139(1), 142(1), 148, 153A, 153C, 139(5), 139(9)]. Do I need to select 139(5) which indicates Revised Return?

        Thanks & Regards


  56. tushar says:

    Hello SIr,

    I filed an ITR-2 for the Assessment year 2012-13 on 31st March 2014. There was an fd income of 14000rs of Sbi on which 1400 rs tds was deducted but it was not reflected in 26AS. There were others fd's of HDFC which were reflected properly in 26AS. So in the itr in tds interest column I mistakely added rs 1400 in HDFC tds interest deducted instead of making a new column  of Sbi Interest. So the total tds amount of tds deducted is unaffected but full amount of tds is against hdfc fd. KIndly guide me sir I am too worried

  57. Mangal Singh says:

    Hi, I have filed two Income tax returns on line as dated 31/03/2014. in the said returns i made a mistake while upload the returns. which are given as under.

    1. while upload the return for the assessment year 2012-13, i did not mention opening stock and closing stock, which are same( Opening Stock 1225500/- and closing stock 1225500/-)can i rectify the return or there is no need to rectify the return, because it was a clerical mistake and my net profit is same as it should have been with opening stock and closing stock.

    2. while upload the return for the assessment year 2013-14, i did not mention opening stock and closing stock, which are as( Opening Stock 478486.00 and closing stock  379445/-)can i rectify the return, revised the original return or submit the same return in manual in income tax department or should i not send the original return to the cpc, Bengaluru? 

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Manpal, As per my knowledge you cannot rectify ITR in case of any material impact. e.g. in first case, there is no material impact if you update opening and closing balance. Hence you can do that. But for second case, due to reduction in stock, your profitability would be reduced and thereby your tax liability. You cannot modify any ITR which has material impact. Please consult your local tax consultant who can throw more light on this.

  58. Kunal Rao says:

    At the time of filling return for my company for financial year 2009-10, I had wrongly demanded a lower figure of TDS refund. I have just been notified by my CA that the TDS refund amount should have been 5 Lacs instead of 2000/- demanded by us. What can we do to get the correct higher TDS refund? Thanks. 

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Kunal, As per my knowledge you cannot file revised return to claim higher tax refund now. This should be before the deadline of filing.

      • Rakesh says:

        Hi suresh,

             While filing tax returns for AY 2013-14 i've submitted wrong form(submitted ITR-1 instead of ITR-4 for FORM 16a).Now i got an intimation from cpc saying that unmatched tax payment claims.Now please let me know while submitting rectification request which rectification request type should be selected(Taxpayer is correcting data in rectification or Taxpayer is correcting data for tax credit mismatch only).



        • Suresh KP says:

          Rakesh, try filling ITR-4 and check if you are able to get the TRACES (TDS deducted) is showing correctly. If yes, I feel you can proceed and submit this form. I personally feel to consult tax consultant before proceeding further to avoid any further errors.

  59. Manikandan says:


    I submitted ITR-1 for FY 2013-2014. The cheque came , but i was not there in that address.

    I recently changed my house from chennai to pondicherry. The refund status saying that the mentioned address is not correct & it returned back to mumbai. Latter, I updated my present (new) address in incometaxindia website.

    Then, I send request intimation U/S 143(1) to get coomunication reference number & refund sequence number and I got reply from incometaxindia though email and they attached a pdf file in that those requested numbers are mentioned with my old address.

    Now, If I claim refund once agin will they send cheque in my old address? If it so, then how Can I change my address . Pls help me in this regards.







  60. Nishitha says:

    sir, Income tax Rs 27000/-is deducted from my medical bill.Now i got an intimation from income tax to pay the sme ampunt due to difference of this amount in my ITR V for can i rectify which head i have to give the amount.The amout is not deducted from my salary.i have given a separate form 16 for this amount.can u give step by step procedure for rectifying this error.i submitted the itr by online

  61. Raja says:

    Hi Suresh,

    Kudos to your work. Since comments are closed in one of the FD taxation post, I am posting my query in this post. Pl reply.

    My mother, retired and senior citizen, is drawing a pension of 21147 per month. Her FD in banks roughly returns 50000 per annum.

    In 2010-11 and 2011-12 FY, bank has detected income tax as there was no PAN card and Form 15G provided. So bank has deposited tax in IT department without PAN details.

    From your other comments, I learnt that a minimum of either 1/3rd of monthly pension or 15000 is tax exempt. So her taxable pension amount per annum is 169176 and adding 50000 FD interest, her total income becomes 219176. Since she comes in 60-80 year old category, I think she is totally exempt from this income as this is less than 2.5L.

    Now she has PAN card. So far she has not filed any IT return forms. Is it possible to file ITR for FY 2010-11 and 2011-12 now and get refund of TDS?



    • Suresh says:

      Hi Raja, You can file IT returns for previous year, however you cannot claim any refunds. To get refunds, one need to file ITR before 31-Jul of the subsequent year.

  62. RAVINDRA says:





    • Suresh says:

      Ravindra, Not able to advice on this. Please contact a tax auditor in your area, who may advice on this. I do not want to give incorrect info. Again this is after due date, you should point this to your auditor before he advices you anything.

  63. Kumaresan K says:

    Sir, I need a clarification regarding the income tax. For the FY 2013-14, my DDO deducted Rs. 2500 and sent it for IT department. But in the traces 26AS the amount deposited is Rs.500 for two months instead of Rs.2500 TDS.. This may happen due to uploading the Q2 another employee amount Rs.500 and my amount Rs.2500 may be wrongly entered. But how to correct it. When I approached the DDO, He replied that  has sent the correct amount only. Where the mistake happened. How to rectify it kindly guide me

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Kumaresan, It would have been mistake from their side. However the onus lines with employees to check the TDS deduction part. I don’t think there is any choice except for you to pay balance tax along with interest (if any) and try to claim this amount from your employer. Yes you may need to prove that your employer is wrong to claim that amount from them. 

  64. Rahul says:

    i hv submitted return of AY 2013-14 but i wrongly filled my daughters PAN no. and the same has been processed/ assessed. 

    My daughter hv a Refund of 22,000/ which we are unable to calim now as PAN is already processed.

    what should we do now? how to rectify it and claim the refund.

    • Suresh says:

      Not able to help you Rahul. Request you to consult tax auditor in your area. Since PAN number itself is an issue, I dont think you can rectify online.

  65. Vibhav says:

    Dear Sir

    While filing on-line return for FY 2013-14, in the TDS section, i mentioned wrong TAN no of employer. Now i have a got a intimation from CPC saying rightly that TAN no doesnt exist.

    Please clarify whether i need to put  a on-line rectification request and select TAX credit mismatch option and then put in the correct entries for employer and then upload.



    I need to revise the ITR and upload again.

  66. Bhoopathy Bhaskaran says:

    Sir , I my wife has an agricultural income of 2,00,000 rs for the assesment year 2013 – 2014. But by mistake when returns were filed via internet  a mistake has taken place in typing instead it has been typed as 5,00,000 rs as agricultural income. Now what shall i do. please do advice the last date of sending any rectification.

    • Suresh KP says:

      Bhoopathy, You can rectify your return before the closure of the subsequent financial year. Since there is no tax liability from your end to IT dept, I don’t think there should be any issue. Please rectify online and send revised IT form to CPC, Bangalore

  67. TILAK says:

    Hello sir,
    I received an e-mail from which says that “You are qualified for tax refund of abt 36k”.There is a link given on e-mail which takes me to the tax refund page but I have an account only with SBI which is not there.Sir pls guide me then what is the procedure to claim the refund????

  68. SANDEEP says:


    i have filled itr online for the AY-2012-2013 post the itr v to cpc banglore but i have commited a mistake while filling itr, my tax credit in form 26AS is Rs 3700 and i have made a refund of Rs 6800 as my PAN is not updated in one quarter so please help me

  69. Girish says:

    HI Suresh,

    I called CPC regading 143 demand ,which i got due to excemption of of HRA+Conveyance allowance wasw not considered and total income was showing more ,But in Form 16 It's showing .CPC told me reload  XML of ITR 1 and explain reasons .So they will ask me for to upload ITR 2.

    Now I am confused ,shall i do it on my own or Go to Tax consultant?


    • Suresh KP says:

      Girish, Since you have a doubt, better you go for a tax consultant and take his advice and close it. It may not cost you much, but making another mistake could be a problem.

  70. Kanchan says:

    We received Intimation letter in Sept Month from Ghaziabad ..So rectify the error & Interest paid to Dept  & correction return filed but now received another intimation letter in same Quarter –Net Payble is 0 so I don't know what is exact correction ..So how the corrrected please suggest me

  71. MAHESH GARG says:

    I have filed TDS return in 2010 against wrong TAN. Challans are deposited against correct TAN. Now there is mismatch of challans and demand is raised. What to do? Return cannot be corrected as TAN cannot be corrected in correction return

  72. Srinivas says:


    I have filled my return 2012-13 manually but still i am not yet received any refund .could any one can suggest me or is it possible to re-file through govt online now  .Please suggest me

    • Suresh says:

      Srinivas, Please check the income tax refund status online. They would have already credited to your bank account.

  73. Suhas says:

    Today i received an email from <>

    Subject: Notice U/S 245 of Income Tax Act, 1961

    It said

    ”Please find the attached communication (Intimation  u/s 245 of the income tax act 1961)  for PAN with respect to  the Assessment Year 2013-14.

    The attachment said ”The Refund determined during processing is being adjusted against the outstanding demands. The details of demand are given in the table annexed.\\”

    The Outstanding demand pertains to the AY # 2008

    Demand Raised under section: 143(1)

    Demand Raised Date : 17-02-2010

    Demand outstanding : around 26k

    Demand Uploaded By  : ITO SALARY WARD VI(1) CHENNAI

    Now naturally i’am worried about this mail

    To give you the background i have started using to file the taxes from AY(2008-2009) onwards, the status in for 2008-09 says \\”Return Uploaded\\”, does that mean i didn\’t send the signed ITRV? i don\’t know its been a long time so i have no idea i might have missed it

    I was supposed to get a refund of 7k for that year, I have the form16 for that AY as well the ITR-V / Acknowledgement  ITR/Form. Now pls advise what i must do about this? and how should i go about this.

  74. sanjeev ranjan says:

    Sir, I filled ITR1 for the assessment year 2013-14 where i mentioned wrong gross salary Rs 8812427 instead of Rs. 881427 and zero deductions instead Rs. 241440 and generated xml file which now showing refund of Rs. 83730/- and same uploaded successully.  But, now wants to rectify already made mistake by submitting revised return.  As I submitted the original return on 25/10/2013, while submittting revised return on todays date it showing invalid date on validation of ITR-1.  Sir, I also not sent ITRV yet to CPC, Bangalore.  Please guide me.


    • Suresh says:

      Sanjeev, I could not understnad how your original date is 25-Oct-2013. Have you filed return very late ? If you filed before 4-Aug-2013, you can revise the return online. Please cal CPC, Bangalore on their toll free number. They  shud be able to help you.

  75. sajad says:

    Dear Sir, Traces Department has forwarded a mail with defaults in the income tax returns of Q4 2012-13. among the defaults, one default is short payment and this office tried to file a revised return with correct challan date but t=in the acquired statment no updation is allowd in the statment. Kindly advise how can i update the statmnet and file a revised statment since no updation at date is allowed.  Shall i forward a letter to TDSCPC Ghaziabad with proper proof and request to update the statment at their end.  

    • Suresh says:

      Sajad, If the issue is only for error in entering in correct challen, yes there would not be any issue. However if you have filed IT return online, you can do that thru online. If you have done offline, you should contact local IT office to find our how this can be done. Better to contact your local IT office for clarity

  76. Chaitra S says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I had filed  my IT return online before the due date. According to my form 16, I had no tax due to be paid. But, there was a difference in the deductible amount ( calculated by default by the portal) under section 80G while filling the details online compared to what was reflected in my form 16 and hence it showed that I owed Rs.220 as tax. When I wrote to the support team of the online portal, they rectified the mistake and asked me to file a revised return. The problem is that when I try to file revised return using the same portal, I am asked to pay their fees again which is around Rs. 300. This does not make sense to me cos I had already paid this fees once while filing the original return and also the mistake was not from my side. Kindly suggest if this is valid or suggest some other option where I can file the revised return free of cost. 

    Thanking you in advance.


    • Suresh says:

      Hi Chaitra, I could not understand who is asking you to pay Rs 300. If you have filed thru Govt IT portal, there are no charges. If you have submitted thru private players, you should talk to their customer care. I don’t see any reason why you should pay money for their mistake.

  77. sujata says:


                        I received a email  of intimation under section 245 of  Income Tax Act 1961 on filed return dated 27/07/2013 for AY 2013-14 stating that the refund determined  during processing is being adjusted against the outstanding demands .The demand o/s  is  for previous four Assessment  years AY 2004,AY2008,AY2009,AY2010. I found the PAN No not mentioned in form16 for 2004 and 2008 and for 2009 and 2010 ther is TAN and PAN mistake.But I filed returned with correct PAN no.I didnot checked 26As and also not recd any demand ltr before this. The jurisdiction AO of incometax said to file 24Q thro my deductor.I am working in a PSU bangalore,so different DDOs in different area of the city with different PAN and TAN. I worked in different areas. A auditor handling all tax matters for our PSU.When talked to auditor I was told a email has to be sent to him from present DDO. And also he said there is a fee for solve my problem. What is this fee who has to pay this fee. It is not fault. I didnot recd any demand letter before, The present DDO says he has lot of other work he will look into matter and try to solvethe problem  because different DDOs involved who are transfered to other place . I recd this mail on 11 oct 2013. The time is 30 days.  What I have to do.


  78. Rohit says:

    I have received a notification from IT dept regarding the mismatch in data as per form 26S and data submitted by me during online filing for AY12-13. I have forgot to mention one additional TAN no and hence there would be refund of some amount though the taxable salary remains same. Initially I applied for no tax refund. What should I do now. Please help me with it.

    • Suresh says:

      Rohit, you can file revised return. If you forgot some claim, you cannot do that. Call CPC, Bangalore, they should be able to help you and guide you on how to correct it.

  79. G Kumar says:

    Dear Sir

    I have filed original ITR in time for AY 2013-14 for which I have got following message from CPC:

    CPC, Bangalore is not in a position to proceed with the e-return filed by you. The return is transferred to Jurisdictional Assessing Officer (in AST) processing of which is to be done by the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer who may be contacted for further clarifications if any.

    Then I have gone through my original return in which I found that under section 80G I have entered data under Donations entitled for 100% deduction without qualifying limit which otherwise are to entered under Donations entitled for 50% deduction subject to qualifying limit.

    So I paid the difference in self assessment tax i.e. just Rs 150/- only plus interest for one month and filled a revised ITR. Now again I got the same message for revised ITR. Is there anything wrong, why they have not processed my revised return and what should I do now.

  80. ANIL R MISHRA says:

    Hi i have filled 2012-13 return but by mistake TAN no was wrong, cpc bangalore send 143(1), pls help how to rectified the return directly or dounload the xml file…….

    • Suresh says:

      Anil, If you have filed by downloadin the XML file, download it again and indicate “Revised” return and file it again. Send ack copy to CPC bangalore.

  81. Mohamed Azharuddin says:


    I filed my father IT returns for 2011-12 on November 2012. Since I was doing efiling for the first time, i forgot to add the TDS details and Tax deducted at source amount completely and uploaded the xml. After sometime, i realised that teh tax amount was mismatched. So, i again filed the excel file with Revised. Again I didnt realise the neccessity of TDS details and uploaded the xml and got teh Acknowledgement on the same day (22 November 2012). Then i posted the Revised ITRV to CPC. After few months, i got notice from CPC for TAX demand to be paid. I tehn realised i had not entered the TDS details. So i raised rectification request but still I got a letter form CPC as Tax demanded to be paid. Now when i try to rectify it again, I get the message as "Your rectification is sent to AST".

    And recently, i recieved a  mail from CPC to send ITRV for Ack no (Original return).


    Could you please help me here….



    • Suresh says:

      Hi Azhar, If you file revised ITR and sent revised ack to CPC, Bangalore, there should not be any issue. Since you got tax demand + receivd mail from CPC to submit original ack, please talk to CPC, Bangalore at their toll free number. All queries to CPC will be handled at their Helpline Numbers- Toll free – 1800-425-2229, and Phone Number – 080-22546500

  82. SAURABH says:

    How to make online rectification application for getting credit of TDS deducted in last year but claimed in next year as I am follwing cash system of accounting.such TDS is duly claimed but CPC banglore has not provided credit of the same as it is not appearing in 26AS of this year

    • Suresh says:

      Saurabh, It should appear in TRACES or 26AS for the amount you want to claim. Else, IT dept cannot process claim. Please check where the TDS is credited. Is your PAN number incorrect. Please check. I am not sure how you can correct any TDS entry to come up in your TDS statement.

  83. Nidish says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I got this CPC demand request of around 4k to be paid for AY 2012-13 where it shows the Taxes paid around is 4k less for the assessment year.

    But my form 16 and form 26AS shows the Tax payable and tax paid as equal. So how do I go about it? Under which section do I need to file a rectification?


    • Suresh says:

      Nidish, If both are same, you would get get demand notice. Try checking what you filled online. There must be some place which you missed to update. You are looking at Form-16 and 26AS. I am asking you to check what you filled online or what you uploaded in XML file. Once you found, just revise the returns with correct data and re-submit. You can respond to tax officer by attaching revised return. Please let me know in case you still have any problem.

  84. BAPU GHANDAT says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am paying income tax from AY 2005-06 to till now, from last 2 year i am filing e tax return.When I checked all details in E-filing tax web site I shocked from 2005 to 2012 some year tax out standing shown because that I filed through self assessments.By checking online 26 as details and other old manual it return and bank challan with meThere is no outstanding with me so  I sent rectification request then they rectified. But now i am facing trouble to AY 2005 -06 AND AY 2006-07 because I don’t have any data of challan and bank receipt but i have itr copy details.

    How to come from this issue?In rectification process they deducted AY 2005-06 some amount from my refund against adjustment of 143 notice still due is their and i am worried they will again deduct other remaining amount from this year refund.

    Pl guides me to rectify this return.


    Bapu Ghandat

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Bapu, I am unable to advice you as there are multiple errors. My advice is to contact a tax professional in your area as I do not want to create more confusion for you.

  85. Raghavendra says:

    I have filed the return for the A.Y 2012-13 (P.Y 2011-12), recently, but i am not sent the ITR copy to CPC. Now i found that in 26AS There is a TDS amount from one of my client. Now can i revise the return, i think it is not possible, because the return belated filed. now what i have to do..can i remove the original return form Website. is it possible?..or any other solution for me..

    • Suresh says:

      You can revise the ITR, but any missed claims, you cannot get it now. You can still file revised return and send signed copy to CPC Bangalore. IT Dept has extended the date to of sending hard copy to 31-Oct-13 whoever has not sent it.

  86. krishnan p says:

    I paid self assment tax payable online for AY 2012-13. IT dept sent me online notification that I have not payed self ass tax etc. I did online rectifictaion and selected for the year 2012. It is showing only 2012 an 2013 in options. Is selecting year 2012  correct for AY 2012-13?

    The options are not showing AY 2012-13 or 2013-14 etc,

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Krishnan, 2012 means, 2011-12. AY 2012-13 means 2011-12 only. If you still do not know where you made the mistake, please call IT online help at Bangalore toll free number

  87. A Venkatesh says:

    I filed my father's ITR for the recent assessment year 2013-2014 electronically but I forgot to claim an exemption, that of disability. The order has been passed on the ITR. Can I now file a rectification electronically and claim the disability exemption, Sec 80U.

    • Suresh says:

      Venkatesh, As per my knowledge, once you file ITR on 31-Jul (this year it was 5-Aug-13), you would loose any further claims. 

      • A Venkatesh says:

        Suresh, thanks for the quick response. Let me see if I understood this process……….I could have filed the Claim rectification prior to the deadline of 31st July(in this year 5th Aug) had I received the Order on the ITR prior to the deadline, for example if the Order was received on 1st July, then I could have filed the claim rectification……is my thinking correct?

  88. Amitabh says:

    Does one need to do anything if the "Intimation u/s 143(1)" shows Zero demand/refund ? 


  89. debashis mishra says:

    During efilling, I wrongly enterred the Assessment Year as 2011-12 instead of 2012-13 and I got the following status against the filled ITR "ITR Transferred out of CPC to Jurisdiction Assessing Officer In Income Tax Office". Please suggest.

  90. Keshav Pandey says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please help me , i have filed ITR-1 AY-2013-14. later i have found the mistake in address,i am livining at delhi state but by mistake i have put in the return as UTTAR PRADESH in state column

    You are requested to please let me know that how to rectify the mistake, it's necessary or not ?

    Keshav pandey


  91. SHARMA K. A. says:

    Suresh SIr, In 2nd Revised Return online which Ack. number is to be given.Whwther of Orginal or 1st revised ITR.Whether all the three ITR-V required to be sent to bengaluru. SHARMA K.A.

    • Suresh says:

      Sharma, As per my knolwedge, you should also ways indicate original ITR number only. For the benefit of doubt, can you please call up CPC Bangalore toll free number. 


    Dear Sir,

    I was updating a financial tax return by online but my mailng address has been wrongly showing in print acknowledgement so please advise me how to rectifying my mailing address in acknowledgement.


  93. SHARMA K. A. says:

    Dear Suresh Sir, I filed my Return online in July,13.Later on I found short payment of tax.I deposited the tax with interest in August,13 and filed Revised Return on 16th August online.Now I noticed that in Tax Status column insted of " NT" 'TR" has been entered.Will it make any difference or I have to file Rev.Return. SHARMA K. A.

    • Suresh says:

      Sharma, What I meant is “Normal Return” or “Revised Return”. If yes, then you should have selected revised return. If not, please do it now. However have you paid interest due to late submission of final tax payment. When you submit revised return, it would show late filing amount. You may need to pay this before filing revised return.

  94. MONU says:

    I got demand Notice from IT dep u/s 143(1). They said to pay the X amount ASAP.

    the X  amount ( say 1000) is == A ( total annual tax , rs 800)  + B( interest, Rs200) . Where as component A  ( Rs 800) is already paid As per my Form 16.

    When i compare the Notice figure from my Form 16 . every thing is correct (i.e Annual Gross Income and Total Tax paid TDS). It looks like that i maid some mistake while filing online ( xls sheet and xml generation).

    Can you pls guide me what should i do . They are asking me to pay the amount which i is already deducted.

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Monu, Generally you can file a rectification ITR. However since you got demand notice, I would suggest to consult a professional tax consultant on your area so that he can read the exact wordings in demand notice and prepare a appropriate response. If you have already paid tax dues, you need not worry, but the response should be accurate.

  95. praveena says:

    by mistake while paying tax online in challan i have given AY 2011-12 instead of AY 2012-13.

    I got notification mail that tax amt mismatch on july 1st 2013.I have paid amt again thru tax online(challan with self assessment) on 31 july 2013 but i got demand oustanding mail from IT department.

    What went wrong and how to get amount back from wrong AY challan.  

    • Suresh says:

      Praveena 1) Since you have used wrong Assessment year, you would have corrected it with rectification. Now you have paid the amount again, but you have not filed the revised return. As soon as you pay balance tax (whether right or wrong), you should file revised return. My suggestion is to take professional tax consultant help for following 1) Revise the return for AY 2012-13 and claim for refund 2) Revise the return (not sure whether you can do this now) with the amount what you paid on 31-Jul-13 and appropriately answering IT dept about demand notice. 

  96. Praveen says:


    I got one demand notification U/S 143 for my income tax return of AY12-13 of amount which I paid as Advance tax in Dec'11 and claimed the same in my return with correct details to my knowledge.
    Strange part is all those details were already reflectling correctly on Income tax website also under my account 26AS statement with proper Challen, AY and all other details as I claimed.
    I do not know still why I got this notification so I filed rectification with option 'No further data correction is required, reprocess the case' as I did not know what change is really required from my side when their site itself was showing all data correctly !.
    Now I got rejection of my rectification request saying that I should request with rectification xml  and option 'Tax payer is correcting the data…' while requesting for rectificatin. I had a call also with their customer care and they suggested to upload the xml again.

    Now to close this issue I am going with rectification with my file (excel and xml) as it is, which I saved. I have few questions here for this rectification data now:
    1. On ITR excel for this rectification Do I need to select option of 'Original' or 'Revised' ?
    2. Do I need to change any other details like date to current date etc. in Excel and while generating xml

    3. Or can I use old XML to upload as it is without doing and change?

    Btw, have you heard about such cases earlier ?

    Thanks In advanced.


    • Suresh says:

      Praveen 1) Please select revised 2) Nothing 3) You can use old XML, but since there is doubt, please re-fill and upload again. These are common things. Generally what I tell people is consult a local tax consultant so that he cna study the demand notice and understand in case there are any issues in the ITR. Most of the cases, it would be only errors in ITR and an explanation from Professoinal tax consultant would be sufficient and would get closed.

  97. Kuldeep says:


    I e-filed my return through a tax portal but I missed few details to enter so I revised it next day by filing revised return so now I have revised ITR-V. So is there a need to send the original ITR-V to IT department or should I just send the revised ITR-V? 

  98. Saurabh says:

    Hi Suresh,

    Many thanks for taking out time and help people like us.

    Last year 2012 I paid self assessment tax for AY12-13 through Tin-nsdl. Later this year I got demand from IT as Form 26AS did not show this self assessment amount. Reason was that I accidently paid for AY11-12 instead of AY12-13! I rechecked my challan and it does show Assessment year 2011!

    How do I correct all of this to successfully close the filing matter? 

    I await your repsonse. 


    • Suresh says:

      Saurabh, 1) Please do rectification of ITR for both years. This should solve the problem. 2) Also check whether you got any refund for AY 11-12 by mistake. If yes, then you may need to consult tax consultant to come out of such problem. 

      • Saurabh says:

        Thanks Suresh

        Since I am a novice in understanding all the technical terms, is it possible for you to suggest any tax consultant. This should help me loads.

        Once again thanks in advance.


  99. patoliya Shailesh says:

    Dear sir,

    In AY 2012-13 I was filled online income tax , but by mistake , I was wrongly filled TAN no.

    One letter came from income tax department , There  was written you will pay last year TAX.

    What can I do sir?

    shailesh Patoliya

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Shailesh, Since you got demand notice, please approach local tax consultant. He would guide you to answer with relevant documents. It shoud not be any problem as it is only clarification thing and you are not liable for any tax.

  100. pradeep says:


    i paid self assessement tax for a. y. 2013-14 in bank. inadvertantly it was credited to tax  paid on regular assement. Bank says they have rectified the error. My account on incometax site shows the message that taxes claimed have been fully matched with 26AS. however, 26AS shows the amount under tax paid on regular assement. What should i do


    • Suresh says:

      Pradeep. Two ways of handling it 1) Please approach CPC, Bangalore on toll free number 1800 250 250 and see how this can be rectified 2) File revised ITR and claim for refund. Paralelly, you need to pay advance tax for this year. 

  101. sandeep says:

    Some one of my friend filed belated return for ay 12-13 incorrectly showing basic salary As includes other allowances also now i t deptt( CPC BANGALORE) demand tax liability of Rs.2 lac what to do now ? Actually due to high basic salary the deduction under 10(13A) is lower and hence department issue notice of tax demand for that… Please suggest….
    Can we file rectification for this error?

    • Suresh says:

      Sandeep it is not good idea to file ITR rectification now as you already received demand now. Please approach your local tax consultant with necessary filed ITR’s and proofs. He should be able to guide you on to respond for such queries to IT Dept.

  102. AB says:

    I see an outstanding tax demand when i login to my account in efiling web portal. This is for AY 2007-08. I downloaded the ITR and ITR-V forms from there. The TDS didn't reflect in the ITR forms and I missed checking it. Please advise remediation/re-filing options.


    13th Aug 2013

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Apara, Since you cannot file rectification of ITR now, please consult tax consultant who would help you in providing necessary clarifications to income tax dept.

  103. priya says:

    I have submitted itr 5 form instead of filling itr 2 form while e filling of returns . I am an individual getting salaried exceeding 5 lakh. So now what should I do . Please do let me know. Looking forward for your reply

    • Suresh says:

      Priya, Sorry not able to help you as I am not sure how you can file rectification for using wrong ITR form. Can you please contact your local tax consultant. 

  104. jyothilakshmi says:


    I filed incometax return in ITR IV .I forget to press calculate tax .Now in ITR the tax paid is shown as refund.while revising i don't know about sec 139(5) .please advice 

  105. Saneev Gupta says:

    Its an excellent article.

    I had sent a rectification of Demand of CPC under catergory no data change required.The same has  not been accepted by CPC.Can I file recification against the same demand under different

    heading  i.e other than no data correction required.

    Best wishes,





    • Suresh says:

      Sanjeev, You can do that. But first call CPC and tell your problem as to why they have not accepted it so that you would know where you are making mistake.

      • Saneev Gupta says:

        Thanks a lot.Is there a time limit for filing  Re-rectification against CPC  demand order ?


        • Suresh says:

          Sanjeev, it would be indicated in CPC demand notice that you need to respond within a specific date. I do not recall in case there is any standard limit.

  106. Manish J says:

    Hi, please refer to my earlier query of 5th August. I have two TAN numbers for two offices and TDS deducted by two offices. But i do not have separate breakup of income chargeable under head salary as i had only one Form 16. What to fill up in TDS schedule of IT return in the column income chargeable under head salary.

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Manish, I think I already responded. There is a income field. You should fill this with total income received from both employers 2) There is TDS rows where you can enter TAN + Amount. You can enter 2 rows pertaining to different employers. So, your income would be in single field and TDS would be in two fields. I hope I have clarified.

      • sudhanshu joahi says:

        I filed return for my two sources post office and LIC for ay2011-12. but I got ack that no demand no refund. post office not reflecting in form 26as so i told them to revise the TDS but LIC showing in 26AS. WHAT can I do. Can i file rectification for LIC only. Please response soon.

        • Suresh says:

          Sudhanshu, The reason could be you have not given PAN details to post office. You can compute the total tax payable and show the tax as per 26AS and file the return. In such case it might show that you need to pay additional tax. You need to pay tax before you file return. Once you get clarity from post office, you can file revised return and get refund (if any)

  107. Samir Biswas says:


    I am mistacally not entered my salary part & deduction part ,But entered the TDS part in A.Y 2013-2014.

    Pls suggest me regarding that mistake.



  108. Karthik says:

    Hi, I had already filed my income tax for the FY 2010-2011. While going through my return ITRV now I understand that there has been a mistake and I am eligible for a refund of about INR 5000. My friends tell me that the window time for refiling is over with March 2013. Is there any way I can refile my return for FY 2010-2011 now?

  109. Manish J says:

    Hi, i am a central govt. employee and get transfre from one office to another which have different TAN numbers. In one such case, for one part of the year, i was in one office and for anothe part in another office. I was issued Form-16 by later office giving details of total tax deducted and paid including tax deducted by previous office(but without showing breakup of income in two offices). So, while filing return for the relevant year, i mentioned only one employer i.e. later office and total tax deducted. Now i have received a demand under section 143(1). This has happened because of two reasons- one is due to tax credit mismatch as my later office could not upload one month’s TDS and second due to not taking into account TDS of previous office(which is showing in Form 26AS but since i did not mention of TAN of that office in TDS schedule of ITR). Now if i recreate rectification XML, i don’t have separate breakup of income chargeable under the head salaries for two different offices having different TAN and secondly, one month’s TDS which has not been uploaded by my later office is still missing from Form 26AS. How to file rectification request now?

    • Suresh says:

      Manish, When you file ITR, you can update more than one TAN numbers when updating TDS. Regd your other qustion that one month TDS is not visible in 26AS, you should resolve that quickly before you file the revised return.

  110. shiju r says:

    Do I need to send the original and revised itr filed to bangalore for further processing?

  111. nick says:

    sir,i have submitted the wrong email address in ITR-1 and send it. Is there any issue with it or i can send my ITR V file by post?

    • Suresh says:

      Nick, You can file revised IT Return in case you still want to do it. But you need not worry. Since you already have login details, you can download IT return, sign and send signed copy to CPC Bangalore. 

  112. Premanand says:


    While filing my return online, I checked form 26as and I see that it doesn't reflect the tax deduction for the last quater of 2012-13. I made enquires with my employer who told that they have filed it on 28th July so it will take some time to show in the form. What should I do? It is still not showing in form 26as. Should I file the return still?

    • Suresh says:

      Premanand, If you have filed the return by this time and still could not see as of last day of filing return, you can file revised return to claim this amount now.

  113. Arjun says:


         I had filed original return before due date.But instead of my First Name my Surname has been mentioned & instead of my Surname my First name has been entered by mistake.All other details are correct in this sheet.

    What should I do know to correct this mistake?

    Should I file revised return?

    Will assesing officer levy penalty on me for this mistake?

  114. SWAPNIL RUPAYE says:


    • Suresh says:

      Swapnil, How do income tax department would know that you have paid your self assesment tax ? When you pay tax and file ITR, it would give indication along with Challen number etc., that you have completed the transaction. If you have missed to do before that, please file revised return

  115. Avinash says:

    Dear Suresh , Great to see your work. My query is that I have not included a TDS from bank interest along with the ITR for the AY 2011-12. How can I correct that and get that amount. Please reply immediately .thanks. 

  116. sunil says:


      I have filed IT return 4 through online but when i uploaded the return then i come to know that in the TDS Coloum TAN No. is incorrect and other name and amount are correct. then i have at once filed revised IT return within 1/2 hour only correct the TAN number. please guide me weather i have taken the correct way or not?

  117. Amit says:

    Hi Suresh, thanks for this article, I have done a mistake while efilling yesterday. I have not send the acknowledgement also.

    What should I do now? Is rectification or revised return I need to file? it does not allow me to reupload the corrected XML file? & in the workbook in "income details" sheet do i need to fill the row "if u/s 139(9) defective returen, enter notice no "

    Please suggest…

  118. anand says:

    I have 80G deduction to be included. While filling the ITR1 challan, by mistake I filled the donor's name instead of the donee's name and uploaded the online return. Can I correct the same?

  119. Ratan says:

    I filled my orginal ITR 1 through online on 27/07/2013. But I did one mistake in my email ID. So I uploaded revised ITR 1 on 31/07/2013. My question is Which ITR V (Original or revised) with my sign I have to sent to CPC Bangalore??

    Please help me. I'm confused…

  120. Gaurav says:


    In hurry, I have just uploaded wrong xml (without showing returns) and now after generating new xml  when I try to upload xml system says that I cannot upload xml under section 139(1)so can I upload it under section 139(4) or what I need to do?

    Please advice.

  121. amit says:

    hi while filing my online return

    1) i have not mentioned saving account interest (which is less than 5000) 

    2)not claimed lic premium

    3)i got 9000 rs check in my account(not from employer) for which bank deducted 900 as tax i filed ITR1 and put 9000 as income from other sources and now ITR V shows payable tax 950 rs(may be they calulated tax for 9000 ra at the rate of 20 % but bank deducted at 10%) i have not sent hard copy of ITRV to bangalore yet  

    what should i do file revised under {139(5)}and sent both ITRV in same envelop

    should i pay 950 rs

    should i fill ITR2

    in form 16 all tax paid(PAYABLE TAX 0)  form 26AS shows 900 rs tax paid by bank

    please help thanks

    • Suresh says:

      Amit, 1) SB account interest upto Rs 10,000 is exempted from tax 2) LIC Premium, you can claim from 80C 3) That’s right. Because, you might be falling under 20% tax bracket. 4) Pay balance tax and file ITR. 

  122. MD MUNNA says:

    Hi, I have submitted the ITR but I put incorrect amount for Income Chargable Under Head Source and it is showing I still have to pay some tax.

    Is there any way to edit the ITR so that I can fill correct amount for Income Chargable Under Head Source? If not then what can be done?

  123. Madhu says:

    Hello Sir,

    The IT department has sent a claim under section 143(1).  However, it is very clear from their communication that all tax credit as displayed in Form 26AS, has not been considered by them in their calculations – the result of which is a incorrect / inaccurate demand.  Under what conditions, the data in the Form 26AS is not considered correctly …  The TAN numbers of those deducting the TDS is found to be correct in the return.


    • Suresh says:

      Madhu, It should not be cause that they would not have considered 26AS statement at all. Please consult tax expert in your locality and show this demand notice and you can respond to IT dept appropriately.

  124. pardeep sharma says:

    Dear sir

    i am working in a private company and i wrongly put employer detail as public sector (not other) in ITR filing in online. now i got my ITR acknowledgement document from my mail. so please tell me what should i do. i send it banalore or not or revise it.

  125. Dhanlaxmi says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I had paid first premium of Health Insurance on 25th March 2013. However, this is not reflected in Form 16. Can I include it while filing the returns? What would be the procedure for this?

    Also, my husband had filed revised return since the original had few errors. So while sending it to Bangalore, does he need to send both (original as well as revised)?

    Thanks in advance!



    • Suresh says:

      Yes, you can claim under 80C. Please download ITR-1 where this option is available. Just ensure that total amount under 80C should not exceed Rs 1 Lakh.

  126. Amith says:

    I have not filed 2011-2012 returns and also want to rectify 2010-2011 returns to correctly specify short term capital losses.

    For current year 2012-2013, I have prepared the XML for ITR2, but cannot mention previous year losses as I need to file/rectify previous yr return. Can I submit the current year returns and then correct the prev ones later?

  127. Kapil Tiwari says:

    Dear Suresh, I have already filed ITR-2 for A.Y. 2013-2014 0n July 30, 2013. Subsequently I realised that the TAN of one of the banks in Schedule TDS-2 is wrong. This is the only error. Can I rectify this error? How do I do this and put the correct TAN of the bank. Kindly advise soonest.

    • Suresh says:

      Yes, you can do this by filing revised return. Revised return can be filed within subsequent financial year pertaining to previous financial year

  128. deepak says:


    I recently filed the ITR for AY 2013-14 and made a little mistake while filing . Actually I put First name and Last name both as Deepak, so I see Name in ITR-V as "Deepak Deepak".

    Therefore need your help to understand, is that required to be corrected, and from where/how to correct it. Please suggest in little detail.  Thanks.

    Deepak Sahu.

    • Suresh says:

      Deepak, You can file revised return to close this transaction instead of worrying about this.

      • deepak says:

        Thanks Suresh for helping me on it. However I am little unsure of procedure to file the revised return and require some more help to confirm on parameters values(see below) for revised ITR filing:-

        whether original or revised return – Revised

        A21. Return filed under section(P) – 17- Revised139(5)

        please try to confirm at the earliest as 5th august is the last date for itr filing.

        Many thanks in advance.


  129. caze says:

    I filed returns but used ITR 1. I do not have salary income but I have interest from PPF which is over 5000 per year and hence I now believe that I should have filled ITR2.  I also have not received an acknowledgement after filing though I can see on the Income tax site that the return is in status "Return uploaded". What should I do now?

    • Suresh says:

      Check your status online. If your email ID is correctly indicated, you would get email after submitting. Else you can download the ITR uploaded one. Check the website. ITR-1 should be ok if you do not have any other income apart from interest.

  130. harshitha says:

    i have given wrong mail id while fillaing income tax form….how to edit it

    • Suresh says:

      Harshitha, You can file revised return or you can update email ID in your income tax department online. Since you can download the ITR return filed online, you need not worry about email ID. 

  131. Mathew says:

    My company has provided me the form 16 but the calculation of deduction is not taken correctly and there are few errors. When I checked with my company they say they can’t do anything and I can file it correctly when filing the returns. They have not considered one quarter LIC and also home rent. Pls. advice.

    • Suresh says:

      Mathew, You can re-compute your taxable income by reducting amounts from 80C (Max Rs 1 lakh deduction) and show net taxable income in IT returns. If you are employee, tax consultants might be coming to your place and they should be able to help you on how to put them in appropriate fields. If not, please consult local tax consultant you can help you.

  132. Vadiraj says:

    Dear Suresh,

    Thanks for an excellant article.

    While filling ITR1 form online, I made mistake in "Total Tax Payble". Now I want to correct the same.

    But in your article you said "there should not be any revision in income figures".

    Pls help how I can correct this.

    • Suresh says:

      Vadiraj, my point was you should not show high income and revise it to lesser number. Generally people do this to save tax which IT dept would question. If you made a mistake, please proceed and file revised return. In case of any scrutiny, you should be able to answer that it is a mistake and you should be able to prove it. That’s all.

  133. vikram Kumar says:

    Dear Friends,

    I have filled the online ITR for this session but by mistake i filled wrong Challan no.

    so how to rectify this mistake?


    Dr.Vikram kumar

    • Suresh says:

      Dr. Vikram, Please refer this article from income tax dept.

  134. keerthi says:

    Hi, thanks for the above useful information. I filed the ITR for the first time following the steps from your other post (how-to-file-income-tax-returns-itr-online-in-india) but the recieved e-mail [Intimation U/S 143(1) for PAN xxxxx AY:2012-13] indicates that there's an incorrectness as below
    As Provided by Taxpayer in Return of Income:                As Computed Under Section 143(1):  
    TOTAL INCOME AFTER DEDUCTIONS (3L)                  INCOME (3L)        -same
    TAX ON TOTAL INCOME (x-tax_exempt ie 2L) =8k        TAX (x-tax_exempt ie 1.8L) =10k  
    TOTAL TAX CREDIT (8k)                                              TOTAL TAX CREDIT (8k)
                                                                                   TAX AMOUNT PAYABLE (2k)   -mismatch
    Can you please suggest on the above.

    • Suresh says:

      Keerthi, Your income is Rs 3L and exemption is Rs 2L. Means your taxable income is Rs 1L and 10% is Rs 10K. Tax deducted is Rs 8K, hence you need to pay Rs 2K. Please inform how the computation is done as 8K in “taxpayer” column specified by you. Something is indicated in tax payer return of income which you are not able to get it.

      • keerthi says:

        thanks suresh for the reply, sorry for a mistake from my side in the last comment. please find the below correct data as in Income tax Intimation U/S 143(1) for PAN xxxxx.
        As Provided by Taxpayer in Return of Income     As Computed Under  Section 143(1)
        TOTAL INCOME AFTER DEDUCTIONS    2,87,340         2,87,340
        TAX ON TOTAL INCOME            8,734       10,734 [MISMATCH]
        GROSS TAX LIABILITY BEFORE TAX RELIEF   8,996        11,056
        TOTAL TAX CREDIT          8,996            8,996
        NET AMOUNT PAYABLE         0        2,230
        can you please suggest on the above data.Thanks a lot in advance.

        • Suresh says:

          Keerthi, ITR excel file Vs IT return online computation there are some issues. Even I faced same problem when I tried the Excel / XML file. Have you tried filling online instead of excel ?

  135. mani says:

    i have efiled my ITR during by mistake i have put advance tax paid how to correct

    • Suresh says:

      Mani, As per my knowledge you can still follow this process and file revised return. Please inform in case you have any challenges.

      • Satyendra says:

        Hello Suresh,

        I did the same mistake while filling the ITR online, and also tried to upload the revised return. But the online process doesnot allowing the uploading of ITR……………. please suggest me what to do next…………..?

  136. rajesh says:

    I mentioned wrong IFSC code. Pls advice will the refund will get through and incase of rectification is needed. How I should do the same.


  137. Deepika says:

    Dear Suresh, Please guide!

    I was working for 5 years and paid taxes regularly. I went abroad to study after that for a year and have not joined a job after coming back. Do I need to file taxes anyway?

    Will this affect my credit rating in case of a loan or visa application in the future? I don't intend to take on a full time job for some time now…I resigned from my job in Sep, 2011. I have received conflicting advice from 2 different CA's.

    I want to be certain on this as I'm already stuck in some IT jhamela due to paying taxes with a wrong PAN number in 2009 due to a clerical mistake at my employer's end!

    • Suresh says:

      Deepika, an NRI has to file returns for any financial year if  1) You have any taxable income beyond Rs 2L or 2) if you have any capital gains 3) any TDS refund 4) loss or income from house property. Otherwise, you need not worry.

  138. Naga says:

    Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for the detailed article. Am working in private sector company and my present company does not consider the exemptions like medical, Books & Telephone expenses for calculating TDS. I used to avail these exemptions during previous employments. Please clarify how I could claim tax exemptions for the above.


    • Suresh says:

      Naga, As per my knowledge these are company provided benefits and if company is saying these are taxable, you cannot claim tax. You should be able to prove during assessment that your company is providing such benefit, but missed to include which is not possible

  139. Girish says:

    Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for the blog. I have made a mistake w.r.t. my wife's IT returns filing and I seek your advise on this.

    Using the Quick e-filing route, I made a mistake entering her gross income.Upon submission, the ITR-V thus generated shows 16500 as tax payable (when its 0 as our tax is deducted at source).
    Now I cannot delete this and upload an error-free one. How do I proceed? Please advise.


    Regards, Girish



    • Suresh says:

      Girish, Request you to consult a chartered accountant tax expert in your area who can help you in filing revised return with this correct. I don’t think you can correct this online.

    • Bharath says:

      Hi Girish, You could file a "Revised Return". Take a print of the already filed return. The Acknowledgement no. of First return has to be quoted in revised return. After you file, post/drop both the return (1st and revised) to Incometax office before 120 days.

      As a caution, be careful with "Enter" key. The form gets submitted if Enter is pressed twice by mistake.

      Hope this helps.

  140. pradeep bisht says:

    Dear suresh
    I need to know the correct filing procedure of lta if it was not declared to the company and I want to avail the benefit at the time of itr filing… shall I deduct the lta amount from the net taxable income anb show it under ‘exempt income’ column… also pls suggest what all is required to be shown in exempt income .. appreciate ur reply..

    • Suresh says:

      Pradeep. You can claim LTA during IT Return filing. However I heard there is small process to be followed to do checks and balance before claiminng so that IT team does not ask for clarifications on this at later point of time. Pls consult tax expert to claim this.

  141. ashis says:

    Hi ,  I have filed the return online (Quick e-File ITR) for the year  13-14. But after submiting it i found some data is not proper .How i can reenter or update the submitted return for this year throug online.



  142. Prasanth says:


    My company reported higher income in form 26as and form 16 as they double counted my stock options related income. How do I go about rectifying it? Can you please let me know if I can remove that duplicate item while filing taxes?

    • Suresh says:

      Prasanth, I am not able to understand how stock options income would appear in Form-16. Are the stock options are being exercised and treated as “Perk”? If yes, can you pls approach a tax expert on how to handle such duplicate entry in form-16

  143. sachin says:


    I have file ITR 2. by mistak i dint fill income tax liability section as i thought it will be automatically calculated. However came to know that my entire TDS amount is being shown as the total income tax refund amount as i dint fil ta payable amount. want to rectify it as my tax refund is zero. kindly guide.

  144. bangalure says:

    Hi,  i paid Advance tax on 25-Mar-2013 for the AY2013-14. But, in the bank they were not able to pay for AY2013-14, they have credited the tax for AY2012-13.

    Now, when i file a return, Advance tax is not appearing in AY2013-14 (included in form 25AS of 2012-13).

    Experts, Please let me know the procedure to rectify this.

  145. TAARESH says:


    • Suresh says:

      Taaresh, Sorry unable to assist you on this. There are two things to be done immediately. One is to cancel old ITR which got filed in wrong year (which you would have already filed earlier) and second is to file returns for current year. Please call India income tax dept at toll free number 1800 4250 0025 to check about point no.1

  146. bharath says:


    yesterday i was submitted returns and got ITR V form, but mistake in my father's name and village details are not displaying in that. so how to change those. Please help me

    • Suresh says:

      Bharath, I could not understand your question. Mistakes are not displaying? There might not be mistakes then ? Please check the acknowledgement which you would got to your email ID which has all the info which you entered. Based on that you can choose whether to rectify or not

  147. akansh singhal says:

    sir,i filled the income tax return for the financial year 2006-07. at the time of reopening of the case can i change just the computation of income without changing the actual income in front of ito.Pls suggest

  148. Rajesh says:


    I need a clarification. I prepared the ITR2 and as per calculation I had to pay around 5.7 K. I didn't know that I have to pay it first and enter the details in the "IT" sheet of the ITR2 form to show the tax amount pending as 0. I uploaded my XML but did not yet send the acknowledgement (ITR-V) to Income tax office. I have now piad the amount and have all the details to be filled in ITR2 form. Should I now file a revised return? In ITR2 form there is an option to mention "Revised/Original" and if revised the details of the original return can be mentioned. Or should I just create another XML with the form as Original and re-upload this and send this ITR-V to the IT office. Please clarify




    • Suresh says:

      Rajesh, As per my knowledge, you need to file revised return for your case (after you pay balance tax). You need to use revised option.

  149. Ranju says:


    I had wrongly entered a higher taxable salary in the returns for the year AY 2009-10 due to which a demand notice has been sent to me. I have the form16. Can I go for a rectification request. Kindly advice.


    • Suresh says:

      Hi Ranju, Since you got a demand notice, I would suggest you to approach a tax professional in your location on how to do rectification (online or offline). I do not want to give an advice to revise online without knowing what the “demand notice” contains. 

  150. yagya says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have made some investments on 31st march in PPF under 80C. This investment is not mentioned in Form 16.Now how can i file this in ITR1,as one should fill ITR 1 as per data given in FORM16.

    • Suresh says:

      Yagna, Yes you can do that. Any tax saving investment done on or before 31-Mar can be claimed as part of 80C upto Rs 1 Lakh.

      • Satish Kanaparthi says:

        can u plz elaborate this how to add PPF amount under 80cc while filing returns through online? I mean what would be the procedure to do this.


        • Suresh says:

          Satish, Yes you can still claim 80C exemtion while filing IT Return. However you need to do the computation outside the system and enter the taxable income. If any tax consultants are coming to your office during income tax filing, you can take help from you. Typically you need to re-compute all your income and it would show different income comparing to Form-16, hence you need to be little careful.

  151. Lokesh says:


    I Have filled a ITR-1 A.Y 2012-13 date of 1.02.2013. by mistake tds is wrongly shown in return. same date i filled a revied return & both Send to cpc center Bangalore. now the original return is process & demand shown determinted. revised return is not process.what i do now.


    My First name: SEETHARAMAIAH
    Middle name : VENKATESH
    Last name : PRASAD
    Instead of this, I entered
    my First name : SEETHARAMAIAH
    Middle name : — (LEFT BLANK BY MISTAKE) —
    Last name : VENKATESH PRASAD
    Kindly advice me how to rectify this.

    • Suresh says:

      Venkatesh, You should be able to edit these fileds while filing rectification online. Do you have any challenges ? Except for numbers, others can be modified. Please let me know in case you are facingproblem while doing rectificatio online.

  153. Pankaj says:


    While filing income tax return online for A.Y 2009-10, i have mistakenly specified housing loan interest under section 80GG. Due to this i got an intimation from Income Tax department demanding the tax to be paid. Their is no tax due from my side. Please let me know whether i can raise a rectification request to specify housing loan interest in the correct section.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Suresh says:

      Pankaj, As per my knowledge you cannot make rectification of your IT Return online for any change in amounts. I am not that expert in income tax on how to deal with such IT dept. Request you to consult tax auditor who can help you.

  154. Renu Mehta says:

    While filing rectification return I missed to fill all the TDS and only filled the TDS for rectification

    Now the income tax department has raised the addtional demand considering the original TDS null and void.I wnat to know the follwinf.

    1- Can the rectification be filed again.

    2- Can the ITX rais addional demand


    New DELHI

    • Suresh says:

      Renu, Rectification can be filed provided there are no changes to the numbers. Please consult Tax auditor who would help you how to deal such situation. Recently one of my friend had similar issue and based on guidance from a chartered account tax auditor, he was able to respond to IT officer appropriately and the issue was closed.

  155. nidhi sharma says:

    by mistake i have put the assessment year as 2009-2010 instead of 2010-2011 when i was filing the return in year 2010.On the main page it was correct (2010-2011) but when it went to the bank's payment page and asked for assement year then by mistake i wrote 2009-2010 so now tax department is taking that amount for 2009-2010 assement year instaed of 2010-2011.
    Can you please suggest how to rectify that .
    Another issue is that in the above procedure i paid 5000 by mistake for the year 09-10 instead of 10-11 ,so next year when i was to get the refund of 1200 rs(while filing tax in 2011),they didn't refud that money and intead deducted 1200 from 5000 as the tax payment for AY 2010-2011.
    This case is bit confusing so its little hard to explain.Will be very gratefull if you can suggest something .

    • Suresh says:

      Nidhi, Looks multiple things got messed up. Even I guide, you should not make some more mistakes. Please go and meet a tax auditor. He should be able to guide on how to file revised for the fin years you had problem. 

  156. Amit says:


    While filling the rectification request on incometax india website, what to fill in the column "Income Chargeable under the head salaries" ? Do we need to fill the amount as mentioned in FORM 16 ( field  6 in that )or the amount mentioned in Form 26 AS.Called CPC also but they cant resolve this as they know only the process. Please help.



    • Suresh says:

      Amit, Form-16 shows “Income from salaries” and form 26AS shows “Tax paid”. You should fill the data as per form-16 and indicate the tax paid by you as per form 26AS. It would finally show that there is no further tax payable. Check and let me know

  157. Indu Yerneni says:

    Hi Suresh,

    While filing return for 2011 – 12, instead of giving details under Details of Tax Deducted at Source from SALARY [As per FORM 16 issued by Employer(s)] scetion, I have given it under Advance Tax and Self Assessment Tax payments section. First time without checking properly, I have filed rectifiation. But again demand has been given againg taht. So now I am in process of filing rectification again after see. But befor that i need to generate xml. For some fields I am not knowing what to fill.. Please help me out for the following fields: Return filed under section, Whether original or revised return?(I am sure it is revised. Just want to confirm), If revised, enter Receipt no / Date(what date/receipt no?). Please reply ASAP if possible as I dont want to prolong it…

    • Suresh says:

      Indu, Point no.1 correct. Second is the refernec number you would have received on your e-mail from CPC, IT Dept, Bangalore after you have submitted your IT return online + hard copy couriered. There would be a reference number in the email. You need to specify the ref no and date.

  158. Punit says:


    My case is little complicated. My emloyer had not deposited my TDS for financial year 2011-12(assesment year 2012-13). They had just issued xls having tax computation and form 16 was never provided to me. I had done numerous follow-up with them but they never deposited TDS. This happen with all the employees of that company.  Last date to file ITR was coming close so I deposited tax from my own  pocket and filled ITR of that year. I had sent a compalin for same via registered post. Now they are asking for interest on tax paid under section 143 (1). In my case employed should held responsible for it rather than targeting individual. What should I do in this case.

    • Suresh says:

      Punit, IT law is something different. It says it is the responsibility of the employee to pay tax. In case of default from employer, still employee need to settle tax and you can settle with employer. In my personal opinion, we cannot do anything except for paying the interest amount and put the request to your employer and claim Tax+interest.

  159. Prasanna VM says:



    I just sumbitted the returns file in the website

    I have wrongly filled my address and the date of the submission in the excel and uploaded the xml file in the website. it has also reflected in the acknowledge also. now how to change this? i am not to upload it again snice i have submitteb already the form ITR-!.


    please advice

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Prasanna, You can submit the rectification of ITR only after you get acknowledgement from CPC Bangalore. Since you just submitted, my suggestion is to proceed and send necessary signed documents to CPC Bangalore. Once you get acknowledgment to your email ID, you can do the rectification online.

      • Prasanna VM says:

        will be there any problem since i have entered wrong info in the online?

        ok then i will send the document to bangalore via post after that i can able to change the address and date via rectification of ITR.. so once again after correction do i need to send the necessary signed documents to CPC Bangalore? 

        please advice

  160. mahesh yadav says:

    thank for such a helpfull information.

    i wroungly put gross salery insted of taxable salery in ITR of AY 2011-12, because of this income tax dept issued tax demmand letter to me, but in actual i paid extar tax  and it will be refund,  now can i change these salery income  figers by rectification.

    • Raju Chinnamsetty says:

      Tds was made on 23-11-2009 and 23-2-2010.  Treasury Dept., has informed me that online filing of Form-24G for the first time came into force from 04/2010.  So, there was mis-match between TDS and my Form-26AS.  What to do?  Please guide me.

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