How to file income tax rectification online for any errors in ITR

How to file income tax rectification online for any errors in ITRHow to file income tax rectification online for any errors in ITR

If you have filed the income tax return through online and made some errors, you can file income tax rectification online request and correct those errors. In this article I would detail on how to file the income tax rectification online.

Consider these points, before filing income tax rectification online

When you filed income tax return online, Central Processing Centre of Income Tax Department from Bangalore would process your file and would send an acknowledgment to you. This rectification of income tax is possible for all returns filed online for AY2009-10.

Read all the details printed in the CPC intimation. You would have omitted or committed some errors while filing the returns. You need to identify all such cases to rectify.

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Check the common error guides provided by many professional tax consultants on their websites. This would help you in checking on how to correct the data.

You need to retrieve the XML file which you have used to file the income tax returns online if you have stored it. This is the Excel document which you have used to update income tax return and uploaded into Income tax website. If this is readily available, you can use it, else you need to re-create this XML file with all details available in the CPC intimation.

Please note that you can rectify your income tax return within 4 years from the completion of financial year.

Step-by-Step process on how to file income tax rectification online

Step-1: Keep the Intimation letter ready which is received under section 143 (1) from Income tax department, Central Processing Centre, Bangalore for the Income Tax returns filed by you online for AY 2009-10 or later.

Step-2: Verify the intimation to see the computations as per CPC records. The computations or information provided might be incorrect. Identify all such cases on a piece of paper separately.

Step-3: Review the Common Error guide to know the variations in your income tax return.

Step-4: As indicated above, you need to keep the XML file ready which is either filled in earlier with necessary modifications now or which is created now with the correct information. The complete return should be filled including TDS and Tax payment schedules. Please note that your filled in XML file is your revised Income tax return, means, don’t think you just need to file only rectified data. You need to file the complete ITR with corrected data. However, there should not be any revision in income figures or new claims since then the rectification of income tax request would be rejected or rectification would be delayed. It may be noted that this facility is only for correcting mistakes apparent from record.

Step-5: After the Income tax return data is corrected then the xml can be generated from the excel software. This is the income tax rectification XML file.

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Step-6: Visit site and go to below path:

My Account-> Rectification-> Rectification upload

Step-7: Fill in necessary details from the intimation sheet like Assessment year, CPC ref no etc. which will be verified to ascertain that only the taxpayer in possession of the Intimation from CPC would be able to submit a rectification request.

Step-8: Fill in details of Schedules where changes have been made and reasons for seeking rectification in income tax.

Step-9: Please note if your address has been changed in the rectification XML file, you should check the address changed checkbox to ensure that the new address is updated else the old address as per e-return only will be used.

Step-10: Now upload the Rectification XML file. Validations will be done to ascertain that only mistakes apparent from record are sought to be rectified

Step-11: Upon successful upload, Rectification Request number and acknowledgement will be displayed.

In case Bank Account Number is changed in rectification XML as compared to Bank Account number as per e-return then the rectification request is only PROVISIONALLY uploaded. A response sheet will be displayed, which has to be filled and a cancelled cheque attached and sent to CPC Bangalore. Only upon receipt of this response sheet at CPC Bangalore rectification request will be finally accepted and acknowledgement generated.

Step-12 (If applicable): The rectification request can be withdrawn within 7 days if uploaded by mistake or the request needed to be amended. Only one rectification request can be submitted at any time. Any rectification request after submission has to be processed at CPC before the next rectification request for the same PAN and AY can be submitted.

Step-13: The income tax rectification request will be processed at CPC and either the rectification will be issued or the request would be rejected.

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How to file income tax rectification online for any errors in ITR


  • sushma

    i filed my income tax as Rs. 3200/- for AY 2015-16 through SBI Challan online while my tax was only 1300/-
    Now i received one notice from CPC with error code 38 (Tax Liability is shown as payable in the return of income).
    Please advise what to do now and how to inform them that I have paid the Tax and nothing is pending at my end.

    • Gautam kumar

      No problem Ms. Sushma ji, Step By step details,
      a) First Check details of paid Challan hard copy, then check challan amount in 26 As OLTAS details under income tax login page …
      b) so confirm challan amount 3200/- in 26as OLTAS , then correction online income tax return..
      c)click online rectification income tax return then fillup CPC No. and date and other data fill up..
      d) then open your fill up return details check challan amount and challan no date, sure fillup amount and challan no is wrorng, change details and upload return…..

  • sooryanarayana

    i had got notice by error code 38 as139(9) kindly provide me the meaning

    • This error refers that you have not paid the income tax as per your return. Check what is showing in ITR tax filing made by you. Does it show that some tax is payable and it does not show zero ?

  • sakthi

    I received “ITR transferred out of cpc to jurisdictional assessing officer in income tax office” for my assessment year 2013-2014.
    So can anyone help me wat i need to do next??.. How to process after this??

  • S Aftab

    I filed my ITR for AY 2014-15, then I happen to note that there was Outstanding Demand against my name for AY 2008-09. When I checked up I had erroneously mentioned my PAN as ABCD09887G instead of ADCD09887G (just an example). Thus the Tax for AY 2008-09 plus interest is showing as Outstanding demand. Full tax amount was deducted by my employer as TDS and there was refund during said period AY 2008-09 too.

    Let me know how to rectify it, is it possible to rectify it on line.

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