June-2015: Latest recurring deposit(RD) interest rates comparison in India

Recurring deposit interest rates in India (Apr-2013)Latest recurring deposit interest rates comparison in India (Updated 30-May-2015)

In the last couple of months, banks have lowered the fixed deposit interest rates and latest recurring deposit interest rates. While comparing latest RD rates with various banks in India indicate that banks are still betting good business on recurring deposits, however offering competitive interest rates. Investment in recurring deposits in India is continued to be one of the best choice for several investors. Due to various features associate with it, these are continuously gaining momentum as investors believe these as a safe investment option. We are publishing the latest major banks recurring deposits interest rates month on month as part of creating awareness among investors to choose the best one instead of compromising and depositing with their current bank. 

Latest recurring deposit interest rates comparison in India, June-2015

Bank Recurring deposit interest rates-Jun-2015

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Latest recurring deposit interest rates in India

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  1. sridhar /

    hi suresh ,

    i am going thru your blog .i have approached one of LIC rep and he had suggested me a plan where some thing like i need to invest 1.6 Lakh per annum for duration of 16 years .starting from 17th year till 21st year i will get àmount as 10lakh , 3.5 L , 3.5L , 3.5Lakh , 25lakh . is this a worth plan ? Is there any better way i can invest and getter much better than above amounts by having combination of RD , vkp , ppf , mf balanced etc …. assume if ican pay 1.6L in 4 quarters installments per annum

    1. Alok Gupta /

      With RD If you invest this amount(14000) each month for 16 years @ 8.5% you will 56 Lacs!!

      With LIC this will be only 46 Lacs!!

      1. sarika /

        Hi, Can u please let me know why bank is offerring this scheme of 14000 for 16 yrs @ 8.5 yr gets 56 lacs

  2. Paras /

    Brilliant blog. I want to know the current RD interest rates of PNB and Canara. How can i find that ? In bank website, they are showing only Fixed deposit’s interest rate.

    1. Suresh KP / Post Author

      The details indicated in this article are latest RD rates Paras. You can call customer support and re-confirm

  3. karteek /

    Dear sir,

    Could you provide revised Rd interest rates please…..

    1. Suresh KP / Post Author

      Yes Kartee, too many articles, I am updating these days, would update on Tuesday

  4. karteek /

    Hello sir this is karthikeya. My age is 20. I’m planning to save Rs 500 every month. i’m so interst to invest this money to RD. Duration 5 years. So kindly let me know which bank is preferable for Rd.

  5. Kamal /

    Hey Suresh, I’m 19 years old and earning about 25000-30000 every month, I save 15000 a month, can you give me some ideas on how to invest this 15000? I was planning to open a RD acc.( 1 year period ) this year, add 15000 a month which makes it 180000, and 196200 after interest of 9%, out of which , I’ll add 150000 to my PPF acc every year and continue the same process for 20 years, since I don’t wanna work after I turn 40. What do you think about it?Please give me some options, A reply would be appreciated.

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