How to check employee provident fund epf online?

How to check employee provident fund epf online, epf online

How to check employee provident fund epf online?

Last year, employee provident fund office (EPFO) has launched provident fund account details online. With this new initiative all employees in India can now get to know the provident fund balance on their finger tips. How to check provident fund epf online or how to know the claim status in epf online? This process is very simple and you get the info in seconds.

Process on how to check provident fund epf online

  • Visit the epf online website link
  • Select PF office state (e.g. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc.,)
  • Select the employee provident fund office (EPFO) (e.g. Chennai or Hyderabad where your PF account is operating)
  • Employee provident fund no. – There would be 5 fields and first 2 fields are populated with State and City. You need to enter the information in 3rd, 4th and 5th fields
  • 3rd field – Enter the establishment code.
  • 4th field – Enter the extn number and leave it blank if not applicable
  • 5th field – Enter provident fund number
  • Enter the name appearing in EPF slip
  • Enter your mobile no. Mobile number is recorded in provident fund account no now.
  • Once you check “I agree” button and click on submit button, the details are sent to your mobile number through SMS

How to know the claim status in epf online?

If you are an EPF member/subscriber, and submitted the claim, you can check the status by following below process.

  • Visit the epf online claim status page (
  • Select PF office state (e.g. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc.,)
  • Select the employee provident fund office (EPFO) (e.g. Chennai or Hyderabad where your PF account is operating)
  • Enter the EFPO (employee provident fund office). The region code and office code would get retrieved by system automatically
  • 3rd field – enter the establishment code. It would be generally 7 digits.
  • 4th field – enter the extn code if any. The extn code would be normally 3 digits
  • 5th field – enter the provident fund number
  • Click the submit button
  • Status would appear online

Do you have any grievances, visit this page and submit your issue (

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Topic: How to check provident fund epf online

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  1. Stanley Jones says:

    Pf no. pls

  2. suresh kumar says:

    Dear sir /madam

    my pf account no DL/CPM/0016681/000/0000439 plz send me detail

  3. kuldeep sharma says:

    i m change the company on 1 march 14, but till date my privious pf account not update online, it shows balance till 1/7/2013. and i what to transfer the pf accout , so please tell is ther any problum in transfer the pf account. if yes theen suggest what can i do for that





  4. sagar says:

    Hello sir,

    When I checked my previous employer payslip, the PF account number is showing as 

    When i tried to check balance online, it is asking me to select city, which I do not know. How Can I find which establishment area it is operating?

    When I searched online and guessed one area and filled my details and mobile number, still it is showing as invalid input.

    can you help me.


    • rishi says:

      Hi Sagar,

      looks you had worked with wipro. try with PY/BOM/0011394/000/0096087.

      But I am not sure that will you able to see your balance as wipro has its own PF trust.



  5. Amit says:

    Hi Sir,

    I left NCC 3 years back but I, didn't get my pf balance to my account. I checked with my company, they said my account is not operative. I went to my company again. I filled the form and submitted to my company(NCC) but today is almost 4 months over, there is no information about my pf at all in EPFO site. The availability data is not updated since April for Hyderabad EPFO .

    Please update the data for Hyderabad EPFO Office. So, that i can check my PF status.

    Thank You

  6. majhar ulla khan says:

    Dear sir my pf a/c is ua33126/1773
    pf office dehradun
    mujhe bal janna hai
    plz help me…..

  7. Neha says:


    I have my previous company's employee code but I dont have the PF number of the same. Is it possible to find out the PF number, if I have employee code and I also know the PF region and office. 

    Please help me if anyone has idea on the issue.


  8. Amit says:

    Dear. Sir/madam

    My pf no. Is. 16575/000/0043290
    my pf detail is not available so please. Sand me detail

  9. Varun says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have tried to check the PF Withdrawal status by following the above steps and could get the information saying its already under process.

    I now tried to know the amount in the account and followed the relevant steps you have mentioned. However, I did not getany SMS as it promised to do. Kindly help.

  10. madan mohan says:

    Hi , when I am downloading PF Passbook, the information is available till 2013-03 only, How can I get latest information ,could some one please guide



  11. Mujeeb says:

    Hi There,


    Thanks for ur help, could you please provide my PF account number with below details

    Company 247inc customer care bangalore 560071

    EMP ID 47021

    worked for jan 2012 to april 2012


  12. k.Eswaran says:

    my pf no is15414 sir all infermation plz give email id sir

  13. G.BABU says:

    dear sir


    i need pf tamil nadu account no check

  14. Bhagyaraj says:



    I have tried giving my pf account details perfectly to see my amount balance but i am facing following issue.


    STATUS for Member ID: AP/HYD/0072694/000/0000044

    Data not available. For detail's please contact respective EPF Office.



    Please help me out, how to fix this issue ?




    • Suresh KP says:

      Bhagyaraj, Not able to help you. Since it is Hyderabad PF number, it should provide the balance as Hyderabad division is enabled for this service. You may need to call the PF office directly.

  15. Navin says:

    Thanks a lot for helping me out for INPUTING CORRECT METHOD OF EPFO ACCOUNT NUMBER.



  16. Sunder Singh says:


    I do not have my employ code and I want to check my PF balance. Can you let me is there any chance to get the code through PF site or any other option which you have?


    Sunder Singh

  17. Srujan Prasad says:


    I worked for two companies in Andhra Pradesh and have not withdrawn my PF I approached the local PF office in Hyderabad and fill in all the details and during submission they said they cant accept the forms as one pertaining to Maharastra and the other is New Delhi. I am in a fix how do I proceed my PF account numbers are 1) MH/35679/4247  and 2)  DL/19961/7579 and my Name is Sruja Prasad S V I tried checking my EPF balance but the system says invalid input how can I withdraw my PF Pls advise



    • Suresh says:

      Srujan, If you have worked for two companies, have you transferred the PF amount from one company to another or just opened fresh PF account at second company. If your answer is no, means you would have only one PF account. You need to approach your company corporate office about where the PF office related to your company. Based on that you shoulud either transfer or withdraw Pf amount. If your answer is Yes, you should folllow this process for both the companies you have worked

  18. RAJESH DAWADA says:

    Sir, This is to inform U that my EPF amount transferred from my Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) A/c no:JH/JAM/0013526/000/00000447 to Patna (Bihar) A/c PT/BR/0002586/000/00000664 in 30/08/2010 but still it is not reflacts to my Patna EPF A/c, Pls. help to solve my issue urgently..



  19. Good evening Sir.

    i forgot my employee pf number how to  find pf no

    name : padiminipriyadarshini d

    employee code: P15701

    Applying pf date : march 20th


    can u please send detail of my pf status

    thanking you

    • Suresh says:

      Priyadarshini, It would get printed on every month pay slip. They would also provide statement every year. As final check, you need to talk to your employer and get the number.

  20. Ganapati Hegde says:

    I tried my level best to get the PF balance details on line. Even after entering the correct code and no as in my payslip, it advises to check with the PF office. Where as my company has paid the PF amounts deducted till 22/7/2013, which also available against the code of the establishment. Even the name of the employees who's pf has been deposited is been displaying.

    But still unable to get the total amount/statement of balance.

    Can any one help me? My PF account is DS NHP 0010589  0101166. Name – Ganapati Ganesh Hegde as in pay slip.

    Awaiting for your kind response

    • Suresh says:

      Ganapati, Online portal should provide the info. However looks system throws error and asking you to contact PF Office. I am not able to help you except advicing you to check your local PF office.

  21. jagannath sahu says:

    Hi friend,

    My Name Jagannath Sahu, My last company not give my EPF Amount bacck. How to withdraw My EPF. Please Sajest me .



    Jagannath sahu

    • Suresh says:

      Jagannath, Previous company would not pay this amount to you. You need to apply for transfer or withdrawal from PF Office. Currently this is manual process. Please appraoch PF office and fill the form and get your previous employer signatures and submit. The amount would be credited withn 90 days in your bank account.

  22. rabiya basree says:

    dear sir

    my name is rabiya basree

    I have many times to try the link

     i just wanna know is my pf no AP/HY/56070/148880 is valid?

    i am not able to track my pf balance with this pf no pls help ,

    show msg

    STATUS for Member ID: AP/HYD/0056070/000/0148880

    Data not available. For detail's please contact respective EPF Office.




    thanking you



    • Suresh says:

      Hi Rabiya, I would not be able to help you as you need to provide correct details online to get these details. Have you tried puting “000” code as blank and tried ?

  23. Harpreet Singh says:

    I want to know my pf A/C balance. My pf no. Is PB/34386/97

  24. BJYOTHIRMAI says:

    Sir, i want to withdraw my pf from the institiute which i resigned one year bak, and i want to apply online withdrawal for to clear my pf,  Is online settlement is available in hyderabad ?

  25. md imtiyaz ahsan says:

    dear sir i am md imtiyaz ahsan my pf acnt no- AP/HY/56070/152284 please i need the pf amount balance. Thanking you

  26. rammohan says:

    sir,i'm rammohan.p pf/no;ap/hy/20768/ i need the epf amount balance.

  27. sriram says:

    Hi, suresh
    i just wanna know is my epf no.AP/HYD/30956/686
    is valid?
    Am not able to track my epf balance with this epf no.
    Pls help!!

  28. imran saifiu says:

    plz sir ….send me the information of my pf
    my P F nu is … MH126943212


  29. Azeem says:

    Hello Sir,

    I tried multiple times to get my PF balance in the link you provided but I'm unable to get the details. I tried entering the PF number as you suggested but it looks like im doing some mistake in it. Could you please guide me on how to enter my PF number? My PF number is: KN/26858/991.

    • Suresh says:

      Once you visit the link, select the state (looks your is karnataka), next select the city. Now there are 3 fields enabled (1s and 2nd are filled and 3rd, 4th and 5th need to be filled). Update your 3rd field with PF number. Leave 4th field blank and fill your fifty field. Now give correct name as per Payslip and enter your mobile number. You shold get your data on your mobile

      • chirag says:

        as i go on 5th feild to enter the PF ac no. says maximum 7 digit. What does this mean , what we have to enter.


        Pls reply

    • rishi says:

      Try to find your modified PF no. it looks older to me. Like earlier my pf no was KN/12345 but now its BG/BNG/12345. Search newone with the help of your company code in pf website.

  30. DYV says:


    I had job in gujarat for 2.5 years with EPF account in Vadodara.

    Now I am working in Maharashtra.

    I am in confusion – Withdraw OR Transfer?

  31. Sunil guleria says:

    Dear Sir,

                       i want to know that i am employe in one call center for 1year 6 months and after many times i give regination letter to my manager but he not accpete that after end i left the job without intimation .so i want to know can i get the pf or not


    with Regards

    Sunil Guleria

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Sunil, To transfer or withdraw your PF from your previous employer, you need to get the documetation signed from your previous employer. If you have left the job without any intimation to them, there are less chances that your previous employer would sign the PF documents. You can still try.

      • M S KkHANNA says:

        U may contact your EPFO and submit the doumcnts verified by their employer or BANK MANAGER concaerned sving account, and could be able to get the refund.

  32. giri prakash says:

    Sir is this currect EPF No, i want my EPF status.  AP/GT/48979/154

  33. bhisham sharma says:

    dear sir,   



    my Pf no is – 834 so sir all information plz give my email id  



    thanking you

  34. Ghanahsyam says:

    Thank you sir….


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