1. avinash says:

    Hi Suresh,

    Would like to know if we can do a fixed deposit for the newly born baby for a longer duration (say 10 yrs) by his name itself ? Or do we need to fixed under parent name and make child as nominee for the amount ?


  2. dspandey says:

    I want a scheme through any Nationalised Bank for marrige of my grand daughter for 15 years period.It should be in the form of F.D. which can be utilized at the time of marrige.If there is any possibility to get a income tax rebate  on these schemes.

  3. indu bhushan prasad says:

    i have to invest to get interest on mobthly basis. which is the best scheme dfhl or stfl?

  4. G.Rajesh says:

    Good site to get advice and feedback.

    For NRI who can invest 3 lakhs / annum, what is the best option for investment? FD or mutual funds? We are aiming for 50K / month income after 15 years.

    Take care & thank you


    • Suresh KP says:

      Rajesh, it depends on your risk appetite. If you can take some risk, investing in mutual funds for long term can definitely help you to grow your money. Choose some of the top funds which I recommended on mutual fund articles.

  5. gurmit singh says:

    Dear sir, i am intersted of fd 200000 lakh plz suggest me good plan

  6. Samatha Reddy says:

    Dear Sir,

    please suggest some top mutual funds for my 4yrs old where i can save 3000 pr month fr 15 years.



    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Samantha, Please invest in large cap and hybrid funds. 1) Large cap – HDFC Top-200 / ICICI Pru focussed blue chip fund 2) Balanced – You can check HDFC Prudence / ICICI Balanced fund. 

  7. Ashok says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please suggest which bank is good for FD and recurring A/c,mutual funds



    • Suresh KP says:

      You can invest in nationalised banks or large private banks. For mutual funds, you need to open MF account with MF broker like ICICIdirect.com or fundsindia. com etc.,

  8. Ashok says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have two kids below 6 yrs,i want one time  investment for each of them. i can invest 1.5 lakh for each,Can you suggest which will be good for them.

    Thanks And Regards


  9. sreeramya says:

    hi sir, I can save 15000rs per month for the next 2 years. Please suggest me a good option which gets me high interest rates as i want 500000rs after 2 years. I could not take risks. Expecting ur reply. :) 

  10. Nazeer says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I have seen many of your replies and it is very goo to see those are helping alot of them.

    In the same way i need your help in investing money as my second source of income( irrespective of time).

    I can invest max of 5K per month, not sure with what i can start(Mutual funds, SIP, post office…)

    Can you please help me in getting a good scheme as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Nazeer, It depends on your risk appetite 1) If you are low risk investor, invest in bank recurring deposit schemes 2) If you can take some risk, invest in balanced funds like HDFC prudence fund or TATA balanced fund etc.

  11. Robert says:


    I am a us resident not from indian origin, How can I invest in India, looking for term deposits mainly.


  12. akhil says:

    Hello Sir,

    Hope you are fine!!!! i need your guidance to invest in mutual funds/gold etf/NCD as this is my starting phase.

    Please suggest on the basis of the beginner, I have gone thru many sites and noticed that debt/balanced funds are good to invest…

    i can invest inr 5000.00 per month/31 years/married and can take midium/high risk.

    also advise if there are some short term plans also available to invest..i just opned my trading/demat account in icici direct.





    • Suresh KP says:

      Akhil, Don’t go for short term plans using demat account or trading account. Invest in HDFC balanced fund or ICICI balancd mutual fund to start with. You can also invest in safe and secured NCD’s which I keep recommending now and then

      • akhil says:

        Thanks for the reply….Kindly advise if i can invest INR 2000.00 each in HDFC and ICICI balance mutual fund.
        also advise the best and secured NCD to invest with.

        Also suggest good companies to invest in gold ETF and returns expected.


        • Suresh KP says:

          Akhil. Good, regd your question about NCD, keep reading our articles and invest in top rated NCD’s. Regd ETF you can invest in SBI Gold ETF, but do not expect quick returns as gold has been stabilizing for some time and returns are very low in last 1-2 years.

          • akhil says:


            Thanks for the reply…Please find below the funds selected as per the previous returns given and i need your suggestion to select one fund from each category to proceed further as it's my starting phase and kindly add the fund if you like to add from your side.

            I have decided for SIP of INR 2000.00 per month for the selected funds.

            Mid and small cap funds:-

            BNP Paribas Mid Cap Fund-G

            HDFC Mid Cap opp fund-G

            SBI Magnum Mid Cap fund-G

            ICICI Pru Mid Cap fund Reg-G

            UTI Mid Cap Fund-G

            Balanced Funds:-

            Canara Rob Balance Scheme-Reg-G

            HDFC Balanced Fund-G

            Tata Balance Fund

            ICICI Pru Balanced Fund Reg-G

            Diversified Funds

            ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan Reg-G

            UTI Opportunities Fund-G

            Large Cap Funds:-

            Birla SL Top 100 fund-G

            ICICI Pru Focused blue chip fund reg-G

            HDFC Top 200 fund-G

            And for GOLD ETF i shall proceed with SBI Gold ETF as suggested.



          • Suresh KP says:

            Akhil, My preference would be like this 1) Midcap- HDFC mid cap opps fund 2) HDFC balanced fund 3) UTI opps fund 4) ICICI Pruy focussed fund

  13. Rahul says:

    I want to invest 20 lakhs.how and where can I get best and assured return.
    Please advise.

    • Suresh KP says:

      Rahul, It depends. In case you are low risk appetite investor, best is to invest in bank FD or post office schemes. If you are medium risk appetite investor, invest in top rated corporate FD schemes. See this link. http://myinvestmentideas.com/2014/04/5-top-rated-company-fixed-deposit-schemes-for-superior-returns/

      Since this is lumpsum, I would not advice you to invest in mutual funds.

  14. Navneet says:

    Hi Sureshji,

        We would like to invest for our kids education, 50000 per annum, so that by the time he reaches school, he gets some amount as tution fee … Also, we would like to invest for a good retirement plan , I can invest till 50000 per annum ..i would like to reitre by next 20/25 years….I am 30 year old now…Please suggest some good saving plan…If both of these schemes could give me some tax exemption that really good.




    • Suresh KP says:

      There are sevral ways you can plan and it depends on your risk appetite. Since you are married and have kids, you should look for medium risk investment options. You can look to invest in equity mutual funds and hybrid mutual funds for now. You can opt for ICICI Pru focussed blue chip fund, HDFC Balanced fund, etc., You can invest in PPF for your retirement option where you would get tax benefit u/s 80C upto Rs 1 Lakh per annum and the returns are also tax free. 

  15. santtosh says:

    i would like to invest 40k is that pnb housing fixed deposit is good

    • Suresh KP says:

      Santosh, PNB Housing Finance FD Scheme is FAAA Rated by Crisil, hence it is good for investment. The interest rates are around 9.4% to 9.65% depending on the tenure. You should know that company fixed deposits carry risk, hence you should park small amount of your portofolio only.

  16. palak das says:

    sir, i have completed my graduation and searching for a job. soon, i will receive an amount of 50000rs. i want to invest this amount to get a regular return in 2 to 3 months. i can’t bear risk and also expecting high returns from my investment. please suggest me an investment plan which fulfills my requirements. waiting for an urgent reply.

  17. kutty says:


    iam 30yrs old and i would like to invest Rs.2000 per month.but i dont know where to invest.i need only a safe savings without any risks.so is it better in post office or in banks.

    • Suresh KP says:

      Both are safe investments. You can look for opening bank recurring deposit. Approach your bank and you can open an RD account. Monthly on specific date, the RD amount would automatically deducted from your Savings bank account.

  18. Veena Garlapati says:

    In Plan number 4, I din't get if the minimum amount (10,000) is the minimum amount for Fixed Deposit or the minimum amount we have to pay per month. Please clarify on this. Thanks in advance!

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Veena, It is minimum investment of Rs 10,000. You can invest Rs 10,000 or Rs 20,000 or Rs 30,000 etc., This is a single FD amount and not per month.

  19. hasnain khan says:

    Sir I am 35 years old and I want monthly income about 50000k per month when I am 50 please tell me any plan

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Hasnain, There are several ways where you can achieve this goal. 1) Invest Rs 7,000 per month in bank RD for next 25 years. You would get Rs 90 Lakhs. Even if you can exclude tax amount upto 20% and balance you can deposit this in Post office MIS Scheme or Bank FD, you can get Rs 50,000 per month 2) You can invest similar amount in PPF account and get tax free returns too 3) You can invest Rs 3,000 only per month in top performing mutual funds for 25 years and get 13% annualised returns and get Rs 68 Lakhs. With this you can again invest in bank FD or post office scheme and get Rs 50K per month as returns. The above are only few tips, there are several other ways.

      • Praveen Kumar says:

        Hi Suresh, I have gone through your post that are really helpful and I am interested in RD you have mention in above post ; Invest Rs 7000 for 25 years; pls specify in which Bank i can avial this offer;


  20. Badal kumar says:

    Dear Suresh Ji,

    Please suggest me the better option for the retimrent plan.

    1. I can invest upto 50k per annum. And I am 25 years old now. I am planning to invest next 30 years. Based on this, pls suggest me the better options available.

    2. As i came to knpow that there is one plan in LIC which is jeevan anand, which gives life cover for 20lakhs and at the time of maturity they will give the lumpsum amount 1 crore for a premium amount of 50k per annum.

    2.OR is it better taking a term plan woth 1 corore with other companies for a permium of 10k per annum and the remaining 40k can be invsted in the MFs which is said above like (SBI mugnum and HDFC etc).

    please suggest which one will be the better option, for better yielding.

    Thnaks, Badal




  21. Arun CM says:

    Hi Suresh,

    1)I would like to invest Rs: 50,000 per month for the next one year.

    2)Also could you suggest some investment plans for a period of 15 years where i could invest Rs,5000 monthly.

    Please suggest a best option,




    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Arun, If you are looking for short term investments for 1 year, you can invest in bank RD or post office RD schemes which offer 8.5% to 9% returns. You can also invest in short term mutual funds where you can expect 8% to 9%.  Regd long term plans, go thru our articles, there are variety of investment options like mutual funds, secured NCD’s, post office saving schemes. In mutual funds, invest in largecap or diversified funds like ICICI Pru focussed blue chip fund,BNPP Equity fund, UTI India life style fund or UTI Opps fund or Quantum long term equity fund and Birla SL Gen Next. You can pick any of these funds.

  22. Sagar says:

    I am a naturalized citizen of a foriegn country with Indian origin and want to invest in India (safe and low risks) for my young kids (educational) and for myself (retirement).

    Please advise on possibe options \banks on Fixed Deposit , Recurring Deposit & Life Insurance (Guaranteed Return) 


    • Suresh KP says:

      Sagar, Since you fall under NRI, there are NRE FD schemes. You can approach any of Indian banks where you might be having an account. If not, you can approach major banks like SBI, ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank and open NRI FD account. Insurance companies would not give life insurance policies for NRI’s and only few of them have them but with several T&C’s. You can look mutual funds as one of the investment options. Invest in largecap or diversified funds like ICICI Pru focussed blue chip fund,BNPP Equity fund, UTI India life style fund or UTI Opps fund or Quantum long term equity fund and Birla SL Gen Next. You can pick any of these funds.

  23. Anusua Chatterjee says:


    Suresh, I have sold my property and now have to reinvest the money.After reinvesting the indexed sum in buying another property to avoid LTCG taxes, I am left with a sum of 30 lakhs.I am 38 year old , married with a single daughter aged 3.5 years.please advise how best can I invest this  money. Also pl advise if I could invest some lumpsome in gold (ETF OR GOLD MF) and for how long.





    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Anusua, Investment of lump sum amount should be done with little careful. My suggestion is to invest in bank FD or post office saving FD scheme for now. The monthly interest can be diverted into either RD or invest in large cap mutual funds like ICICI focussed blue chip fund or Franklin India growth fund kind of funds. Regd investment in gold, the prices are fluctuating, hence you can invest in 3 to 6 lots over 3 to 6 months time frame. This way you can get better price for your gold. You should invest in Gold ETF’s as the charges are low and you would get better returns comparing to gold funds. 

  24. Maven says:

    Hello Sir

    Im a british citizen and i hold an OCI. My mother is from India and have a bank account in Canara bank.

    I want to invest 1.5Crores in one go for 10 years.

    Can you please give me advice on the both High and low risk investment with a good return?

    Thank you


    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Maven, Since you are looking for lump sum investment of Rs 1.5 Crore, you can invest in bank FD in your mother name in India or invest in post office saving schemes. These offer interest rates of 8.5% to 9.5% per annum (pre tax) which are low risk options. Alternatively you can invest in balanced mutual funds like ICICI Balanced fund or Debt mutual funds like SBI Dynamic fund or IDFC Dynamic bond fund. These are medium risk options. There are several medium to high risk options like stocks or diversified mutual funds or large cap mutual funds, but I would not advice you to invest them in lump sum. 

      • Maven says:

        Hiya sir

        Thank you for your reply.

        Sir is this a good investment:

        Canara NRE –Term deposits for 10 years Rate of Interest 9.05% = Annualised
        Interest Yield 14.47%?

        thank you for your time

  25. Antra says:

    Hi sir,

    I have 1lac right now I want to invest my money for long term…pls suggest the best investment options with min risk.
    Would a FD be a good option pls guide me as I have little knowledge about banks.

    • Suresh KP says:

      Hi Antra, Since you are low risk taker, invest in bank FD or post office saving scheme. For Bank FD you just need a bank account and paper work would be very less. 

  26. Ashok Patni says:

    Dear Sir


    I want to invest Rs. 3,00,000/- (One time Investment) for next 20-25 years in the name of my just born grand son  (Born on 21/10/2013), pl suggest me some of the good investment plans. Please.


    Thanking You.


    Ashok patni



    • Suresh says:

      Hi Ashok, It depends on your risk appetite. If you are low risk taker, you can consider investing in balanced mutual funds like HDFC Prudence or ICICI Balanced fund or TATA Balanced fund. But if you do not want to take any risk at all, investing in a bank FD can yield you 9% returns. You can also check about Post office term deposits which are safe and which offers 8.5% returns. 

  27. Rajeev Kumar G says:

    Dear Mr .Suresh,

    Please advice me about the childrens education term deposit scheme. Presently I am employed in UAE and came to Know that HDFC bank has a scheme of deposit one lakh in annum for a period of ten year , at child age reech 16 the amount return back is 45 lakhs . Is there any scheme available in India in same manner

    Thanking you

    • Suresh says:

      Rajeev, There are no such schemes where you can invest Rs 1 Lakh for 10 years and after 16 years getting Rs 45 lakhs. At 9% interest rates offered by banks, the amount you can expect on 16th year is Rs 28 Lakhs. If someone is promising to pay Rs 45L, means they are promising returns of 13.5%. This could be possible by investing in equity / large cap  / diversified funds. However the returns are not guaranteed. Investing in top funds across 5 to 10 funds for long term could help you in achieving this goal.

  28. subhash says:

    suresh ji.mere pas 300000rs hai jo mai 15yrs k liye invest karna chahta hu koi
    best option bataye.thnx

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Subhash, For lumpsum investment look for bank FD if you are zero risk taker. If you can take some risk, invest in debt funds like SBI Magnum income fund or IDFC Dynamic bond fund. The returns would be 8% to 11% per annum. If you can let me know about your risk capacity, I would be able to advice you.

  29. sunita says:

    Dear sir,
    I can invest around 20 to 30 thousand per month. Now I am getting 60 thousand per month (Private), 40 years, paraplegic (Spinal cord injury). I am planning to work for another 10 years. Suggest safe pension scheme.

  30. Gopal says:

    Hi Suresh,


    I live in US and am a naturalized US citizen from india . My father recently passed and left me with some term deposit accounts as well as savings account in SBI. The total is less than 10 lacs. I want gift my sisters and nephew and minimize  the tax implications. What is the best way to go about it? Thank you

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Gopal, When you gift the amounts to your sister, it would not be taxable in your hands or in their hands as they fall under definition “relative”. If you want to give gift to nephew, I think they fall outside the relative definition and they need to pay tax on such gift. 

      • Gopal says:

        Hi Suresh,

        Thank you. The amount is actually 18 lacs. I am planning to obtain a either a PIO or OCI status. Pending that can I leave some money in a consolidated account here? 


        • Suresh says:

          Gopal, If you are applying for PIO or OCI, you must be aware of regulations. While you can hold rupee account in India, investmetn in mutual funds or ETF’s could be a headache due to US complications. Just take care of that.

  31. jitesh soni says:

    dear sir,

      presently i am working in UAE and my monthly saving is arround 1.5 lac. my age is 35. my job is secure up to next 4 yr. presently my ivestment is yearly 1.5 lac annual primium for insurance. 37 lac fd in mother (senoir citizen) account 02 recuring deposite 5000rs/monthly and arroung 500gm i purchased gold and 50000 rs mutual fund. I have already my own house. so what should be my investment? i have one 5 yr kid and no any loan.

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Jitesh, Looks you have covered life insurance, invested in gold, invested in bank FD and RD. The only option which looks you have invested in mutual funds. Invest in diversified or large cap mutual funds. To start, you can  invest in debt mutual funds which are low risk and would provide high returns compared to bank FD. You can choose SBI Dynamic bond fund or IDFC Dynamic bond fund. Once you are familair, you can invest in diversified funds like FT India blue chp fund or ICICI Pru blue chip focussed funds.

  32. Saravanakumar says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I have some of 10 lakhs in my hand. I would like to invest 5 lakhs as FD in two banks for two years. I am planning to do higher eduction. For my expenses I need  monthly income/ interest of the FD. How much can I get monthly with the best interest rating? Also I am planning for education loan for my higher education. So once I finished my eduction, I can return the loan amount with FD amount. But i think education loan interest rate is ~11%, but FD interest is ~8-9%. Please suggest your idea. What should I do.



    • Suresh says:

      Hi Saravanakumar. Assuming 9% interest you would get Rs 7,500 per month. Taking educational loan is good idea. However the interest rates are high for eductaional loan comparing to bank FD. If possible try to off-set after your educatoin is complete. Else you can pay the money in installments and you can also get tax exemption on such interest when you are earning and when your money is taxable.

  33. Anup says:

    I want to ask one thing,if my father(senior citizen) keeps around 50 lacs in any bank,how much monthly interest amount he can get in hand after deducting all the tid-bids.And,also want to know if any non-senior citizen keeps that amount how much that person will recieve.

    • Suresh says:

      Anup, If your father invests in any bank FD @ 9.5%, he would get Rs 4.75 Lakhs. Since the amount is more than Rs 200,000, even if your father submits Form 15H, bank may deduct TDS of 10% i.e. Rs 47,500. However your father need to pay income tax based on income tax slab. Assuming he is not investing in 80C and being Sr. citizen, his basic IT exemption would be Rs 250,000, his taxable income would be 225,000 and tax on that would be Rs 22,500 (10%) 

  34. Vivek says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I am a student of Diploma in banking Mangement. I required your help for my project topics.

    My Project is that there is an hoosewife who use to save Rs 3000 a month and at the end of the year she used to purchase gold from that money. But now as the gold prices have increased she now want to invest in some other option. So what is your suggestion as far as this case is concern.


    Please give me a reply as soon as possible

    • Suresh says:

      Good topic Vivek. There are variety of options. 1) She can invest in Gold ETF every month instead of waiting for year end to purchase for entire money of Rs 36,000. 2) She can deposit in Bank RD and get 9% interest rates 3) She can deposit in post office TD and get 8.5% interest rates 4) She can deposit in debt mutual funds (which carries low risk) and get returns of 8% to 10% per annum. The list would not just stop. These are the safe investment options. But out of all I prefer to recommend first option. This lady’s intention is to accumulate gold, but due to high prices she is holding the decision, when you opt for Gold ETF every month, there is no question of prices increase or decrease as she is investing every month to accumulate.

      • Vivek says:

        Hi Suresh,

        Thanks for the reply.

        However can you please let me know what are the good various Gold ETF plans in the current market, which provides a good return now in these plan?

        • Suresh says:

          Vivek, Almost all Gold ETF’s track underlying gold and track gold at international prices. Hence there would be small variation in their returns. I personally invest in SBI Gold ETF as the expense ratio is low comparing to others. Goldmansachs Gold ETF also good as the expense ratio is low which is inline with SBI Gold ETF

  35. Dhivya says:

    Hello Suresh,
    I would like to invest in some high return plan with minimum risk for my son’s future. Please let me know I diversified plan or hybrid plan or what else would suit. I would like to get around 25L at his 20s. He is 1 now.


    • Suresh says:

      Dhivya, There is no single plan where you can invest and gain. Even I would not suggest any single plans. You should invest in multiple options like Bank RD or Mutual funds (Choose some of the funds like Franklin India Bluechip fund or ICICI Pru bluechip focussed fund or HDFC Top-200 or debt funds like SBI Dynamic bond fund or IDFC Dynamic bond fund). You can also invest part of your money in Gold ETF’s like SBI Gold ETF or R* Shares gold ETF etc., In longer run, some of these options would out-perform and you would get good returns.

  36. Gopinath says:

    I've been looking for high return Fixed Deposits in general category and the information is populated over here: http://coziie.com/fixed-deposits/banks-paying-high-interest-rates-india.

    There are several banks that give 9.5% of interest rate for general fixed deposits and more than that for senior citizens.

    One thing I noticed is, all the popular banks(SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis) pay less for the fixed deposits compared to less popular banks like Andhra Bank, DCB.

    So if we want maximum returns on our fixed deposits, then we have to open accounts with small banks. But how easy is to operate with these banks? Are they providing good customer service? These are all the questions one needs to ask before opening a fixed deposit. At least to me, high interest rate is not the only criteria!

    • Suresh says:

      Agree Gopi. This is where large banks encash them. However Andhra Bank or some other banks which offer good interest rates are not that bad. If your sole objective is for FD, you can go ahead and invest. You should be little cautious about smaller banks which offer high rates but safety might be the issue.

      • Gopinath says:

        I guess all the banks irrespective of small or big, there is a safety for the money deposited. I feel so because they are all under RBI watch and RBI would intervien if something goes wrong.

        My main is with customer care. Lets say we want to break an FD, how co-operative the staff will be? How about submitting tax forms so that we can have better savings? 

        Once we open an FD, we would need at least one interaction per year with the bank for servicing. If the Public Sector banks improve service and accountability, they are the best ones to choose for long term investments.

        • Suresh says:

          Agreed Gopi. I have accounts in ICICI, Indian Bank and SBI. I am happy with these banks where I have branch. It does not mean that all branch customer support is good. However we should not forget the stories of GTB, Prudential Bank etc. Instead diversifying among various banks and various investment options would be always better than regretting later. 

  37. sandeep says:

    Hi, Suresh, I have 20lakhs and looking for short time returns (best) possibly in one or two years. I will be highly obliged if you could suggest me a best option. Thank you.

  38. prakashkiran says:

    Suresh ji, I don't have good savings. 50,000 i have invested in Reliance mutual funds last year it's going balanced and now 1,000,00 i want to fix. post office is not good now ? Please suggest me which FD will be best for me. Thanks !

  39. MANISH SINGH says:


    • Suresh says:

      Manish, VRD is like any FD/RD and hence TDS would be deducted. If your income is not taxable, you can submit form 15g and bank would not deduct TDS. This is good scheme where you can opt for a minimum fixed recurring deposit amount and invest any amount above than that still enjoying same interest rate when you opened the VRD account. 

  40. I ‘ll invest rs.1000 in fixed deposit in sbi bank how much interest will i get in 1 yr in rs. Pls tell

  41. Surendra Gutgutia says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I want to invest approx. 25-30k per annum for my 9 year old son and want a handsome maturity amount when he attain 18 years of age. This is purely for his educational expenses at that age. Where should I invest? LIC, Mutual Fund or any other. Please suggest.


    Surendra Gutgutia

    • Suresh says:

      Surendra, LIC, consider only for insurance perspective. There are variety of investment options like Diversified mutual funds or large cap mutual funds or hybrid mutual funds or Bank FD or post office saving schemes. In mutual funds you can invest to get return between 8% to 15 per annum. In Post office deposits or bank deposits, you can get 8% to 9.5% returns. If you still want to consider LIC investment products, you should note that the returns would be 4% to 5.5% (approx) per annum. 

  42. parvez shaikh says:

    hi suresh,


    Kapol bank, Special deposit scheme , 500 days, 10.10% (simple interest) is better or DCB bank 9.5% fixed deposit (2 yrs)will give higher returns on eg 1 lac?

    which is better?

    • Suresh says:

      Parvez, In my opinion, smaller banks would offer higher returns as people are yet to gain confidence for such banks. I feel they are little risky. But since you have deposit insurance up to Rs 1 lakh you can invest up to this limit per bank in such smaller banks. 

  43. K P Nayak says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I want to invest  50K per annum for long term (15yrs+) for my children's education. I see there are some plans available with LIC and SBI life for children's education in which the advanage is there will be no TDS, where as if i go for long term fixed deposit, TDS will be there. So in your calculation which is the best option to go for…Traditional LIC or FD?

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Nayak, Considering taking insurance products for “insurance” only and not for “Investment”. I hope you are adequately insured by taking term insurance plans. Yes Insurance maturity amounts are tax free, but bank FD are taxable. Insurance products would give you returns of 4% to 5.5% per annum (tax free).  On other hand Bank FD would provide returns of 9% with tax. Means if you are high tax bracket of 30%, you would get 7.3% returns post tax. Now you know which is best.

  44. amulya says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I am 24…I want to know whether Axis bank-FD(Tax Benefit) for 5yrs is good providing 9% interest is good.I want to invest 5K in SIP and 5K in PPF which provides tax benefits .

  45. Harish says:

    I need one more advice from you Suresh,I am planning half of the amount(8k) on safe investements and half of the amount in risk investments(7k).Please suggest good options for both the scenarios.

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Harish, I would give two scenarios 1) Invest only in mutual funds with safe / low options and risk options. You can invest HDFC Top-200 or ICICI Pru focussed blue chip fund (moderate risk) and HDFC Prudence fund or SBI Dyanimc bond fund (Low risk) 2) Invest in all options with what you suggested. Bank FD/RD / Post office schemes are safe options. Investing in stocks or mutual funds or company FD schemes would involve risk. You can diversify various options to reduce risk.

      • Harish says:

        Hi Suresh,

           Thanks for the reply.May i know about SBI Dyanimc bond fund details.I mean how will be the returns and for how many years will it provide me better results.Thanks in advance.


        • Suresh says:

          Harish, The current returns may or may not repeate in future. However you can expect returns between 8% to 10% depending on the market conditions. You can invest in such debt funds for 5 to 8 years period.

  46. mahesha says:

    Hi, I’m able to save 6000-8000 per month after deducting my expenses. sir, can u pls guide me how I can invest this amount atleast for minimum of 5 yrs. this is fluctuating amt. I also to hv tax benefit on the investment. should I go for RD and convert this in to FD or something else…. pls advice thank you.

  47. Ayush says:

    Hello Sir,

    I want to invest 10000 per month for short term i.e 1 to 3 years only. What options should i go for???


  48. Neha says:

    Hello Suresh,

    I want to start to save money and want to get the profit .I can save 2000rs./month ,could you please suggest me that where i should invest my money so that i  get the best interest .


    Thanks & regards


    • Suresh says:

      Neha, You should invest in large cap funds or diversified mutual funds. Check HDFC Top-200, Birla SL Frontline or ICICI Pru Focussed blue chip fund, UTI MNC fund etc.,

  49. raman says:

    Good day Suresh,  I have not been filing Income tax in India as I was in a foreign country for 10 years.  Now I have decided to be back In India for good.  How will I file my income tax returns?  Also, If I have joint account with my wife, how will my income from interest from the joint account will be considered for tax as my wife has a PAN number for her as well? 

    In your SBH double meeta scheme, how can we declare the interest every year on a lumpsum investment to avoid hefty interest tax at the end of 91 months?  Would appreciate your guidance in this regard.  Thanks a lot for the help.  regards raman

    • Suresh says:

      Raman, If you have any taxable income in a financial year you should file return. Also you should file return if you have any TDS deducted and you want to claim that. Get the TDS statement from bank and check against whose PAN card this is deducted. You can file return appropriately in the account of the person (against whose PAN card it got deducted) where interest is credited and TDS is deducted. Regd double ka meeta, your bank would give interest + TDS statemnet, you should consider that and fill ITR. 

  50. ashish says:

    I think ICICI is the best bank for fixed deposit..

  51. Pradip says:

    Hello sir ,

           I have 4 nieces. I want to keep some money in some schemes which will become at least 1 lakh in 15-20 years time which can be used in their marriages. Are there any schemes in market? it will be one time investment. I want to hand over certificate of this scheme to their parent. Kindly suggest 



    • Suresh says:

      There are no schemes in market where you can invest for 15-20 years. Bank FD also comes for 10 years (you can renew later) and NSC too comes for 10 years max. You can try these two options.

  52. shankar sao says:

    HI, i want to invest rs. 1000 for the 20year with the insurance. What should be good for me?

    • Suresh says:

      Shanker, Please pick-up your FD or RD where there is highest interest rates and where you have bank account. In addition if you are getting insurance coverage, it is a bonus. But for the sake of insurance don’t invest in bank FD

  53. Nishad says:

    Hai Suresh,

                      I read your investment plan details in various banks.Am interested in SBH Double ka meetha fixed deposit scheme. Am from kerala and have a plan to deposit 5 lakh in this plan. But as per the plan it will take around 8 years for the completition. But in this duration if the bank is merged with SBI or any other bank will i get the same benifit..??? Is any clarification regarding this.




  54. mano says:

    hi, i'm 23 and i get 20k per month, my monthly expenses are around 10k and i'm ready to invest upto 5k per month, can you suggest me some good investment plans?

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Mano, At this age, you should take risk and invest in stocks and mutual funds. Start with diversified mutual funds to start with. Invest in Birla Sunlife frontline, HDFC Top-200 and Reliance equity opps fund to start with.

  55. Snehal says:

    HHis there any double money plan in icici bank.


    • Suresh says:

      Hi Snehal, There are no such double dhamaka plan in ICICI. However you need not worry about such plans. Please use thum rule 72. If ICICI is providing 9% interest rate, just divide 72 with 9, you would get 8. Means it would take 8 years for your money to be doubled. It is immaterial whether banks have any special plans as long as you are meeting your objectives. 

  56. Raasu says:


    I have lump amount of Rs. 5 lakhs. I would like to deposit them to any nationalized bank and expecting interest either every month or quarterly basis. Please suggest me, name of the good bank that provides maximum funds. Or you can suggest me good scheme that may help me to earn interest for leaving without digesting capital. Thanks!

  57. Sonila says:

    Hi suresh,

    My employers have changed policies and they discontinued EPF so I have to withdraw my EPF money. I want to invest this money for better and risk free returns like FDs but the question is, do I hv to pay tax on the interest from that FD?

    It would be of great help if you guide me further regarding other risk free investments with good returns.


    Thanks and regards,


  58. Prathamesh says:

    hi suresh,

        I am 21 years old and just got out of college and I am making Rs. 40000 per month. My monthly expenses are around Rs.20000. I dont have any dependents, so i would like to invest my savings. please suggest some investment options.
        thank you.

    • Suresh says:

      Prathamesh. Good to hear that you are planning to invest in your early stages. You can make out good returns when you start early. My suggestion, keep reading my blog or other investment websites and understand how financial markets run. Till such time invest in bank FD and balanced mutual funds. Once you are familair, you can invest in stocks and equity mutual funds. All the best

  59. Rahul says:


    I have one question. If I open a Fixed Deposit for 1 Year or more on my Father's name who is retired and Senior Citizen, Will the interest income on the FD be considered my Income and taxed accoredingly? Or that income will not come under taxable income for me? I am going to submit Form15G to avoid deduction of TDS.

    It would be a great help if you answer above queries.


    • Suresh says:

      Two things to be noted. 1) If you invest in your father name, it would be falling under Gift. Since your father falls under the definition “relative”, it would be tax free for your father. 2) Since the investment is in your father name, the FD returns would fall under your father income and taxed accordingly. You can submit Form-15G for your father to avoid TDS as his income may not exceed the taxable limit

  60. Hiren says:

    Hi Suresh

    Can you please explain us on the fluctuations in interest rates in the coming years and how much do they fluctuate ater one has made the agreement on a given deposit scheme?

    Regards Hiren

    • Suresh says:

      Hiren, It would be difficult say how much the interest rates would fluctuate as it depends on various economic conditions. Few years back it went down to 7% p.a. But if you open Recurring deposit, you would still get interest rates what bank committed now.

  61. gopal swarup says:

    Hi NILESH,

    HI ALL, I would like to suggest to go for GREEN RAY INTER NATIONAL PVT. LTD. to get highest monthly income, here i am telling about 1 lakh example. if you invest 1 lakh for 80 months (6year 8months) u will be getting 2500/- per mnonth upto 80 months(2500X80 months=2 lakhs) again you will return your capital money 1 lakh, so here you will be benifited 3 lakh in 80 month (6 year and 8 months) FOR DETAILS mail me on gsgopalswarup@gmail.com

  62. Nilesh says:

    I have gone through several posts about how to invest money and found that yours is an excellent one!
    I have a unique requirement and I need your suggestion about it.
    I want to invest Rs. 15 lakh every month. Therefore, at the end of a year, my total investment will be Rs. 180 lakhs.
    I want monthly income and from the safest sources only. I think the best options would be either Post Office Monthly Income Scheme or Fixed Deposit.
    I do not want to pay tax/TDS etc. What is the best option for me?
    I have read that if someone comes in the bracket of 10% tax slab than Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is good option. Does this mean that if my annual income is INR 20,00,000 than I should not invest in Post Office Monthly Income Scheme? 

    Thanks in advance.

    • Suresh says:

      Nilesh, yours is unique requirement. Pls read the safe investment options article. http://myinvestmentideas.com/2012/11/top-10-safe-investment-options-in-india/. You indicated you want to invest Rs 15 lakhs per month. You also indicated that you want monthly income. Both are contradictory statements. I am understanding that you want to invest Rs 15 lakhs per month for 12 months where your aggregate amount would be Rs 1.8 crores. You want to invest in tax free, safe options where you want monthly income. As per my knowledge there is only one option i.e. Tax free bonds where you can get income either quarterly or annually. The interest is tax free which would be 7.5% p.a. approx. All other options are taxable. Post office MIS, there is no TDS, but it is taxable in your hands. Even FD is taxable.

  63. Jagadeesh says:


    I would like to start invest for my kid (1 month baby).  Could you please suggest best options suited for the kids, so that it will be useful for their education,etc..



  64. Arunkumar says:

    Hi Suresh,

    One basic question. I want to open the Variable recurring deposit in Indina bank. i have few questions on this.

    How is the customer support in the Indian bank? I went to my area's Indian bank, I felt that they look the customer like thier head ache. there is no freindly/nice approch from them. I also tried calling the customer care support number(posted in the website), it was always busy and never reachable..is it good to choose this bank for our deposit?

    Is it possible to open Variable recurring deposit in Indina bank through online (or) I must visit my branch?




    • Suresh says:

      Arun, I personaly opened VRD in Indian bank. Since it is nationalised bank, thought it is safe to invest, but it would be little painful to go thru process. You should go to bank with relevant docs and open the a/c. You can open internet banking and thereon it would be hasslefree as you can operate the same on your own. I visited only twice to bank and after that I operate thru net banking

  65. narayana says:

    Hi Suresh,

    Yes correct,The current FD is on my father name with his retirement fund.Now please tell is there any option that without  breaking current FD, can  i covert existing FD  into new FD plan SIB 750 which is giving 10.1%.

    If not possible,As i made FD only in the last month,Is it good decission that i can break this FD and apply for new FD plan i.e.SIB750.

    I am really thankful for your information.






    • Suresh says:

      If the earlier deposit has completed 1 month and you want to break the FD, you may not get any interest as it may go for penalty charges itself. 1) If you continue you would get Rs 128,000 (9.6% – 16 months period for 10L starting from Jan-13 to Mar-13); If you break-it and deposit it in new plan for next 15 months, you would get Rs 126,250 (10.1% – 15 months period for 10L starting Feb-13 to Mar-13). Now you know which one to prefer :-)

  66. narayana says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I have invested 10L in South indian bank Fixed deposit at rate of interest 9.5% in Last month.

    Recently southindian bank has come up with new plan that (SIB) if we invest in 15M the interest rate is 10.10%.


    Can you suggest if i cancel my FD,which is done in last month and re-invest in this plan..so that i can get maximum interest rate.


    Please suggest on this.


    Thank you



    • Suresh says:

      Narayan, South indian bank is offering 10.1% for 15 months for Sr. Citizens. For others it is 9.6%. Since you said you have deposited at 9.5% last month, I am assuming that you have deposited as a Sr citizen. I checked the website and they have updated few days back. Even if you are depositing a general FD for 15 months, you would still be eligible to get this 10.1%. Please check with your bank.  I am enclosing the link which states this. With this you need not break any FD and convert. http://www.southindianbank.com/content/viewContent.aspx?linkIdLvl2=11&linkId=681&sec=1

  67. Lalitha says:

    Dear Mr.Suresh,

    Could you please suggest about Kumbakonam mutual benefit fund company, They have various scheme with good interest reate, Is it reliable?

    Thanks & Regards


    • Suresh says:

      Hi Lalitha, Kumbakonam mutual benefit fund company is not mutual fund. But it is nidhi company. The company is accepting deposits with interest rates ranging at 11% p.a.  The company claims to be doing well, but none of the financial media or news had any review about this company performance. We have seen the performance of nidhi companies earlier and it involves high risks. You can stay away from companies.

  68. Nadeem says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I have found one good investment option with IDBI bank. They have introduced a new RD account which provides life insurance+tax benefit (80C)

    Suvidha Suraksha Recurring deposit 


    But their customer care & bank reps dont seem to be aware of this.

    It would be great if you could check this & provide some more info on this.



    • Suresh says:

      Nadeem, spoke to IDBI customer care @ Toll free no. 1800 200 1947 and this scheme is very much available.  The scehme is idbi suraksha-recurring deposit-in built insurance cover. It provides tax benefit also as the scheme is for 5 years. However there are some conditions attached for providing insurance, hence it was not part of my unique fixed deposit schemes. You can contact the branch for exact details about how much insurance it would cost you as even I could not get them from customer care people. But i feel, you should deposit in banks where there are no conditions attached when you prefer for in-built insurance coverage, else the purpose would be lost……Suresh

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