1. Rahul says:

    I want to invest 20 lakhs.how and where can I get best and assured return.
    Please advise.

    • Suresh KP says:

      Rahul, It depends. In case you are low risk appetite investor, best is to invest in bank FD or post office schemes. If you are medium risk appetite investor, invest in top rated corporate FD schemes. See this link. http://myinvestmentideas.com/2014/04/5-top-rated-company-fixed-deposit-schemes-for-superior-returns/

      Since this is lumpsum, I would not advice you to invest in mutual funds.

  2. Navneet says:

    Hi Sureshji,

        We would like to invest for our kids education, 50000 per annum, so that by the time he reaches school, he gets some amount as tution fee … Also, we would like to invest for a good retirement plan , I can invest till 50000 per annum ..i would like to reitre by next 20/25 years….I am 30 year old now…Please suggest some good saving plan…If both of these schemes could give me some tax exemption that really good.




    • Suresh KP says:

      There are sevral ways you can plan and it depends on your risk appetite. Since you are married and have kids, you should look for medium risk investment options. You can look to invest in equity mutual funds and hybrid mutual funds for now. You can opt for ICICI Pru focussed blue chip fund, HDFC Balanced fund, etc., You can invest in PPF for your retirement option where you would get tax benefit u/s 80C upto Rs 1 Lakh per annum and the returns are also tax free. 

  3. santtosh says:

    i would like to invest 40k is that pnb housing fixed deposit is good

    • Suresh KP says:

      Santosh, PNB Housing Finance FD Scheme is FAAA Rated by Crisil, hence it is good for investment. The interest rates are around 9.4% to 9.65% depending on the tenure. You should know that company fixed deposits carry risk, hence you should park small amount of your portofolio only.

  4. palak das says:

    sir, i have completed my graduation and searching for a job. soon, i will receive an amount of 50000rs. i want to invest this amount to get a regular return in 2 to 3 months. i can’t bear risk and also expecting high returns from my investment. please suggest me an investment plan which fulfills my requirements. waiting for an urgent reply.

  5. kutty says:


    iam 30yrs old and i would like to invest Rs.2000 per month.but i dont know where to invest.i need only a safe savings without any risks.so is it better in post office or in banks.

    • Suresh KP says:

      Both are safe investments. You can look for opening bank recurring deposit. Approach your bank and you can open an RD account. Monthly on specific date, the RD amount would automatically deducted from your Savings bank account.

  6. Veena Garlapati says:

    In Plan number 4, I din't get if the minimum amount (10,000) is the minimum amount for Fixed Deposit or the minimum amount we have to pay per month. Please clarify on this. Thanks in advance!

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