Top Investment Options in India to invest for 2013

top investment options in India to invest for 2013

Top Investment Options in India to invest for 2013

What are the best investment options where an investor can look to invest in 2013 and get maximum returns? Indian stock market has reached the peak levels, gold rate touched new heights and now stabilized at Rs 32000 level, banks are reducing fixed deposit rates. Under such situations what are the top investment options in India available for an investor to invest for 2013?

Top Investment Options in India to invest for 2013

We have analysed and seen that some of the good investment options in India would continue to be on top and maximize the returns for an investor.

  1. Investment in bank fixed deposits: While banks are reducing fixed deposit rates, there are several banks which are still providing good interest rates. However these higher rates may not be available for longer term and soon or later they would get reduced. Below are the top-4 bank fixed deposit schemes which are offering higher rates.

   Top fixed deposit rates: Union Bank of India / Punj and Sindh bank / Bank of India / Indus ind bank – 9.25% p.a

  1. Investment in equity mutual funds: Since the Indian stock market has reached a peak level and SENSEX is at 19500, it would be risky to do direct investment in stock market. I suggest you to invest in various equity mutual fund schemes like diversified mutual funds, large cap mutual funds, balanced mutual funds etc. Also investment in mutual fund SIP would be a best investment option.
  2. Investment in debt mutual funds: Since investment in stock market at current levels would be risky, investing in good debt mutual funds would be one of the top investment options in India. Debt mutual funds invest majority of the portion in fixed income and money market instruments. This would be a top investment option in India when the interest rates are falling and banks are reducing the fixed deposit rates.
  3. Investment in gold: When gold has reached its peak of Rs 33,000 and getting stabilized at Rs 32,000, is it a top investment option now? It depends on your investment strategy. If you are purely looking as a short term investment, you may stay away from it. One of my friends has started accumulating gold for his daughter. In future, if the gold price is taking a correction of say 10%, it may not matter to him as he is not looking for trading. He is just watching to check whether he can get a better rate. You can check whether investment in gold can be done in physical gold or through gold ETF. Your investment strategy would give direction to you whether it is a top investment option for you or not.
  4. Investment in best tax saving schemes: While the returns on some of the top investment options in India are coming down (like some of the bank FD rates are 7.5% per annum), returns on tax saving schemes are increasing. Some of the best taxes saving schemes are providing 8%+ returns per annum.

Conclusion: Though the returns on some of the investment options are reducing, there are good top investment options in India to invest for 2013. The above list may not be comprehensive, but I felt these are the good options currently available.

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