3 Good Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Overview small business ideas with low investment

There are lots of small businesses which can be started with low investment. Small businesses can be adopted by house wives, college students and for people who want to generate handsome money.

3 good small business ideas with low investment


1) Starting as a Fashion Designer / Tailor / Darji: This is one of the best small business ideas which can be started with low investment. I would restrict the discussion to Tailor / Darji in this article. This is suitable for any one including house wife’s.

  1. Need to undergo training for 3-4 months to know the basics of stitching
  2. Learning new trends in fashion design. This can be done by observing the latest trends in the market.
  3. Identify good location to start the businesses.
  4. Creating a good customer base with networking
  5. Know the small business marketing skills to improve the business
  6. This business can be started with as low as Rs.20,000

See my article on how an illiterate started this tailor business and has been able to generating Rs 1.5 lakhs per month and moving towards becoming Crorepathi in next couple of years.

2) Starting a Day Care centre: This is another good small business idea which can be started with very low investment. There is a need for day care centres as more and more mothers of pre-school / school children are forced to do the jobs. Many experts believe that such businesses will show tremendous growth over the next 2-3 years. This small home business is best suitable for house wives. To a start day care centre, one needs to:

  1. Understand basics of day care centre
  2. Create an infrastructure for the kids. Separate playing area would be an added advantage
  3. Need to decide for the timings. Preferred timings would be 6 am to 8 pm
  4. Need you identify what you are going to offer to the kids as food like break-fast, milk, fruits, juices etc.,
  5. Need to have some support staff of 2-3 members depending on the business size.

What happens if you are missing any of the above benefits?. Nothing, but you would gain customer confidence and get more and more business. 

One of my friend’s wife has started this day care business at home and earning Rs.40,000+ with only 10 kids. Such small home business idea earning good money, interesting right?

3) Starting an internet cafés: This is another good small business ideas which can be started with low investment. One needs to have some basic knowledge of computers to start this business. This is suitable for everyone especially for house wife’s, college students and to a group of members in family who want to run the business. To start this business, one need to have

  1. Basic computer knowledge
  2. An investment of around Rs.30,000
  3. Choosing a good internet service provider is essential. There are good service providers like Reliance, TATA who offer unlimited commercial package starting from Rs.2,000 / month.
  4. Select a location which is easily where one can commute with less effort
  5. Initial marketing / advertising require to let know the people about the business

Do still people come to internet café in this 3G generation ? The answer is yes, but you need to add services to internet café centre. You need to add to offer additional services. You need to add services  like Scanning, Xerox, Printing services etc. These services would typically not available at individual houses, hence there is no choice for them but to come to such internet café centers. One of my neighbors is currently studying his engineering and running this business with his family members earning a profit of Rs.10,000 per month.

Conclusion: The above small business ideas can be chosen based on the availability of the person and with the affordable investment.

Readers, what other small business ideas you or your family is running? Is it a profitable business? Please give your comments

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Article by Suresh

Suresh KP i.e. me have written 500+ articles on this blog. I love doing analysis and identifying the Best investment options.


  1. K Shankar says:

    Hai sir, I am Shankar, I want to start kirana home delivry service. How much i need to invest for this business. Is this is really profitable.

  2. Suraj K says:

    I’m new to this but have worked for varius bpo and kpo’s im fedup of all now want to start of something of my own. I wana start from very low budget (25-30k). I’m confused with things and cant find one suitable bus fr me. could you please suggest me any good small ent business with some profit…
    It would love to hear from you.

    Thanks &Regards
    Suraj K.

  3. Harish Chandra says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have a ready setup with 8 computers with internet connection, printer, scanner – office at a prime location facing roadside.  Suggest me some business related to my setup with complete details.  

  4. Praful says:

    I am a mechanical engineer, how I can find market & business support in india.

  5. Ramaprasad says:

    Recently I started one business with very little investment. Only thing is Commitment and attitude. it is a trust and legal business, income will be depends on your work.

    More details contact me

  6. Magesh says:


    I have gone through the above business ideas.. Just a few questions and need your clarifications..

    Your 3rd point on starting an Internet cafes.. can we start it with Rs 30,000/- ??

    Even if you go for a second hand systems and infrastructure like cabins, printers, scanners, xerox machine, good will for shop requires and Initial marketing requires an Investment of atleast 2 lakh rupees..and also we have to spend the full time at Internet cafe only..

    Now a days every body is purchasing a smart phone with Internet connection (Rs 199 with unlimited downloads)…so is it a good option??

    Your 2nd Idea about Day care centre shows that your friend is earning some Rs 40,000+ per month with only 10 kids. Actually it is a good return but you have not mentioned the Initial Investment on this. Could you please tell me know how much she has invested initially and what the offerings she is providing to the customers?? and also let me know from which month she started earning 40,000/- PM??





    • Suresh says:

      Magesh, First point, yes internet cafe is still a good buseness if you provide additional benefits and not just internet facility. Regd cost, it would depend on where and how you plan it. Regd second point, my friend started this at home itself. She spent few thousand rupees for special furnture or cots for children, otherwise she managed without any extra things. I understand from her that she started gettingh them after 5th month. Till such time it took time for them to publicise to others. 

  7. Tej says:


    Is there any genuine website where people can sit at home and work using internet and laptop?

    • Suresh says:

      Tej, Sorry that I am dissapointing you. Every one would give false impression that you can make money sitting at home by applying on their website. Nothing comes free. There are several ways you can make money, but hard work is required. If you want some of good ideas, refer our other blog allbusinessideasdotcom. We are providing genuine advises. You need not apply anything on our blog, just follow some of the ideas which suits you better.

      • Magesh says:

        Suresh… just a small question to you..

        Your 8th option in 20 good small business ideas with low Investment shows how we can earn money with very low Investment by creating own Internet blog or websie like the one which you have created.

        But now your simply replying Tej that we cannot make money sitting at home by applying on their website.. so which one is correct ??

        Is your reply or your small business idea??

        please clarify…

        • Suresh says:

          Magesh, The question was whether we can make money by clicking or working on internet. People make false statements on several websites that they are making thousands of dollars by clicking on Ads or by viewing some content. These are all false statements. What I have written on 20 good small business ideas is to create a blog, write a content so that you can make money. What you are seeing this blog is emerged out of this idea. I am making money :-)

  8. akram says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I am an employee, I have a plan to invest the money in business, My investment amount is 50,000, while i am thinking about the business i am getting confusion which domain I need to choose. can you please suggest me to get the more profit by invest the money,



  9. santu says:


    Can you please tell me the legal procedure to start? I want to start in Hitec city and what do you think how much cost would be involve with this? I want to give additional service like Coffee snacks and want to start something like membership card. Plz suggest me





    • Suresh says:

      Santu, To get more info about detailed legal formalitie and step-by-step process on starting an ideas, please refer to our blog allbusinessideasdotcom

  10. maheshr says:

    mr syresh i need detail about the how to staring the small level computer training institute.what legal procedure. if u know pls send mail me thank you maheshr_wel@yahoo.com

    • Suresh says:

      Mahesh, we are planning to write an article about this subject on our other business ideas site allbusinessideasdotcom. You can expect this in next 1-2 weeks.

  11. Hitesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have decent money for a business.

    How good will be setting up table tennis academy, as I love the game and play very good in amateur level.

    or I love good food,music,technologies which simplify life,etc.

  12. Rakesh sinha says:

    hello sir,

               my self rakesh sinha from silchar assam i want to start my own business but its so dificult to find out, i don't have sufficient amont to invest,if you kindly tell me how can i start my own business and also knwoledge me about blogs and what profit in these blogs.  

    • Suresh says:

      Rakesh, You are creating directionless for you. First sit and study the areas you are interested in. Then filter them out based on investment which you can afford or get from your friends or bank. You should have proper plan before you implement this. In case you seeing any difficulty, please mail me suresh@myinvestmentideas.com, I can help you.

  13. Madan says:


    Let me introduce myself. I am a software engineer looking to start business with low investment. 

    Myself and my friend are planning to start together as a partner. We dont know which area to choose and how to start?

    We are struggling to choose the domain. Can you please provide me a way forward, if possible?




    • Suresh says:

      Madan, it would be very difficult to suggest a business that suits you. It would depend on various factors like your interest, investment, the time which you can dedicate (part time or full time) etc., I went thru 100+ business ideas and after i filtered on all these parameters, I started this blog. In this process, if you need any help, pls mail me to suresh@myinvestmentideas.com

  14. sunil kumar sahu says:

    Need a good business , but i have a small  capital to investment…….

  15. RAJASEKAR says:

    i need to start buisness. with less investment.

    need high profit.

    i will put my full effort

    • Suresh says:

      Rajasekhar, I hear your energetic words. I would have specified 3 good ideas. But there are hundred’s of ideas. You should do your homework for next 1 month and see which area you are passionate about, which is the area where you have interest, which is the one area which you would love to work and spend sleepless nights without any tiredness in you. If you find that, tell me through this blog, I would be the happiest person to help you any thing further on that.

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